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Hunter’s Paradise #85 Trestle Board

Issue # 4 November 2013

HUNTER’S PARADISE #85 NOVEMBER 2013 From the East A farewell message from our first Worshipful Master... WB Gerry Massey


From the Secretary’s Desk: A brief note on a few things to know… Secretary, WB, George Mather

From the East… Brothers, I will keep this month’s message short. Over the past year, I have been blown away with all the support I have received from each of you. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate every one of you for all you have done and for stepping up to get this lodge off the ground. It truly has been a team effort. Everywhere I go, I am asked how we are doing as a lodge. Of course, I am more than happy to brag about the amazing job each of you are doing. This month’s meeting will be a little bitter-sweet for me. HP85 has been my

passion for so long, but I am so excited to see our newly elected WM taking charge soon and taking the lodge to the next level. I hope we remain “rusty nail” friendly, and continue to have fun. December 1st will be our installation, which will be open to the public. I hope to be quite busy next year, but still plan on seeing each of you in lodge each month. Finally, I wish (soon to be) WM Bob and the Officers of HP85 the best of luck during the next Masonic year!


Looking to the East... Senior Steward, Br. Bob Beffel

Comments on sitting in the North. The lowly scribe



Masonic Education Why Men Love Freemasonry


Officers of Hunter’s Paradise 85


Upcoming Activities November 25, 2013 (Stated) December 1, 2013 (Installation of Officers)

Yours in the faith,

December 7, 2013 One–Day Class at Arizona #2 (4th and Monroe)

Gerry Massey, Worshipful Master

December – No Stated Meeting

January 27, 2013 (Stated)

Hunter’s Paradise #85 Trestle Board

Issue # 4 November 2013

From the Secretary’s Desk… Brothers, A gentle reminder that our 2014 dues are due. They are $103.00. We have our last Stated meeting for 2013 on November 28, 2013. We look forward to seeing everyone on the sidelines. If you have any new petitions please get them to me before the meeting. Those read at the

Stated will not be voted on until our January 27, 2014 Stated meeting. May you and your Family have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Fraternally, George Mather Z Secretary

“We have all the light we need, we just need to put it in practice.” ~Bro. Albert Pike

Looking to the East... Brethren, The October Stated Meeting where officers are elected has come and gone. I am now the Worshipful Master Elect. First of all, I want to say thank you for giving me your vote of confidence by electing me Master of the Lodge. Second, it is an incredible honor to be put in the position to serve the Craft and advance our young lodge to the “next level” - I pray that I am up to the task. Third, so many people have been involved in making our

lodge possible. We need their continued support and we need others to step up as well. Once the “newness” wears off, we have to define our legacy in how we want to be known and what we want to get out of our society of brothers. Because many of us come from various lodges, we can blend the best of what we like and avoid the problems of those things that caused us concern. Because most of us are or plan to be Shriners, we can draw on relationships that have already been established in knowing

and trusting each other. Being a lodge that is “Shrine friendly” is something to be proud of and not feel we have to make excuses for. I ask that if you see me doing something that doesn’t make sense, please call me on it. If I can share the details, I will. Remember, we are in the fraternity to become better men and that is a life long journey. Fraternally, Bob Beffel Worshipful Master Elect

From the North side of the lodge... At the October meeting, I had the opportunity to sit in the north with several visiting brothers. They were very impressed to see over 25 brothers

sitting on sidelines and they truly enjoyed the meeting. We should take pride in how HP85 shows what brotherly love is all about. Our visitors see it 2

and enjoy being part of it. They will be back. Well done brothers. The lowly scribe

Hunter’s Paradise #85 Trestle Board

Issue # 4 November 2013

Masonic Education... WHY MEN LOVE FREE MASONRY of Freemasonry,' by Arthur E. Powell. Let me read to you--"

By: William C. Bell PM, Youngstown Lodge No. 615 Youngstown, Ohio, From: The official website of Bridgeport Lodge No. 181 F&AM of Ohio

The New Brother sat near the Old Tiler in the anteroom, crossed his legs and took out his cigar case. "Have a smoke and unpuzzle me." The Old Tiler accepted the proffered cigar with a smile. "I am often puzzled, too," he sympathized. "Tell me." "I am crazy about Masonry. I love it. So do a lot of other men. And I don't know why. I can't find anyone who will tell me why. Old Tiler, why do men love Masonry?" The Old Tiler got up and crossed the room to a book case, extracted a volume and returned. "I read that question in this little book, 'The Magic

