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Olga Matushkina

Illustrator’s Portfolio

Illustrator’s Portfolio

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Lala Fafi

picture book written and illustrated by Olga Matushkina

Lala Fafi is my own children’s story about a girl who travels to Australia to meet her Grandmother. It wasn’t published, but I like it a lot because it was the first children’s book that I both wrote and illustrated.

It was the third day of June and Lala rose out of her bed to look across the San Fransisco Bay. It was a glorius sunny morning and a very special one for Lala — it was her 8th birthday! She rushed downstairs to find a very special and unusual letter waiting for her on the kitchen table...





The Friend’s Heart charity project for local animal shelter

A word from the author: — The work of Olga Matushkina is full of colour, fantasy and joy. On viewing these works you are impressed by their brightness and the childlike views of the world they portray. Olga was the illustrator for my book “The friends heart” and she was a pleasure to work with. She is very astute and intuitively picks up on the story being told, thereby depicting it perfectly and expresses herself wonderfully with her pictures. Olga knows her job very well and is aided by the fact she writes for children herself. I believe she doesn’t just touch the hearts of children, but adults too! Anna Nikolskaya-Ekseli. Childrens writer. Ambassador of peace in the Russian Federation. -9-

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My Cancer Mommy book for kids coping with their parent’s disease

A word from the author: – I can’t believe the beautiful artistic abilities of Olga Matushkina. She has an amazing gift to bring words to life. I submitted a manuscript to her and told her to use her imagination! Wow, she totally captured the complete feeling and emotions we needed to share this story. Her illustrations exceeded anything I could have ever imagined. Olga was so professional and dependable. She worked quickly and beyond any expectation I had. I still can’t believe we accomplished this project from across the world and having never heard her voice, only by email did we communicate. The character and ethics she has displayed will surely ensure her place in the artistic world! DeAnna Rice - 13 -

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Miscellaneous Works

Here are some works that I did either for the charity projects or for the private customers (original artwork for postcards and such). Also some illustrations were made just because I felt like drawing something cute :)

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Olga Matushkina children’s book illustrator +7 962 808 31 53

Olga Matushkina - Illustrator's Portfolio  

Portfolio includes works by Olga Matushkina, children's books illustrator from Siberia.

Olga Matushkina - Illustrator's Portfolio  

Portfolio includes works by Olga Matushkina, children's books illustrator from Siberia.