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2017 Impact Report

com•mu•ni•ty n. /k ’myoon de/ 1. a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. 2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. 3. Hoyleton Youth and family services e

Annual Report: This Is Us • 2016



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Welcome Letter Making a Difference Building Stronger Children Program Successes In the Community Financial Overview


To enable all people, young and old alike, to realize the wholeness of life that God intends. This will be accomplished with the compassion of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit reaching out to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social needs of those with whom we journey.

The Community of Giving Honor Roll of Churches Fostering Relationships Board of Directors / Leadership

2016 • Annual Report: This Is Us


Dear Friends,

Working with children and families that have been traumatized is not an individual effort but that of a team. In 2016, a team of staff and board members began crafting a three-year strategic plan to align Hoyleton’s values and priorities into a road map for our future. The team conducted an external scan of significant trends within the health and human service sector including an analysis of our current programs and services. Key initiatives were developed to guide our work in achieving those strategic goals. As we reach the midpoint of this three year journey, it is fitting to reflect on the success achieved and the challenges faced as we enter into the second half of our plan.


To enable all people, young and old alike, to realize the wholeness of life that God intends. • • • • •

Hoyleton’s four key strategic initiatives are: 1) Strengthen our core services to better meet the needs of traumatized children and families 2) Create next generation services and adapting to changes in funding streams 3) Focus on employee well-being, talent and leadership readiness 4) Implement data driven decision making and continuous quality improvement across our system In 2017 Hoyleton partnered with Cornell University to redesign our behavioral management program. This shifts away from a model focused on trying to control behaviors with consequences to a new approach, that places increased importance on the Hoyleton team members being more reflective, self-aware, and more responsive to those in our care. Our new work in this area is providing us opportunities to understand better the traumatic life experiences that our children have encountered and why they respond in the way they do. We have faced many challenges already and we realize that there will be more and bigger challenges ahead for us. However, these challenges and the futures of our children are worth the struggle because they deserve the very best from Hoyleton. On the following pages, we share stories regarding this holistic, strength based approach and the life changing impact it is having with those we so very much care about.


Greater impact, strengthened organization, and long term sustainability. • • • •

We also want to share words of appreciation to YOU! Whether you are on our board of directors, staff, a volunteer or donor, THANK YOU for being a significant part of the Hoyleton team in supporting this vitally important mission and the positive impact it is having on our communities.

Board Chair


Impact Report • 2017

Chris L. Cox

President and CEO

Greater Impact through program excellence Diversified Funding Streams Continuous Quality Improvement Sustainable through Organizational Readiness


Key initiatives to transform Hoyleton.

With Great Appreciation,

Dale Fiedler

Faith Based Holistic Approach Prevention through Treatment Provider Focused on Children and Families Transparency in the Delivery of Care

• • • •

Strengthen Core Programs Create the Next Generation Service Lines Employee Well-being & Talent Readiness Data Driven Decision Making


You may have never met him, but if someone had to choose seven words to describe Larry Kaburick, Mahotma Ghandi found them when he wrote his famous quote “Where there is Love, there is Life” Larry Kaburick has been a coal miner, a farmer, a chimney sweep, a veteran of the Vietnam War, an agriculture salesperson and an emergency foster care parent to more than 90 kids over a seven-year period. As a volunteer, he embraces and supports Hoyleton’s mission.

“I have been blessed and lucky in my life with a wonderful family. I first met Hoyleton through my late wife who was on the Board of Directors,” Larry said. “I remember my first visit to the campus. Here was an old school house, where they were doing amazing things. The facility needed help and that inspired me. I love kids and I wanted for those kids to have something better”

“Everybody likes to be loved, I don’t care who you are or how old you are, we all like to be loved and have the feeling that someone cares. Kids say they don’t like boundaries, but they do and they love being loved.” If you ask Larry why he gives to Hoyleton it is simple, “My late wife said ‘you give till it hurts, because those kids are hurting all the time.’ Those kids may not be as lucky as me or you, those kids will never have the opportunities I have had unless someone like Hoyleton pulls them up. Because no matter how you are hurting or how tough things are for you, those kids have it worse. “ On one of the few days when he is not spending time with his grandkids next door or working in his barn, you can find Larry enjoying the serene view of the windmill next to the lake that marks his farm in Carlinville, Illinois. You may even catch him cruising down Old Route 66 in one of his other loves, his classic 1962 Chevrolet Impala.

