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2 | 2018 Impact Report

Letter from Chairman of the Board Reflections on 2018: Perspectives from the CEO and Chairman of the Board

CARE: An update on Hoyleton’s partnership with Cornell University and the implementation of a new, innovative trauma-informed practice mode

2018 Impact: By the Numbers

Another Hoyleton Hero Hoyleton Programs Our Financials Hoyleton Heroes: Saluting Individuals Hoyleton Heroes: Saluting Churches Hoyleton Heroes: Saluting Businesses Groups and Foundations Board of Directors

DALE FIEDLER Chairman of the Board, Hoyleton Youth & Family Services In today’s world of social services, agencies like Hoyleton have to be skilled and compassionate to address the diverse, complex needs of youth and families. The stories to the right are just a few from 2018 and represent the types of support youth and families receive from Hoyleton when they need it most. This past year was one of significant progress on many fronts – programming, outcomes, financial stability, and positioning the agency for continued impact and growth well into the future. In each of the four core strategic initiatives of our current strategic plan, Hoyleton made great strides: • The agency strengthened its core services to best meet the needs of the youth and families the agency serves – Care in the Community is just one example of a program area of success with the addition of skilled team members and new partnerships; • Creating next generation services and adapting to changes in funding streams is represented in Counseling Care services – for the first time in Hoyleton’s almost 125-year history, the agency now has the opportunity for new revenue sources through offering these services through partners to the general public; • Hoyleton’s focus on employee well-being, talent and leadership readiness has grown through the agency’s Leadership Institute that trains team members for future leadership roles. And we are pleased to share that every one of Hoyleton’s team members has completed some level of CARE training – a trauma-informed practice model with its roots at Cornell University and based on six core principles to create better outcomes for success; • Finally, Hoyleton is implementing data-driven decision making and quality improvements across every facet of its operations. Most notably is the use of data to direct Hoyleton’s recent successes in building awareness and understanding of its mission among key stakeholder audiences through an orchestrated marketing initiative.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, thank you for helping make Hoyleton’s impact so meaningful to nearly 3,000 youth and families in southern Illinois. We have accomplished a great deal; but we have much more to do and trust you will continue along with us on our journey to building stronger communities with care.

Dale Fiedler

A FATHER NOT KNOWING where to find loving care for his developmentally disabled son in a time of crisis; A 22-YEAR OLD FACING the realities of aging out of foster care and having to live life independently; A 60-YEAR OLD FOSTER PARENT that stepped forward for the third time to adopt a 14-month old baby girl because it’s the right thing to do; A HISPANIC FAMILY THREATENED by the current immigration conversation: but nonetheless needs access to basic life resources that are critical to their survival; A SCHOOL DISTRICT THAT NEEDS HELP providing counseling services to students to help them address their behavioral challenges and place them on a brighter academic path; A MOM AND DAD ATTENDING a meeting to gain a better perspective of the types of risks their 12-year old daughter may face – everything from bullying, physical abuse, drugs and even human trafficking; AN 11-YEAR OLD BOY in the care of the state that needs a temporary home while his mother finds her way out of an abusive relationship.

Board Chair

22018 018 Impact Impact Report Report | | 33



A new approach for a new generation is what CARE, Cornell University’s Residential Child Care Project research-based, traumainformed practice model is all about. “The CARE model is not just a better path for working with our youth, it’s a better path for our team members that are working with youth day-in, day-out,” states Brice Bloom-Ellis, Hoyleton’s Chief Program Officer. CARE is a unifying philosophy about how to treat each other through a common language and knowledge.

Hoyleton Youth & Family Services had an extraordinary year in 2018. Guided by our strategic plan, we continue to make progress in providing support to youth and families throughout 55 counties in southern Illinois and continue to be one of the largest youth-servicing agencies in the entire state. We are fully immersed in the implementation of Cornell University’s CARE trauma-informed practice model. Hoyleton is just one of 50 agencies in the US selected to partner with Cornell. This past year nearly every one of our over 150 team members have started, continued or completed training in the CARE model – a model driven by reflection and self-awareness by both our team members and the youth and families we serve.

Through 2018, every one of Hoyleton’s 150+ team members have initiated, or completed, training in the CARE model which is now being implemented in every one of Hoyleton’s program areas.

