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Hunter’s Paradise #85 Trestle Board

Issue #3 October 2013

HUNTER’S PARADISE #85 October 2013 From the East October meeting is very important to HP#85 WB, Gerry Massey

From the East… Brothers,


October’s Stated Meeting for HP85 will be very important and we have a good deal of business to go over. Please be sure to attend this meeting as we will be electing our future officers of HP85 and we will have to vote on several candidates.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting pretty excited about this next oneday class coming up on December 7th! This is a great opportunity for us to bring in some good men who’s schedules would not otherwise allow them to go thru the degrees. But please do not forget we will also need to have one mentor for every candidate we have.

If you have new petitions for candidates, it is critical for you to turn them in before 6pm on our meeting night to the Secretary. He must be able to prepare them for reading and it is nearly impossible for him to do this if he has a bunch of things thrown at him at the last minute. Also, if you have been assigned to an investigation committee, it is also imperative that you turn your results back to me no later than the night before the stated

Finally, it is just as important that we get these new Brothers actively involved once they come in. If you have ideas on how we can do this, please bring your idea to one of the lodge officers so we can discuss ways to implement it. Yours in the Faith, Gerry Massey, Worship Master


From the Secretary’s Desk: Keeping an accurate account of the lodge… WB, George Mather

Freemason received 1st U.S. Naval Commission Shared by Br. Walt Lockie

Masonic Education: Ecliptic – What lesson(s) can I learn




Contribited by Br. Bob Beffel

Officers of Hunter’s Paradise 85

Upcoming Activities October 28, 2013 (Stated) November 25, 2013 (Stated) December 1, 2013 (Installation of Officers) December 7, 2013 One–Day Class at Arizona #2 (4th and Monroe) December – No Stated Meeting


Hunter’s Paradise #85 Trestle Board

Issue #3 October 2013

From the Secretary’s Desk… Brothers, We are very busy with new petitions for candidates and Brothers wanting Dual Membership or Affiliation. We ask you to please take the time necessary to print clearly all the information asked for on the petitions. Read and answer every question completely. If you or your candidate are not sure what the question calls for, please, contact me. We will help you answer it properly. Both the top line and bottom line signers must have known the candidate personally for a minimum of six months.

If your second line signer if not an Arizona Mason we must

have a copy of his current dues card with the petition. Our next stated meeting is October 28, 2013. If you have any new petitions that you want processed that night please have them to me by October 25, 2013. They can be dropped off at the Temple in my mail box or you can mail them to us and they will wind up in my mail box. Dues Notices will be sent out electronically this month. They are due and payable by December 31, 2013. See you at the Stated Meeting WB George Mather Secretary

“We have all the light we need, we just need to put it in practice.” ~Bro. Albert Pike

Dues Notices will be sent out electronically this month. They are due and payable by December 31, 2013.

Freemason received 1st U.S. Naval Commission Editors Note: This article comes to us by way of Brother Walt Lockie. Thanks you, Brother Walt for your input.

ship Bonhomme Richard, named for Bro. Ben Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac, refused to give up.

Freemason (entered apprentice) St. Bernard's Lodge, Kilwinning No. 122, Kirkcudbright, Scotland.

Author: W. Martin Myers, District Education Officer, GLVA, WM Metropolitan Lodge # 11

When two cannons exploded and his ship began sinking, Bro. John Paul Jones lashed his ship to the enemy's to keep it afloat.

Bro. Jones is called the "Father of the American Navy," he commanded the Continental Navy's first ship, Providence, in 1775.

After 3 more hours of fighting, the British surrendered. This was September 23, 1779.

On August 8, 1776, Bro. Jones received a Captain's commission from the President of Congress, Bro. John Hancock. "The first naval commission under the United States" or

"I have not yet begun to fight!" shouted Bro. John Paul Jones when the captain of the British ship Serapis asked him to surrender. Their ships were so close their cannons scraped and masts entangled, yet his American

On November 27, 1770, Bro. John Paul Jones was made a


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Hunter’s Paradise #85 Trestle Board

Issue #3 October 2013


Presented at our September meeting by Brother Bob Beffel September 22nd is the Autumnal Equinox on which we have about equal hours of daylight and night. I thought it would be an appropriate time to talk about some of the aspects of sunlight in our ritual. During the first degree lecture we learn that there is no Light in the north of King Solomon’s Temple, of which every Lodge is a representation as it was situated so far north of the Ecliptic, that neither the sun nor moon at meridian height could dart its rays into the north part of the building and therefore, the north has always been termed by Mason’s a place of darkness. This explanation of why there is no Light or officer representing the north seemed foreign to me as the word ecliptic was not a term I was familiar with. Even when I researched it, the

term refers to the “apparent path of the sun as viewed from Earth”. Then I got to thinking, what about the moon, have I ever seen it in the northern sky? Sure enough, my research revealed the moon’s orbit is within 5 degrees of the ecliptic as well.


In this day and age of cars with headlights, we place little value in the light reflected by the moon. But in the time of the early mason’s, travelling at night without the aid of moonlight was a dangerous undertaking and so, masons usually set their meeting calendars by the phase of the moon, not necessarily the day of the week/ month.

King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem, is at 31 degrees 47 seconds north of the equator which is obviously greater than 23.5 for the sun or even 28.5 for the moon. Phoenix, AZ is 33 degrees 26 seconds - so similar.