2017 • Impact Report



Having been with Hoyleton Youth & Family Services for 13 years, Summar

Apprehensive at first, Summar is now eager to share what she is

Maines has had the opportunity to change the lives of many of the girls

learning, and to help the children grow through this process.

who have called Hoyleton HOME! From her infectious smile, to the way she runs a tight ship, this mother of 2 relishes in the opportunities to assist in changing lives every day at Hoyleton. Hoyleton is presently putting into practice two programs developed and being implemented by Cornell University, Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) training and Children And Residential Experiences (CARE) program. Continuing education is being provided to staff as Hoyleton strives to provide the best care, therapeutic options and qualified staff for the children and families they assist in both the community based programs and for those who reside at Hoyleton full time. Shifting to this new approach, is allowing the staff to develop a new and better understanding of what each child/client needs from a

“Shifting our children into this new program is a little scary. We are opening up pathways of teaching kids to verbalize their feelings, rather than act out inappropriately. By training staff to key in on the triggers that cause children to act out is important in making this new program work cohesively between staff and clients. As we begin to remove the basic consequences structure, it will take time for a few of the residents to understand, but I’m excited to see how quickly they adapt to all the positive changes being implemented through this approach of therapeutic interaction.”

more holistic viewpoint. Having gone through many of the initial classes already, Summar is excited to see how changing to these new

“I am intrigued by the way the CARE Program is more client driven in

philosophies, and skill sets, prepare those who are under her care for

how we respond in any situation. For example, we have one particular

the outside world. “Presently we have a system in place in which there

girl within our residence that is a bit of a bully. Through this new training,

are distinct consequences for your actions, as the girls who reside in my

and the techniques we are learning, together we start to focus on her

cottage can attest. CARE is showing us a platform on how to change

“positive attributes”, one of which is Leadership. We suggested that

the “consequential” outlook to a more positive response educational

she focus on these “leadership abilities” and use these attributes, into

component. Thus allowing us to establish not only a different approach

making our home a better living environment for everyone involved.

with behaviors, but to make sure these children are best suited for what

We are early in the stages of this implementation to our new system

the outside world is truly all about.”

structure, but I definitely feel like these changes are positive for both our clients, and our staff.”


Impact Report • 2017

2017 • Impact Report


2017 Program Successes

Hoyleton’s commitment to provide trauma informed care for children who experience unwanted stress, has led us to build a robust therapeutic environment. Through our foster care program, residential, prevention and education, and Puentes de Esperanza services, we provide lifelines for children and families in crisis. Our new Behavioral Management program provides extensive training to staff on how to engage with children and families who have experienced trauma. We remain one of the few agencys that ensures all staff are trauma-infromed.

hours of giving. That’s how much time our volunteers donated to Hoyleton last year alone.


Impact Report • 2017

We provided support services to foster homes. This year, we expanded our school-based substance abuse prevention services to include parts of Monroe and St. Clair county, bringing the total to 7 schools including Washington and Clinton counties, reaching about 700+ youth within schools. Through Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s #dearfutureme, in 2018 our services will include high school youth.

Over 1,300 gifts were under the tree for children at our residential homes, foster homes and for all our families utilizing our Puentes de Esperanza services.

hours of behavioral health services. 110 of those hours were provided to the East St. Louis school district beginning in August.

76% of our youth, who have aged out of foster care and in our Independent Living Opportunity have opened their own savings account. All of those youth have completed our life skill classes teaching them how to live independently.

The average length of stay is months at Hoyleton’s on-campus treatment center. We treat every aspect of a child’s health, from behavioral and emotional challenges through licensed Mental Health Providers. More than 500 individuals attended trainings and presentations about human trafficking in Madison & St. Clair County alone. These individuals directly worked with youth including law enforcement, health care providers, outreach workers, and youth care workers. The Anti-trafficking program is now statewide and provides more than 60 trainings a year to professionals and the community.

We have impacted lives, with our services reaching statewide.