Perspectives from the CEO and Chairman of the Board

2018 was also a year of expansion for our programs. Our Counseling Care Services for individuals, groups, couples, school districts and communities continue to expand and made available through new partnerships. Care in the Community services remains a viable resource with growth in the Mental Health First Aid program. Hoyleton’s Therapeutic Residential Care’s three campuses provide safe, secure environments where young people can begin their journey toward independence. Foster and Adoptive Care continues to serve an important role in connecting and training foster and adoptive parents with youth in need of their forever homes. We introduced a new program area, Emerging Adults Care, that provides the life skills programs that lead to independent living for young adults who age out of foster care. Finally, Puentes de Esperanza has earned a reputation as a primary resource provider for the limited English-speaking population in our region. You can learn more about each of these programs and the impact they’re having in our region as you read through this report. To everyone that makes our work possible, thank you for helping Hoyleton change lives daily.

Chris L. Cox

President and CEO

4 018 | 2018 Impact Report 2 Impact Report |4




Residential Care Foster Care

hours of family visitation that occurred in the Residential Program


hours of training by employees


Christmas gifts received for 506 clients


years of Hoyleton Experience

62 317

Transitional Programs


Independent Living


New Life Parenting


Community Counseling




Human Trafficking – Direct Service Prevention Youth Prevention Community Education (Mental Health First Aid and Human Trafficking) TOTAL (May be duplications between programs)

2 1154 945 3,104

*also noteworthy in FY 18 we served our first two Human Trafficking clients (direct service with the victims).

2 018 Impact Report | 5

HOYLETON HERO DONNA BRAZILLE PROVIDING A LOVING, STABLE FOREVER HOME AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN. She does not recall how many kids she has fostered for the past 18 years; but she knows that she adopted her third child at Madison County’s celebration of National Adoption Day last fall. At the 2017 celebration, she adopted her daughter, now 16. In 2016 on Adoption Day she adopted her son, age 11. This past year, everything fell into place to adopt once again – this time a 14-month old. “Fostering is a great way for adults to work with kids – to help them grow and learn to become whatever they want. For me, fostering leads to adopting kids to provide a stable forever home,” said Donna. Adoption Day in Madison County has consistently been recognized for one of the highest number of adoptions done in the United States on Adoption Day. In 2017 and 2018, nearly 50 adoptions were finalized in Madison County both years. The success of Adoption Day in Madison County would not be possible without the incredible commitment and support of many – judges, attorneys, volunteers, and organizations like Hoyleton. Madison County’s efforts started with Chief Judge, Dave Hylla, who learned about Adoption Day from a fellow judge. “In 2014 I heard a judge from Winnebago County talk about their Adoption Day when we were attending a meeting in Chicago,” said Judge Hylla. “I brought the idea back to my peers in Madison County and we started planning.” Madison County’s first Adoption Day was in 2016 with about 15 children being adopted that day. 6 | 2018 Impact Report

Judge Hylla says that Adoption Day in Madison County is a team effort. While it happens on a single day, planning begins months earlier and include many people. On Adoption Day in Madison County, six judges volunteer their time to oversee the adoptions; nearly three-dozen other volunteers including attorneys, guardian ad-litems, social workers – even entertainers for the 300 - 400 families and kids in attendance – participate to move the adoption process along and make the day a celebration. “Of my ten nieces and nephews, four of them are adopted,” said Judge Hylla. “Madison County’s Adoption Day promotes awareness of the many children waiting to be adopted – and the opportunity for individuals and families to welcome a child into their homes. The Day is also an opportunity to celebrate all the adoptions that happen on Adoption Day – and to celebrate adopted children and families from years past.” In Illinois, there is a three-year wait for most in foster care before being adopted – one of the longest in the US. Thankfully, there are heroes like Donna who work to provide loving, stable forever homes again, and again, and again.

“Fostering is a great way for adults to work with kids – to help them grow and learn to become whatever they want. For me, fostering leads to adopting kids to help them have a stable forever home.” - Donna Brazille 2 018 Impact Report | 7



Safe, secure places where youth feel right at home

Life skills programs that lead to independent living for young adults

At the Hoyleton campus, youth ages 9-to-21 years old live in one of five cottages based on their function level and ability. These youth receive individual therapy to promote healing while attending school, either on campus, or in the community, to learn and gain life skills. Schippel House in Salem is a residential community for youth ages 9-to-21 with severe intellectual disabilities. Many of these youth attend local public schools while having access to skilled and compassionate care from Hoyleton staff.

Helping a youth grow to live independently requires the support of many in the community. Here’s a story of how someone in a community stepped up when a youth aged out of foster care: When John, an active member in his local church, heard about Billy, he knew he had to help. Billy just aged out of foster care and was living independently in the same community where John went to church. Billy was doing great at living on his own and learning new life skills that would prepare him for what would come later in life. What Billy missed most was fishing. He fished all his life and was now ready to get back at it. When John heard about Billy’s love for fishing, he stepped right in – you see, John loved to fish, too. On most Saturday mornings, John would stop by and take Billy fishing. The time John spent together proved to be beneficial for them both. For John, mentoring Billy provided him with an opportunity to pass on wisdom from one generation to the next. And for Billy, a mentor and friend who could help him chart the ups and downs of life.