Getting back to the ecliptic, we have some very familiar terms from our geography days called the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. These are the places on the earth furthest from the Equator where the sun’s rays will never enter the north side of a building for Tropic of Cancer and south side of a building for Tropic of Capricorn. Both are at approximately 23.5 degrees which just so happens to be the inclination of the earth’s axis. This makes sense because when the axis is tilted toward the sun, it will appear to be at its highest point as viewed from the



This is interesting scientific information for understanding the environment, but how do I as a speculative mason draw any lessons from this knowledge? One lesson is about the relative nature of where you live. If King Solomon would have built his temple south of the Tropic of Cancer, we might well have 4 pedestal officers and 4 Lesser Lights instead of 3. Understanding your environment is important and you should act accordingly. We do not live in a vacuum and are not isolated from the world around us, so we need to work within societal norms. (Continued on page 4)

Hunter’s Paradise #85 Trestle Board (Continued from page 3)

Another lesson to take away is the concept of “perception”. The ecliptic is defined as the “apparent or perceived path of the Sun as observed from Earth”. Although perception is not necessarily 100% accurate on what really happens, perception is reality for many and may be all they have to act on. We now know that the Sun does not travel on a path from East to West - it is the Earth which is turning and tilting. Remember, that how people perceive you is very important and will likely guide their actions. Right or wrong, when you put on Masonic jewelry or identify yourself as a Mason thru emblems or license plates on your car, how others interact/react to you will be based on interactions with past Masons and future Masons depend on how you act. When you speed past someone or cut them off – that will be remembered. If you allow someone to merge into traffic and not force them to go behind you, others will see how you handled yourself even if that person who was allowed to merge doesn’t identify you as a Mason. Think to yourself, how have I become a better man because of Masonry and am I allowing others to see it. Yet another lesson may be about something not even identified in the ritual but is

Issue #3 October 2013

very closely related to the ecliptic and that is an eclipse. For an eclipse to occur, you need a light source and 2 bodies. An eclipse happens when one body comes either partially or fully between the light source and the other body. If light is knowledge and I am the body coming between the light and the other body, then I am interfering with light being received by the other body. I need to be aware of my ecliptic circle and circumscribe my desire for knowledge so as not to interfere with others need for that light. But in addition, be aware of others desire for knowledge that may at times eclipse me. In early days, an eclipse was feared because it brought darkness at an unexpected time. But with preparation and understanding that it is a temporary event, one can have a lamp with a fuel source ready to sustain them thru that dark period. In closing, even this “place of darkness” has provided me with enlightenment by its very existence. It has caused me to research unfamiliar terminology and concepts of Astronomy to increase my knowledge and awareness of my environment. It caused me to think about the relative nature of where our ritual was created. It caused


Arizona Grand Lodge School of Instruction Fall Semester Schedule Date 10/19/13



Location Flagstaff Lodge No. 7


Pinal Lodge


No. 30


Sun City Lodge No. 72


8:00 AM Registration, with Coffee/Rolls 9:00 AM - Noon, Instruction PLEASE NOTE: School of instruction is restricted to Master Masons only Contact: Grand Lecturer, WB Ed Benedicto or your DDGM for additional information.

me to think about the reality of perception and reflect on how I am doing in my quest to become a better man and if that is visible to others. ------Bob Beffel is the senior steward of Hunter’s Paradise Lodge 85 and is working to be the Worshipful Master in 2014.

Hunter’s Paradise #85 Trestle Board (Continued from page 2)

"since the Declaration of Independence." Marine Committee proposed to Bro. Jones to command the Hampden; he chose to remain on the Providence. With 12 guns, it was the most victorious American vessel in the Revolution, capturing or sinking 40 British ships.

Issue #3 October 2013

commissioned by the Legislature of Virginia, and located in the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond).

Hunter’s Paradise Lodge #85

After the Revolution, in 1788, Jefferson arranged for Bro. John Paul Jones to join Russia's Catherine the Great in repulsing the Muslim Ottoman Turks from the Black Sea, sailing the Vladimir.

Worshipful Master

In 1778, sailing the Ranger, Bro. Jones raided the coasts of Scotland and England.

On February 13, 1905, President & Bro. Theodore Roosevelt wrote:

In August 1779, Bro. Jones made application made for affiliation with the lodge of Les Neuf Soeurs (The Nine Sisters), Paris. Bro. Benjamin Franklin was the "Venerable Master" of this lodge from 1779 to 1781.

"The remains of Admiral John Paul Jones were interred in a certain piece of ground in the city of a burial place for foreign Protestants...

On May 1, 1780, a festival in Bro. Jones' honor given by the Masonic Lodge of Les Neuf Soeurs, Paris. This lodge ordered Bro. Jones' bust to be made by Bro. Jean Houdon (he later sculpted the famous standing figure of Bro. George Washington,

The great service done by him toward the achievement of independence...lead me proper honor to the memory of John Paul Jones." His remains were placed in the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis.

From the Grand Lodge Website… There's a New Lodge in Town... (Downtown Tucson that is) On July 9, 2013 Most Worshipful William Garrard issued a dispensation for the formation of DOWNTOWN LODGE UD. Stated meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday at 7:30 PM at 160 Scott Ave. Tucson 85701 Map


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