2017 • Impact Report


In the

A LOOK At HOYLETON’S NEW He may be new to the staff of Hoyleton Youth and Family Services, but marriage and family therapist Federico “Rico” Parola has already made a big impact in the delivery of behavioral health services for the agency. Thanks to grant funding, Rico was able to implement a new mental health wellness program in partnership with East St. Louis, School District #189. This collaborative initiative is serving as a pilot for a larger effort on the part of East St. Louis School District to improve socialemotional, mental health and wellness, and trauma support to students and families through the Parent and Student Services Department. Working with faculty and staff at Annette Officer Elementary and Lincoln Middle School locations, Rico has the opportunity to assess, intervene, and educate students who are in need of extra guidance. 10

Impact Report • 2017


STUDENT LIFE SERVICES PROGRAM “Being able to implement this program within East St. Louis District #189 has been an incredible journey. With the grace of God, our caseworkers, and the school’s staff, we have been able to assist over 20 families with this early intervention program, thus helping these students succeed in every aspect of their lives. Key in this success are the parents who have stepped forward to take part with their child. Having their involvement is critical in achieving success within the family.” Early intervention on the elementary level focuses mainly on behavioral/ academic issues that the students are having, and both staff and families are very happy with the impact the program has made. On the Middle School level, the focus is more on trauma related issues and raising awareness of depression/suicide prevention. At this stage, it is key getting the parents involved in helping these young adults through the challenges and pressures they face daily. Sometimes it is as simple as teaching life and coping skills, but sometimes it takes the experience of family therapy as an approach to produce positive outcomes for the entire family. Hoyleton’s collaborative effort with East St. Louis School District #189 is being received with such enthusiasm that through the encouragement of families, the district has asked for Hoyleton Youth and Family Services to expend the program in two additional schools.

2017 • Impact Report


Our Financials As we strive in planning to keep our budgeting revenues and expenses as closely correlated as possible, each year provides new opportunities to not only meet, but to exceed our goals and expectations as an organization. Hoyleton Youth and Family Services’ fiscal year operates from July 1st 2016 to June 30th 2017, under our Non-profit 501-C3 status, as stated by the following analysis…


Impact Report • 2017

Revenue .6%





Program Revenue $10,776,986 • 86.7% Fundraising $1,382,750 • 11.2% Private Grants and Foundations $117,000 •.9% Other $69,594 •.6%


of every dollar goes directly to our programs and services, with 13.5% spent on administrative costs. We are vigilant in our commitment to spend our dollars on programs that help the most needy in our communities.


Expenses 86.7%

13.5% 1.3%

Program Expenses

Puentes de Esperanza


FY 2017


$401,467 • 3.5%

FY 2016

Current Assets $3,642,780 $2,966,832 Property & Equipment $1,298,909 $1,286,317 Other Assets $1,960,672 $1,997,020

Child Welfare

$3,233,874 • 28.0%





$5,814,868 • 50.4% Fundraising $375,397 • 3.3% Total $6,902,361 $6,250,169 Administrative Costs $1,559,888 • 13.5% LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS Total Liabilities $2,323,369 $2,476,923 Net Assets $4,578,992 $3,773,246



$155,089 • 1.3%


$6,250,169 2017 • Impact Report


The Community of Giving

Year after year, loyal supporters change the lives of the children and families we serve. These caring individuals, make healing possible for hundreds of children. The following lists reflect all gifts and donations received in 2017.

Pfeiffer $10,000.00 and above Eugene Schnur Col. William and Helen Whicher The Founder’s Circle $1,000 to $4,999 Eric and Kelly Bandy Judy Betz Brice and Ilene Bloom-Ellis Tim and Linda Boyce Cheryl Byars Chris and Jennifer Cox Roger and Shirley Cunningham W. and Janice Dawdy William Edrington Dale and Susan Fiedler Duane and Karen Forcade Charles and Carol Harbaugh Karl and Lisa Holderle Larry and Pat Kaburick Charles Mathis Ellis and Margrette Schmidt Dr. Stephen and Teresa Schmidt Eldon and Lois Schoeber Rev. Jeffrey and Sara Schwab Robert Siever Raleigh and Gladys Snodgrass Benjamin and Sonja Uzzelle The 1895 Society $500 to $999 Wayne Barber Laura Beckmann Doug Bizer Rev. Cal and Christine Bloesch William and Jan Brucker Mark and Dawn Bryant Dale and Phyllis Buente