8 | 2018 Impact Report

300+ youth in Illinois age out of foster care every year

Helping a youth move toward independent living requires the support of many, including individuals within the community. The story of John and Billy, illustrates how the decision to serve the needs of others can leave a lasting impact.

2 018 Impact Report | 9

Supporting over

250 Foster Homes

“ I’ve fostered many youth and have adopted three of them ranging in ages from 1 4 months to age 16. I couldn’t think of a more important responsibility for my life than being there for these kids. I encourage anyone with a heart to help, to explore becoming a foster or adoptive parent.”

– Donna B., Belleville

10 | 2018 Impact Report

HOYLETON COUNSELING CARE Services for individuals, groups and couples, school districts and communities Helping a youth grow to live independently requires the support of many – including many in the community. Here’s a story of how someone in a community stepped up when a youth aged out of foster care:

Ryan and Lenny Hildebrand-Johnson Family

HOYLETON FOSTER & ADOPTIVE CARE Connecting and training foster and adoptive parents with youth in need of their forever home Nichole and Leah share their love with youth needing a safe, stable home for a while or a lifetime. What started for this same-sex couple as serving as a foster home has turned into fostering and adoption. Just this past year, the couple adopted their second and third child.

When John, an active member in his local church, heard about Billy, he knew he had to help. Billy just aged out of foster care and was living independently in the same community where John went to church. Billy was doing great at living on his own and learning new life skills that would prepare him for what would come later in life. What Billy missed most was fishing. He fished all his life and was now ready to get back at it. When John heard about Billy’s love for fishing, he stepped right it – you see, John loved to fish, too. On most Saturday mornings, after Billy continued to grow and live independently, John would stop by and pick Billy up – and take him fishing. John helped Billy learn about living and Billy helped John learn about life. And it made an impact on both of their lives.

“Every child should have a loving, safe place to call home,” said Nichole. “Even if it’s for a little while or a lifetime. Leah and I are happy to serve both roles. While we want every child we foster to find a path back to its bio-parent, sometimes that’s just not possible.”

2 018 Impact Report | 11

HOYLETON CARE IN THE COMMUNITY Education and life skills community-based programs and services For National Prevention Week last May, Hoyleton’s Care in the Community team lead a “Dear Future Me” campaign. The campaign encouraged Okawville High School students to write about the positive impact not using alcohol would have on their futures. School leadership reported students were full engaged in the program and look forward to expanding it to other schools and students in the upcoming year.

HOYLETON PUENTES de ESPERANZA Bridges of Hope: A trusted resource for limited English-speaking residents in the region In a new partnership with the East Side Health District, the Fairmont City Library Center is the home for a new farmer’s market on the second and fourth Fridays between May and October. Hoyleton’s Puentes de Esperanza team makes it easy for the individuals and families it serves to purchase fresh food at the Market by providing a $25 food voucher to be used at the market. “This is a great way to help our clients gain access to affordable fruits and vegetables,” said Kristen Shinn, MSW who is the Director of Community Support Services, including Hoyleton’s Puentes de Esperanza program. “All the food sold at the market comes from local farms in the area. Not only does the market help the individuals and families buying the food, but also the farmers growing the food and foster the idea of a shared community.”

12 | 2018 Impact Report

Hoyleton’s Care in the Community programs aid youth and adults by providing access to education and life skills that help them navigate their lives. These programs help youth dealing with substance abuse; work toward creating safe neighborhoods; provide both a preventative and support system for youth who have been trafficked; and help all ages learn how to respond to persons with mental health issues and direct them to helpful resources. These community-based programs are available in Clinton, Washington, Madison and St. Clair counties, and are provided primarily in community and school settings.

The goal of the Care In The Community programs is to provide access to education and life skills that help youth navigate their lives.

In Madison, St. Clair and Clinton counties, the limited Englishspeaking population exceeds


22018 018Impact ImpactReport Report||13 13

OUR FINANCIALS As we strive in planning to keep our budgeting revenues and expenses as closely correlated as possible, each year provides new opportunities to not only meet, but to exceed our goals and expectations as an organization. Hoyleton Youth and Family Services’ fiscal year operates from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019, under our Non-profit 501-C3 status, as stated by the following analysis.

