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21/01/1995 35/9 Nguyễn Huy Lượng st., ward 14, Bình Thạnh dist., HCMC

in +84 909 066 501


Spontaneous in casual life and committed in work is the best combination to describe myself. I had been trained to be solution-oriented and always strived for excellent in order to confront all kinds of obstacles. Digital Marketing and Human Development are the adventures I am seeking for.


Foreign Trade University, HCMC Bachelor of External Economics


AWARDS Best Team leader of The Fall 2016 VNIS International 9/2016 Education Fairs 3rd rank of Telling stories about president Ho Chi 6/2015 Minh’s exemplary morals in English Contest Best Marketing idea & TVC for a specific product in 1/2015 Marketing Basics subject Most touching video to follow Ho Chi Minh’s 12/2014 example in Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts subject

CERTIFICATES TOIEC - 820 MC and Public Speaker Office Computer – Level B

2016-2018 8/2014 2008

ACTIVITIES HR Viet Nam summit 2016 Exposure


• Watched out for booths and ushered guests • Helped with the logistics and operations

Lang Kinh Drama Club Sounds and Effects Editor


• Came up with product and TVC’s idea • Directed, edited TVC and leaded team to success


• Acknowledged Coc Coc’s search engine and other products’ systems • Understood general operation of online advertising instruments such as: Coc Coc Ad, Google Ad, Facebook Ad, etc. • Sold QC Cốc Cốc ad placements • Found and expanded clients’ sources • Negotiated, promoted and took care of Coc Coc’s potential clients


• Wrote idea and contents for online promotion • Assessed marketing campaigns in weekly period, customized marketing plans accordingly • Found data-driven insights of media channels • Conducted promotion via social media and offline venues

Team Leader • Contacted with volunteers • Kept track of other teams’ performances • Provided directions and solutions for online marketing campaign ¤Key learning: Basic planning for online and offline marketing ­Achievement: Best team leader

Southern Project Leader • Came up with product and TVC’s idea • Directed, edited TVC and leaded team to success ¤Key learning: Telecommute working effectively

NaMilux Company Import-Export Intern


• Supported seniors in paper works • Learned about electronic customs declarations • Wrote report on Company’s export process ¤ Key learning: Office working environment, Product’s export procedures and process.

AIESEC FTU HCMC in Vietnam Project leader


• Managed a team of 9 members by monthly tracking • Responsible for over 20 foreign exchange internships • Made detailed plan and gave direction for Salesmen, Global recruiters and Service • Implemented and kept track plan • Built and implemented Member Education Cycle • Mentored members • Analyzed and made report after recruitment ¤ Key learning: Time management, project management, team management, out sourcing, mentoring,… ­Achievement: Delivered WOW experiences for over 50 interns in 5 months, left legacy of project management

AIESEC FTU HCMC in Vietnam Global recruiter & Intern Service

EXPERIENCES Cốc Cốc Company Sales intern

The Fall 2016 VNIS International Education Fairs Marketing Volunteer


• Recruited interns based on the estimated need of the project • Created exchange timeline • Built plan for intern service • Did intern service (visa, accommodation, skill and culture training, project engagement, …) • Prepared tools to manage interns’ info and buddy system • Kept track and managed buddy/service system • Analyzed and made report after recruitment ¤ Key learning: Recruiting, interviewing, customer service, event organizing, booklet designing, problem solving, local knowledge soft skills, general international cultures,… ­Achievement: Recruited over 20 suitable interns for 3 projects

SKILLS (Advanced) (Advanced) (Advanced) (Advanced)

PC user Internet Access Microsoft Office Social network

(Intermediate) (Advanced ) (Intermediate) (Intermediate)

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Lightroom Adobe Audition Adobe Premiere

(Intermediate) WordPress (Beginner) HTML (Beginner) CSS

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