Impact Report • 2017

Patricia Daiber Donna Davis James Del Carmen Rev. Dr. Richard & Johann Ellerbrake Donald and Nadine Gericke Rex and Rhoda Greene Alexandria Hunter Udell and Donna Kimmle Loren Kolditz Bill and Ellen Krohne Thomas and Susan Kuergeleis Donald and Karen Kunz Sharon McDevitt Rev. Dr. James and Ruth Mennerick Robert and Cynthia Merkel Brian and Shannon Moore Dr. Stanley Niemann Scott and Christy Pursell David and Darla Rennegarbe C. David and Margaret Rota Rev. Dr. Paul and Debby Schippel Ron and Ruthie Shownes Paul Sterrett Mark and Bonnie Westcott Ronald and Dianne Winney Next Century Club $250 to $499 Lydia Aberli Shirley Asmussen John and Candace Baltz Thomas Benedick Dorothy Brandt Dr. Patrick and Marilyn Breitling Harold and Nancy Byers Rev. Dr. Sheldon Culver Rev. Bob Goddard Hugh and Belinda Fitz Jack and Fayette Frandsen

Keith and Edie Grote Walter and Rev. Lisa Hart Shirley and Larry Hoy Rev. Donald I. Kaufman Leona Kersch John and Elinor Koelling Thomas and Susan Koesterer Edward and Marilyn Kohlbrecher Rev. Ken and Norma Kramer Kenneth Krauss Eddie and Susan Kunkel Diane Law Larry and Kathryn Lucas Tina Maddaleno Bob Manville Jeanette McClellan Larry and Betty McDowell Jerry and Dorothy Mohr Ken and Kathy Perkins Janet Reed Larry and Marjorie Rhutasel John and Molly Ronsick Rev. Donald and Anne Sabbert Tim and Robin Schnoeker Fred and Mary Siebenmann Pearl Spies Craig and Diane Steiner David and Audrey Steiner Linda Steiner Taylor Stockman Steve and Bonnie Thiems Clyde and Becky Trexler Gail VanWinkle Virgil Wehking Rev. Fred and Shirley Wehrenberg Don Willeford

Century Club $100 to $249 Matthew Albat Kevin and Melinda Albers Luke and Beth Allan Shirley Anderson Dwight and Kathy Asselmeier Chris Bagwell Scott and Barbara Battoe Sheila Beam Christopher and Sandy Becker Elizabeth Bennett Donald and Jean Bernhardt Robin and Marcia Biggs Amanda Boeing Carolyn Borton Pauline Broeking June Bronnert Arielle Brownlee Andrea Campbell Phyllis Cassady Gerald and Sara Chase Brittany Chavez Jennifer Childerson Nancy Clark John and Gayla Corrigan Ron Cross Judith Daussman John and Sandra Dawson Dr. Paul and Ruth DeBruine Frank and Teresa DEGiacomo Wayne and Darlene Deibert Adolph and Donna Determann Sharon Deutsch Jane Dick Daniel Dietz Larry and Diana Douglas Sue Drewer James and Kay Dunn

Bob and Judy Edler Carol Jean Faust Victor Flores Judson Fraley Brent and Carol Freeland Donald and Charlotte Freeland Kenneth and Ginger Gehrig Brady Pat Genz Fred Robinson and Betty Gerth Walter and Carol Giffhorn Mildred Glenn Ronald and Laurel Glenn Ronald and Mary Going Rev. William Groennert Robert and Marilyn Guerrieri Carly Haas Fred and Kathleen Habermehl Dr. Dean and Susan Hageman Kenneth Haller Terry and Lynn Haller Myron and Diane Hanna Dr. Delbert Harris Jim Harsh Jim and Mary Heberer Julie Heberer Murray and Eunice Hediger Janet Heil James and Gail Herren Russ and Jeanne Heuberger David and Sue Hoffmann Mark and Susan Hoffmann Carol Holbert Gary and Karen Holtgrewe Maxine Hood Rev. Ivan and Vivian Horn Terri Hosto Sherwood and Judy Howald Charlotte Howard Keith and Cathy Huels Laura Huge John and Kristy Jefferson Warren Jones Charles and Lynne Kamm Jeanette Kampen Mark and Judy and Judith Kampen Daniel and Tami Kampwerth Harold and Mary Keenan Donald and Mary Kelly Kim Kelly Davis