14 | 2018 Impact Report



Program Revenue $11,853,868 • 93.03% Fundraising $732,024 • 5.75% Private Grants and Foundations $116,500 • .091%


Other $39,432 • .031%


of every dollar goes directly to our programs and services, with 13.3% spent on administrative costs. We are vigilant in our commitment to spend our dollars on programs that help the most needy in our communities.



93.03% Program Expenses

Puentes de Esperanza


$178,533 • 1.42%


Clinical & Prevention

$622,472 • 4.9%


Child Welfare

$3,427,593 • 27.3%




FY 2018

FY 2017

Current Assets Property & Equipment Other Assets

$4,459,439 $1,214,146 $2,014,443

$3,642,780 $1,298,909 $1,960,672




$6,245,379 • 49.8% Fundraising $403,652 • 3.2% Administrative Costs $1,674,060 • 13.3%


$12,551,689 27.3%

LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Total Liabilities Net Assets


$2,918,901 $4,769,127


$2,323,369 $4,578,992

$6,902.361 2 018 Impact Report | 15

HOYLETON HEROES: SALUTING INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES THAT MAKE OUR WORK POSSIBLE Superintendent’s $5,000+ Les and Ann Stephens The Founder’s Circle $1,000+ Dwight and Kathy Asselmeier Eric and Kelly Bandy Wayne Barber Judy Betz Tim and Linda Boyce Cheryl Byars Kenneth J. Clark Chris and Jennifer Cox Roger and Shirley Cunningham Rev. Bob Goddard Donna Davis Janice and David Dawdy Dale and Susan Fiedler Duane and Karen Forcade Gary and Kathleen Habermehl Charles and Carol Harbaugh Karl and Lisa Holderle Larry and Pat Kaburick Donna Merkel Dr. Stanley Niemann Ellis and Margrette Schmidt Dr. Stephen and Teresa Schmidt Eldon and Lois Schoeber Robert Siever Paul Sutherland Benjamin and Sonja Uzzelle Mark and Bonnie Westcott The 1895 Society $500+ Shirley Asmussen Mike and Emily Auffenberg Chris Bagwell 16 | 2018 Impact Report

Laura Beckmann Thomas Benedick Rev. Cal and Christine Bloesch Brice and Ilene Bloom Ellis William and Jan Brucker Dale and Phyllis Buente Dr. Paul and Ruth DeBruine Larry and Diana Douglas Donald and Nadine Gericke George Hoerr Shannon Holdahl Rev. Ivan and Vivian Horn Curtiss and Jennifer Hummert Alexandria Hunter Tina Kampwerth Gary and Joyce Kniepkamp Loren Kolditz Norma Kramer Thomas and Susan Kuergeleis Donald and Karen Kunz Rev. Dr. James and Ruth Mennerick Robert and Cynthia Merkel Jerry and Dorothy Mohr Susan Munshaw Ken and Kathy Perkins Jason Plummer Larry Rhutasel C. David and Margaret Rota Eugene Schnur Sharon Schultz Rev. Jeffrey and Sara Schwab Craig and Diane Steiner Doris Steiner Paul Sterrett Mark Waltermire Next Century Club $250+ Lydia Aberli

John and Candace Baltz Sean Boyle Barb and Brett Bray Dr. Patrick and Marilyn Breitling Mark and Dawn Bryant Harold and Nancy Byers Nancy Caminiti Fredna Carlson Scroggins Rev. Earl and Johanna Crecelius Arthur Curle Richard W. Drake Bill and Annette Eade Bob and Judy Edler Carol Jean Faust Kay Gaines Irving and Lorena Gray Dennis Greaney Keith and Edie Grote Lee Hartmann Rev. Donald I. Kaufman Leona Kersch Thomas and Susan Koesterer Larry and Kathryn Lucas Bill Mallard Patrick Mathis Thomas and Shirley May Brian and Shannon Moore Josh and Deann Muehlhauser Kenneth Nettleton Norma Pepmeier Janet Reed Patricia Rensing John and Molly Ronsick Chris Schneider Tim and Robin Schnoeker Dennis Schrumpf Richard and Sheila Schrumpf Priscilla Self

Daniel and Kristen Shinn Pearl Spies James Spinner Kevin Stein David and Audrey Steiner Harold L. Steiner Taylor Stockman Steve and Bonnie Thiems Robert and Nancy Tripp Thomas Vander Pol Gail VanWinkle Virgil Wehking Rick Witzel Melissa Wohlwend Century Club $100+ Ruby Asselmeier Wes and Dona Barber Bruce Barkau Christopher and Sandy Becker Chance Beeler Donald and Jean Bernhardt Robert Bickle Rachelle Binnion Janet Blair Kurt and Mary Blaufuss Delmar and Wilma Blom Amanda Boeing Dorothy Brandt Pauline Broeking June Bronnert Mary Lou Brown Arielle Brownlee Joann Buchanan Timothy and Tina Buchanan Rex L. Burge J. Scott and Peggy Burke Dennis Busiere