The Old Tiler fluttered the pages. Finding his place he sat and began: "'Why do men love Masonry? What lure leads them to it? What spell holds them through the long years? What strand is it that tugs at our hearts, taut when so many threads are broken by the rough ways of the world? And what is it in the wild that calls to the little wild things? What sacred secret things do the mountains whisper to the hill man, so silently yet so surely that they can be heard above the din and clatter of the world? What mystery does the sea tell the sailor; the desert to the Arab; the arctic ice to the explorer; the stars to the astronomer? When we have answered these questions mayhap we may divine the magic of Masonry. Who knows what it is, or how or why, unless it be the long cabletow of God, running from heart to heart...'" The Old Tiler closed the book and waited. "The cabletow of God," repeated the New Mason. "That's a beautiful phrase." "It's more than a phrase, I think," the Old Tiler answered. "As I see it, the heart of Freemasonry by which all manner of men are attracted and held, 3

is just that- the longing for communion with the Most High." "Oh, you must be mistaken. Men who want God go to church." "Do you go to church?" "Er, oh, well, sometimes." "Yet you never miss coming to lodge?" "No, I don't, but--" "Never mind the 'but.'" The Old Tiler smiled. "A lot of men come to the Lodge who do not find heart's ease in the church. The Lodge is not a substitute for church. Masonry is not a religion, although it has religion. If the church fails, occasionally, it is because all human institutions must fail at times. No minister or church can satisfy all men. Some men find communion with the Most High in Masonry a greater satisfaction than in a church. I think that is the real reason some men love Freemasonry so much." "You give me credit with being a lot more religious than I do," retorted the New Mason. "Men are incurably religious," asserted the Old Tiler. "Many (Continued on page 4)

Hunter’s Paradise #85 Trestle Board (Continued from page 3)

don't know it and refuse to call it by that name, like you, for instance! In a church men are told various things about God. In a Lodge they are allowed to tell themselves what they will. In a church you are taught a creed, a dogma. In a Lodge there is neither. In a church you are quiet and respectful and whisper if you speak at all. It is kept high, unspotted from the world. A Lodge is more intimate, personal. You can be jolly in a lodge, except during a degree. Here are just other men, brothers. They think as we do; they believe in the one God, as we do. They repeat the same words, think the same Masonic thoughts, do the same Masonic acts, as we do. We feel at home with them in consequence. "Through years of simple, profound degrees, we weave the Mystic Tie. We cannot say of what it is composed. We cannot put a name to it. St. Augustine, asked of God, answered, 'I know until you ask me- when you ask me, I do not know.' In your heart you know, and I know,

Issue # 4 November 2013

what the Mystic tie is- what Freemasonry is. But you cannot say it, nor can I. It is too deep for words. It is the reason we use symbols, for words cannot express it. "Deep in us is something which understands what our brains cannot think; something which knows what our minds cannot comprehend. Masonry speaks to that something in its own language. If we must put it into words, God is the only syllable which seems to fit. But when we say God we mean no special deity, but all that is beautiful in life, in friendship, in charity, in brotherhood. "So, my brother, there is no reason for you to be puzzled; no man can answer your puzzle. Freemasonry is loved by men because it strikes deep into the human heart, and supplies the answer to the question, the food for the hunger, which the tongue cannot express." "Unless it is the tongue of a wise, wise Old Tiler," finished the New Brother thoughtfully. "And thank you, I am not puzzled now."

HP#85 OFFICERS elect – 2014 Worshipful Master - Bob Beffel Senior Warden - William “Bill” Enloe Junior Warden - Mark Brown Secretary - WB George Mather Treasurer - Phil Houghton 4

Hunter’s Paradise Lodge #85 Elected Officers for 2013: Worshipful Master Gerry Massey 623-229-0545

Senior Warden WB Chris Hagenian 602-881-8651

Junior Warden Merle Anderson 480-235-7653

Secretary WB George Mather 480-254-5328 or

Treasurer Phil Houghton 602-622-0835

Appointed Officers Senior Deacon Junior Deacon Senior Steward Junior Steward Chaplain

Bill Enlow James “JJ” Jennings Bob Beffel Mark Brown Jim Hoover

Marshal Tyler

Walt Lockie Mel Linberg

November 2013  
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