Samuel and Carol Susan Kennedy Jack Klopmeyer Louis and Marlene Knobloch Judith Koch Ricky and Sherry Koch Ellen Kuergeleis Rev. Gustav and Sue Kuether Richard and Betty Lienau Karen Liszewski Constance Lockett Leonard and Gina Loerch Julie Lurkins Robin MacLaughlin Arline Magee Tamra Maschhoff Thomas and Shirley May Andy McCrary Alberta McDaniel Mark and Ruth McDaniel Sylvester and Darlou Mehrmann Dennis and Mary Mensinger Curtis Meyer Jeannine Miller Marguerite Miller Hope Mitcham Roger and Pat Mitchell Pat Morris Wilfred and Shirley Myers Dustin Nelson Caroline Pufalt Rick and Paula Reinacher Donald Reineking Gerard and Kimberly Restoff Keith Riechmann Kevin and Julie Riechmann Ray Rippelmeyer Eunice Rogier Joan Sackmann Rev. Dr. Herbert and Bennie Schafale Linda Schaller Charlotte Schifferdecker Linda Schneider James and Darlene Schomaker Emory and Betty Schumaier C.E. and Mary Scott Priscilla Self Jane Shelton Carolyn Shields Trinada Shields

Daniel and Kristen Shinn Richard and Joyce Skelton Sherry Skelton Nicholas Smothers Allan Stahl Kasey Standal Arlin and Diane Stechmesser Alec Steiner Derek Steiner JoAnn Steiner Vernon Steiner Verna Steinkamp Barbara Sterrett Scott and Karen Stippich Craig and Cynthia Straub Delbert and Sandra Straub John and Jacqueline Straub Donald and Deanna Stumpf Kenneth Suhre Matthew Swinford Joseph Thorpe Donald and Beverly Turner Thomas Vander Pol George and Alixa Wacker Robert and Charlotte Wagner Mildred Warnecke Jack and Genny Watkins Floyd and Linda Watson Harold and Aleen Watson Terry and Diane Weber Richard and Darline Weihl Chyrel Wessel Ruth Wild Jayne Wright Don and Audrey Yann Jerry and Karla Zurliene Friends of Hoyleton Gifts of $99 & under, plus donors who do not wish to receive gift-level recognition

John Ackermann Roland and Jean Ahlmeyer Thomas and Donna Ahlmeyer Elflora Aikman Mark and Sarah Aiton Shelba Allen Burnell and Carole Augustin Sharon and Rex Bandy Wes and Dona Barber Mark Barnhart

Albert and Joyce Barth Jacqueline Barth Lavonne Bathon Bambi Belcher Robert and Henrietta Bellina Raymond and Rose Anne Bense Sally Bergmann Bryan Betts Bob and Janet Bircher Charles and Faye Birk Jack Bittle Konya Bloomquist Gladys Bode Norma Borgmann Brent Boyles Elsie Brandmeyer Pat and Patricia Brandt David and Marcia Braswell Barb and Brett Bray Karl and Barbara Bretz Jeff Broshears Kyle Brown Leroica Brown Tiffany Brown Hailey Bryan Joann Buchanan Timothy and Tina Buchanan Jay and Helen Buchta Gary Buckrod Richard and Marlene Buettner Ryan and Karla Bulman J. Scott and Peggy Burke Jim and Lori Burns Anita Cain Darren Carroll T.L. and T.M. Carson Jessie Castegnaro Deborah Cataldo Jane Childerson June Childerson Jonetta Clark Elsi Clawson Sharon Cloud Rob and Susan Cole Lori Coleman Shirley Collmann Dr. Wayne and June Cox John and Lois Cremin Larry and Sandra Curik Shirley Daniels 2017 • Impact Report


Gerald and Sylvia Daugherty Mildred Decker Carole Deibert Sandy and Greg Dickens Kayla Dinkelmann Harold Dorries Dennis and Tammy Duffy Bill and Annette Eade Kevin and Vici Eader Brett Easdridge Greg Eaves Tom and Barb Eberhart Irene Ebert Jean and Marcellus Eckert Alan and Debi Edwards Michael Eichenseer Jennifer Ellis Peggy Emery Leroy and Beverly Engelke Melvin and Dixie Engelman Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Eson Barbara Fanter Melvin Feig Renee Ferguson Sylvia Fertig Evelyn Fessler Kathleen Fischer Corrine Fish Mary Fitzgerald Marlene Foree Glendal and Mary Forgy Laurie Forinash Grace Frey Nancy Frey Jerry Frohbieter Fay Fults Kaylyn Furhop John and Janet Garleb Amanda Garrison Daniel and Donna Gayler James and Sharon Gieseking Dan and Marie Grandame Irving and Lorena Gray Jacob Gray George and Linda Green Earl Grotefendt Leo and Dorsey Guenzburger David Habermehl Jean Habermehl