Phyllis Cassady Gerald and Sara Chase Brittany Chavez Jennifer Childerson Mary Childress Michael and Melissa Chitwood Gerry and Pam Clark Edwin L. Cockrell John and Gayla Corrigan Daniel and Barbara Coughlin Laura Coughlin and Mary Schillinger Andrew Crow Rev. Dr. Sheldon Culver Daniel and Joan Daab Gene and Lillian Daiber Judith Daussman James Del Carmen Daniel Dietz Maybritt Dodge William Duncan James and Kay Dunn Dale Farrington Lawrence and Maureen Feeney Dennis and Janis Foehner Christy Foreman Jack and Fayette Frandsen Arnold and Roseanne Franke Donald and Charlotte Freeland Friends of Latoya N Greenwood William and Vickie Gardner Kenneth and Ginger Gehrig Brady Pat Genz Fred Robinson and Betty Gerth Walter and Carol Giffhorn Mildred Glenn Ronald and Laurel Glenn Ronald and Mary Going Richard and Glenna Grab Richard Gregory Amanda Gress Rev. William Groennert Chris Guelbert Dr. Dean and Susan Hageman Brianna Hamann Sheryl Hansen Arlen and Shirley Harres Dr. Delbert Harris Murray and Eunice Hediger Jack Helmkamp

Jim and Betty Hensley James and Gail Herren Jason Herzig Dennis and Donna Hesker Paul Hill Mark and Susan Hoffmann Carol Holbert Ronald and Debra Holle Gary and Karen Holtgrewe Terri Hosto Fred and Carol Hotz Charlotte Howard Shirley and Larry Hoy Laura Huge Dean and Teresa Huston Samuel L. Jenny Jody and Denise Johnson Rev. Donald D. Jones Delrose Juelfs Jeanette Kampen Mark and Judy Kampen Donald and Mary Kelly Michael R. Kennedy Samuel and Carol Susan Kennedy Jerry Klenck Jack Klopmeyer Thomas and Lori Knapp Rev. Kenneth and Jean Knobloch Judith Koch John and Elinor Koelling Daniel and Christy Koenigstein Thomas Kolditz Timothy Krumm Rev. Gustav and Sue Kuether George and Barbara Lanxon Diane Law Dave Lever Richard and Betty Lienau Karen Liszewski Constance Lockett Kyle Lorenz Jane Louer Julie Maloy Tamra Maschhoff Harold and Janice Mathews Jeanette McClellan G Lincoln and Leyla McCurdy Mark and Ruth McDaniel Larry and Betty McDowell

Charlie Meier Dennis and Mary Mensinger James and Dianne Mertz Curtis Meyer David and Jewell Meyer Rev. Del Miller and Chris Heckendorn Randall Miller Rev. Russell and Doris Miller Monte and Sara Mister Kathleen Morio Robert Mueller Megan Munzert Wilfred and Shirley Myers Dustin Nelson Thomas and Rebecca Norwalk Marion Oelze Federico Parola Diane Patrick John and Ellen Pecoul Mark Pepmeier Jeffrey and Donna Rabenort David and Darla Rennegarbe Gerard and Kimberly Restoff Peter Reynolds Kevin Richter Philip and Rachel Ricks Keith Riechmann Ray Rippelmeyer Jodie Robinson Deb Ross Scott Roustio Herschel and Sandy Ruhmann Rev. Donald and Anne Sabbert Joan Sackmann Judith Saeger Jim Schaefer Linda Schaller Charlotte Schifferdecker Mary Schillinger Rev. Dr. Paul and Debby Schippel Rev. William and Diane Schwab Ed and Mary Jane Scott Trinada Shields Ron and Ruthie Shownes Rev. Michael and Sue Southcombe Alec and Madilon Steiner Holly Steiner JoAnn Steiner