Impact Report • 2017

Gary Habich Lyle and Donna Hackstadt Vernon and Cathryn Hamm Sheryl Hansen Josh Hardin Carol and Carol Harms Byron and Donna Harting John and Vivian Hassenstab Michael Hawthorne Elaine Heatherly David & Jeanette Heideman Bernard and Lois Heiligenstein George and Rhonda Heisner Alma Henley Harris Vera Henschen Sheryl Henslee Dan and Rhonda Herrmann Dennis and Donna Hesker Jim Hettenhausen Audrey Hicks Randolph and Lynne Hicks Shaquita Hicks David Hildebrand Pearl Hirsch Mildred Hoffman Marvin and Catherine Hoffmann Robert and Joan Hoffmann Melba Holtgrewe Steve and Mary Holtkamp Rosemary Holzinger Allison Hoshide Susan Hosman Fred and Carol Hotz Tony Howard Brenda Huebner David and Shaundra Huebner Diane Hulliung Walter and Barbara Hunter Dean and Teresa Huston John and Barbara Jean Ibendahl Virginia Ilch Ayanna Jackson Joseph and Jean Jacober Jim and Charlene Jacobs Thomas and Pamela James David and Mrs. Jamison Florence Jeffreys Mario Jimenez Jody and Denise Johnson

Barbara Jones Coleen Jones Wanda Jones Ruth Juenger Joe and Laurel Jung Robert and Joan Kakac Tina Kampwerth Connie Kappert Knipp William and Carol Keckman Betty Ann Keller Timmer Joy Kessler Jim Kimker George and Sharon Klann William and Mrs. Klees Gary and Joyce Kniepkamp Mark Koelling Ralph and Donna Korte Venus Kowalczyk Wilson and Diana Kruger Ronald and Joyce Kuergeleis Everett and Shirley Kuhn Travis Kuhn Frank and Karen Kunz Pamela LaBelle Jeffrey and Verna Leach David and Carolyn Lehr Debbie Lippert Jeremy Loehrer Mike Loehrer Johnnie and Linda Long Gary Lottmann Michelle Lucky Lonny and Brenda Ludwig William Mallard Joel Malone Bill and Jessica Manning Ikenya Margrum Richard and Connie Martin Mike and Kay Martinson Denise Mateyka Shelby and Nancy Mathes Jillian Mayer Gayle McCarthy Matt and Anna McCormick Thaila McCoy Billie McLemore Jesterica Mcnamee Whitney Mense Cheryl and Cheryl Metter

Arnold and Jeanne Meyer Jessica and Darren Meyer Ed Miller Krista Miller Mindy Miller Cissi Mitcham Fern Moehle Gary Moenster Janeth Mogg Brittany Morgan Natasha Morrow Rodney and Annette Morwick Ann Mueller Marlene Mueller David and Anita Muertz Megan Munzert John and Jean Myers Darleesa Neal Bonnie Nehrt Emil and Linda Nehrt Cara Neuhaus Georgia Niederecker Emelie Nilges Mary Ellen Norman Tarmika Norris Larry and Carol Nottmeier Robert and Ida Nuernberger Deinnis Oestringer Amanda Olson Federico Parola Anthony Parrish Curran and Nicolette Parrott Joel Pendegraft Kasha Penny Mike and Pauline Perrine Carl and Wanda Phillips Jerry Pollard Denis and Carolyn Porter Anthony Pritchard Douglas and Julie Rabbermann Jeffrey and Donna Rabenort Lance Rabenort Darlene Rahn Gerald and Joan Rahn Merik and Pamela Ramsey William and Carol Reckman Tootie Reding Jeff and Sally Rehberger Brad and Kay Reilson