Linda Steiner Vernon Steiner Walter and Betty Steiner James and Lynne Stille Donald and Deanna Stumpf Donald and Rosalie Taylor Joseph Thorpe Clyde and Becky Trexler George and Alixa Wacker Frank and Rosario Walden Kenneth Waltermire Harold and Aleen Watson Rev. Fred and Shirley Wehrenberg Darline Weihl Edna Dell Weinel Rick Weltzin Risa Wernsing Brandie West Wayne Wilson Jeff and Mae Wood Lisa Woods Rebekah Woolever Jayne Wright Jerry and Karla Zurliene Edward and Sharon Wilson David and Susan Witter Richard Witzel Melissa Wohlwend Robert and Marge Wolfmeier Rebekah Woolever Kitty Wusstig Donald and Donna Yates Dwight Yeager Carol Young Terrence Young Betty Zapp John and Karen Zeller Neal and Pat Zobrist Rev. Richard and Anne Zulauf Friends and In-Kind Donors John and Donna Ackermann Beverly L. Adams Roland and Jean Ahlmeyer Mark and Sarah Aiton Butch and Karen Albers Allyn Albritton Clifford Alexander Shelba Allen 2 018 Impact Report | 17

Shirley Anderson Zoe Anderson Dan Athmer Doris Aubrey Burnell and Carole Augustin Don and Carol Augustin Kris Avise Rouse Barbara Baker Cynthia Baker Lisa Graivier Barnes Roger and Jan Barnes Albert and Joyce Barth Jacqueline Barth Lavonne Bathon Sheila Beam Melissa Becker Jennifer Beckmann Elizabeth Bennett Raymond and Rose Anne Bense Sandy Berg Deb Berndsen Jerry and Janice Berry Bryan Betts Charles and Faye Birk Jack Bittle Donald and Priscilla Bizer Luetta Bizer Sarah Bloesch Carl and Mrs. Bopp The Borja Family Carolyn Borton Greg Boxell Laverne Bradley Betty Brammeier Edward Brand David and Marcia Braswell Dennis Breithaupt Donna Brendel Kenneth and JoAnn Bretsch Karl and Barbara Bretz Kathleen F. Briles Michele Brindley Earl and Muriel Brockmeier Jill Brokering Amy Brown Tiffany Brown Kenneth and Joy Bruckner Hailey Bryan Gary Buckrod 18 | 2018 Impact Report

Richard and Marlene Buettner Ryan and Karla Bulman Judy Burgess Jim and Lori Burns Virgina Byford Andrea Campbell Carol Casperson Henry W. Caughman Tracy Chambers Steve Chappuis Shaeryl Cheryl Grace Chiarolanza June Childerson Heather Christ Ron Christ Jonetta Clark Elsi Clawson Rob and Susan Cole Lori Coleman Shirley Collmann Chelsea Crocker Carroll and Wyona Crosley Deborah and Bob Connell Cruse Robert Connolly Dr. Wayne and June Cox Chris and Alli Cugier Brian and Amy David Mark and Donna Davinroy Christy Dawson Joniesha DeBerry Mildred Decker Vicki Dees Carole Deibert Sharon Deutsch Jane Dick Sandy and Greg Dickens Daryl Diesen Steph Dieters Mike Digby Kayla Dinkelmann Charlee Dixon Rodney and Shelly Doerr Becky Donnelly Alvina Donnewald Leonard Drda Dennis and Tammy Duffy Kyle Duffy Deb Dumstorff Skeets and Judy Dumstorff

Douglas Steven Glen Dunahee Ann Dusek Charlie Eckerty Alan and Debi Edwards Dennis Edwards Thomas and Gina Eng Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Eson David and Sally Fanning Barbara Fanter Libby and Jane Feagans-King Joyce Feder Frieda and James Feig Myranda Fields Renee Ferguson Sue File Helen Fine Kathleen Fischer Corrine Fish Michael and Anne Flahive Martin and Maureen Florczyk Victor Flores Josalyn Ford Clarice Fortney James and Kathleen Freed Brent and Carol Freeland Maurice and Diana Frey Anna Frisse Jerry Frohbieter Fay Fults Brian and Frankie Garleb John and Janet Garleb Leroy and Patricia Garleb Amanda Garrison Amanda Gerstner Jerry and Lois Gibson William and Lillian Gilbert Jacob Gray Caron Green George and Linda Green Melanie Grimm John Grindstaff Gernot Groder Ronda Groennert Marjorie Groom Earl Grotefendt Robert and Marilyn Guerrieri Virgil and Darleen Gummersheimer William M. Haberer David Habermehl

Jean Habermehl Gary Habich Lyle and Donna Hackstadt Scott and Sue Halvorson Mindy Harms Coleman Steven J. Harres Rick and Cheryl Harriman Pandora Harris Byron and Donna Harting Elaine Heatherly Julie Heberer David and Jeannette Heideman Janet Heil George and Rhonda Heisner Edward and Doris Helm Dave and Barbara Henerfauth Brittany Henningfield Vera Henschen Sheryl Henslee Tracy Hermanson Russ and Jeanne Heuberger Lisa and Gregg Heutel Randolph and Lynne Hicks Maureen Hill Rick and Jane Hilliard Barry L. Hoercher George and Sharon Hoerr David and Sue Hoffmann Josh and Sharon Hoffmann Marvin and Catherine Hoffmann Robert and Joan Hoffmann Lauren Holloway Jimmy Horton Allison Hoshide Susan Hosman Tony Howard Larissa Hubbard Brenda Huebner Darrell and Debbie Huff Diane Hulliung Melissa Hunter Walter and Barbara Hunter John and Barbara Jean Ibendahl Betty Imboden Andrea Jackson Tony Ingrassia John Jackson Samantha Jackson Joseph and Jean Jacober

Florence Jeffreys Lowell Jeffries Dayla Johnson Barbara Jones Jeffrey Jones Ruth Juenger John and Marcia Kabat Kathy Kaiser Charles and Lynne Kamm Kenneth and Barbara Kammerer Daniel and Tami Kampwerth Jennifer Kampwerth Carl Kasten Robert and Charleen Keller Betty Ann Keller Timmer Sherry Kesner Kirsten Ketner Lee Kinney Mary Lou Kitowski George and Sharon Klann George and Betty Klazynski Joanne Klueter Lewis and Lorene Knackstedt Dave Knebel Jen Knobeloch Louis and Marlene Knobloch Don and Sharon Koenig Lesley Koentz Gus B. Kombrink Ruth Konrad Ralph and Donna Korte Christine Kramer Kenneth Krauss Mark and Mary Kay Krausz Gary and Tammy Krebel Everett and Shirley Kuhn Eddie and Susan Kunkel Pamela LaBelle John and Tina Labusier Edward and Lelia Ladenburger Sarah Lafond Connie Lager Tom and Sharon Lampe Steven M. Lange Evelyn Lashley Diana Lay David and Carolyn Lehr Janet Lenzo Sandi Lewis

Jane Lindberg Debbie Lippert Amanda Loepker Leonard and Gina Loerch Michelle Lucky Sheila Lueking Bernice Lurkins Julie Lurkins Tricia Lutman Edward and Juliana Main Joel Malone Karen Manders Shelby Mann Bill and Jessica Manning Vicki Maples Gina Marcus Lisa Mareschal John Markus Phillip, Danielle and Autumn Markus Brittany Martin Janet Martin Richard and Connie Martin Maria Martinez Ronald and Jean Mae May Jillian Mayer Danielle Mazander Dan and Catherine McCarthy Gayle McCarthy Matt and Anna McCormick Thaila McCoy Thomas and Dolly McFeron Stacy McKenzie Larry McLean Carol McLear Marla McMahon Jesterica Mcnamee Sylvester and Darlou Mehrmann Edwin and Carla Meyer Una Mae Meyer Raelynne Meyer Tyler Michael Ruth Mikeals Jeannine Miller Krista Miller Mindy Miller Cissi Mitcham Ruth Ann Mitchell Fern Moehle

Robert Mohr Michael Morgan Pat Morris Wendy and Shawn Morris Natasha Morrow Rodney and Annette Morwick Rose Mrazek Donald Mueller Donna Mueller Marlene Mueller Ross and Dorothy Mueller Theo and Stephanie Mueller David and Anita Muertz Ms. Lori Mustain Robert M. Nagel Bonnie Nehrt Emil and Linda Nehrt Lori Nestel Georgia Niederecker Mary Ellen Norman Tarmika Norris Debbie L. Notter Debra Nottmeyer Robert and Ida Nuernberger Larry and Jean Oestringer Amanda Olson Darlene Ostendorf Anthony Parrish Aaron Paton Alice Paulus David Payne David and Marsha Peek Joel Pendegraft Kasha Penny Ann Peters Susie Pfister Dan Polites Jerry Pollard Denis and Carolyn Porter Keith and Laurie Poss Alice Potter Caroline Pufalt Gerald and Joan Rahn Donna Rardin Tootie Reding Marvin and Ruth Redman Roger and Janelle Reilson Melissa Rennegarbe Terri Rennegarbe

Dwight Reynolds Leigh Reynolds James Richards Shirley Richards Shelley Richter Michelle Riechman Orville Riepshoff Terry and Joan Riffel Brad and Sandra Rippelmeyer Lori Ripplemeyer Terry and Pam Rippelmeyer Paul and Julia Roberts Willis and Dorothy Jean Rodenberg William Rodgers Ruth Marie Roesch Eunice Rogier Tom Roustio Brandon Rudolph Katie Ryan Joan Sackett Jean Sander David and Rev. Carol Shanks Dennis and Barbara Schatte Marilyn Schatte Mark Schauster Andrew and Debbie Schilling Tricia Schleifer Robert and Linda Schmidt Rich Schmitt Joseph and Jeanette Schneider Linda Schneider James and Darlene Schomaker Emory and Betty Schumaier Kyle Schnurbusch Cathy Schultz William and Barbara Schroeder Earl H. Schuerman Stephanie Seaton Janice and Alan Sheldon Jim Sherby Sherry, Terry and Destiny Carolyn Shields Randall and Randa Shively Gary Shondy Akilah Showers Judy Shute Jerod Simmons Young Ethel Skaer Robert and Carol Skeen 2 018 Impact Report | 19

Richard and Joyce Skelton Pam Skibinski Marion Skundrich Robert and Joyce Ann Sliment Keia Smith-Shipp Richard and Cheryl Snapp JoAnn Snellenberger Diandra Spells E.J. Sporleder Allan Stahl Kasey Standal Chad and Lindsey Stehl Blaine Steinberg Conrad and Margaret Steinhoff Kenneth and Sandy Steinmann John and Delores Stephens Barbara Sterrett Alice Stille Elinor Stille Alice Stratemeyer Mary Lou Stratemeyer John and Jacqueline Straub Kenneth Suhre William and Linda Sutter Tom and Jennifer Swartz Kristen Swisher Elizabeth Taylor Sue Taylor Kevin and Helen Terry Stephen Thackrey Larry and Jorene Thoeming Linda Thoms Jessika Thorpe Clair Thorpe-Klinsky Edward and Phyllis Toedte Lenzi Tomblinson Shirry Tomblinson Betty Tschannen Sue Tuffli Brittany Turner Donald and Beverly Turner William and Sandy Tutka Tony Ucci Carolyn Valentine Dennis and Luann Valentine Elizabeth Vaughan Jeff and Peggy Vayette Mayra Velasco 20 | 2018 Impact Report

Rev. Will VerDuin Glenn and Nancy Voelker Cheryl Vogt Norma Volner Ricky and Debra Volner Brandon and Laura Voss Jill and Ryan Voss Melvin Wagner Steven and Sherry Walter Tyann Warnecke Larry and Kathy Washausen Parker Weathersby Martha Webb Toni Wells Kevin and Donna Wendel Chyrel Wessel Katherine Whalen Becky Widman Marvin and Martina Wiegman Ruth Wild Darrell and Sue Wildhaber Alvin Wilkening Ted Willeford LarNeta Williams Kaye Wilmert Wilbur Wilmert Edward and Sharon Wilson James Wimmerstedt Ruth Wise David and Susan Witter Bob and Shelley Wolf Matt and Terri Wolf Robert and Marge Wolfmeier Gene and Kathy Woodward Donald and Donna Yates Carol Young Terrence Young Frank and Glenda Zawaske Judith L. Zimmerman Neal and Pat Zobrist Kristen Zurliene Onis Zweck Richard Zweigart


ESTATES The Estate of Louise Barth The Estate of Blanche Fluhrer The Estate of Harry E. Jameson The Estate of Violet Jameson The Estate of Frieda Schrader The Estate of Dean Spencer St. John UCC Maeystown Maher Trust The Estate of William and Bertha Yoxall

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Evangelical UCC, Highland St. Paul UCC, Freeburg St. Peter UCC, Red Bud

Visionary $1,000+ Bethel United Church of Christ, Cahokia Friedens UCC, Irvington Grantfork UCC, Highland Immanuel UCC, Mount Vernon, IN O Fallon UCC, O Fallon Salem United Church of Christ, Alhambra St. John UCC at Plum Hill, Nashville St. John UCC, Mascoutah St. Paul UCC, Belleville St. Paul UCC, Columbia St. Paul UCC, Lebanon St. Peter UCC, Okawville Zion UCC, Addieville Sustaining $500+

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Hoyleton Youth & Family Services Board of Directors Dale Fiedler – Chair Kelly Bandy – Vice Chair Karen Holtgrewe – Secretary Mike Auffenberg Donna Davis Ann Ferguson Rev. Bob Goddard Patrice Howard Rev. Don Jones Sonja Uzzelle Lari Vanderpoel Ex Officio Chris Cox Ivan Horn Puentes de Esperanza Dale Fiedler Ann Ferguson Lari Vanderpoel Ex Officio Chris Cox 2 018 Impact Report | 23

8 Executive Dr., Ste. 200 Fairview Heights, IL 62208

Building Strong Communities with CARE (618) 688-4727 | www.hoyleton.org

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