Melissa Rennegarbe Terri Rennegarbe Dwight Reynolds Marian Reynolds Helen Richter Orville Riepshoff Dennis and Linda Riley Vanessa Robbins Paul and Julia Roberts Jodie Robinson Trudi Rohlfing Gary and Karen Rolfingsmeyer Brandon Rudolph Elizabeth Rutz Dennis Schatte Robert and Linda Schmidt Danny and Ann Schneider Kara Schnoeker Art and Brenda Schomaker Masie Schroeder William and Barbara Schroeder Arthur Schuler Rev. William and Diane Schwab Lawrene and Shilrey Schwarz Robert Schwarz Lisa Schwarze Carmelita Sensel David and Rev. Carol Shanks Gary Shondy Lucas Shook Akilah Showers Ethel Skaer Pam Skibinski Marion Skundrich Robert and Joyce Ann Sliment Dorothy Smith Wigfall James Smithson Danni Sotnyk Diandra Spells Renee Steibel Mark & Paul Steiner Conrad and Margaret Steinhoff Kenneth and Sandy Steinmann Julie Stellhorn John and Delores Stephens Joe Stevenson Wayne and Alice Stille Sawn Sullivan Paul Sutherland

William and Linda Sutter Kristen Swisher Dave and Melody Thole Linda Thoms Jatuan Thrailkill Asia Todd Lenzi Tomblinson Arlie and Eileen Traughber Betty Tschannen William and Sandy Tutka Carolyn Valentine Dennis and Luann Valentine Donald & Mrs. Veile Mayra Velasco Frank Vernier Gene and Holly Voelker Glenn and Nancy Voelker Kevin and Lori Vogt Margy Voigt Melvin Wagner Steven and Sherry Walter Matthew Warren Larry and Kathy Washausen Barbara Weigel Schultz Edna Dell Weinel Gerald and Geralyn Weis Ryan Welch Kevin and Donna Wendel Garry Werner and Linda Wiese Marvin and Martina Wiegman John Wildt Alvin Wilkening Edward and Sharon Wilson David and Susan Witter Richard Witzel Melissa Wohlwend Robert and Marge Wolfmeier Rebekah Woolever Kitty Wusstig Donald and Donna Yates Dwight Yeager Carol Young Terrence Young Betty Zapp John and Karen Zeller Neal and Pat Zobrist Rev. Richard and Anne Zulauf

Honor Roll Of


Thank you to these churches for your support. Because of you, we were able engage people at every stage of life to help them discover and embrace their own potential. Legacy $5,000.00 and above St. Paul UCC, Columbia St. Paul UCC, Freeburg St. Peter UCC, Red Bud

Visionary $1,000.00 - $4,999.00

Bethany UCC at Tioga Bethel UCC, Cahokia Evangelical UCC, Highland Friedens UCC, Irvington Friedens UCC, Marissa Immanuel UCC, Mount Vernon, IN Marine United Church of Christ O Fallon UCC St. Paul UCC, Belleville St. Paul UCC, Lebanon St. Peter UCC, Champaign

Sustaining $500.00 - $999.00

Bethel UCC, Evansville, IN Concordia UCC, Belleville Eden UCC, Edwardsville Friedens UCC, Troy St. John UCC at Johannisburg St. John UCC at Midway, Moro St. John UCC, Wood River St. Paul UCC, Carlinville St. Paul UCC, Edwardsville St. Peter UCC, Okawville Zion UCC, Marion

Partner Donations of up to $499

Bethel UCC, Nebraska City Christ United Church of Christ, Dupo Evangelical UCC, Godfrey First Congregational UCC, Decatur First Congregational UCC, Dupo Friedens UCC, Farina

Friedens UCC, Hecker Grantfork UCC, Highland Immanuel UCC at Hamel, Edwardsville Salem UCC, Huntingburg, IN Salem UCC, Alhambra St. Jacob UCC & St. John UCC Summerfield St. John UCC, Waverly, IA St. John UCC of Buckskin, Elberfeld, IN St. John UCC, Collinsville St. John UCC, Evansville St. John UCC, Granite City St. John UCC, Maeystown St. John UCC, Mascoutah St. John UCC, Smithton St. John UCC, Valmeyer St. Lucas UCC, St. Louis, MO St. Paul UCC, Evansville, IN St. Paul UCC at Jamestown, Pocahontas St. Paul UCC, Nashville St. Paul UCC, Waterloo St. Paul UCC German Township, Evansville, IN St. Peter UCC, Massena, IA St. Peter UCC at Hookdale, Smithboro St. Peter UCC of Stone Church, Addieville St. Peter UCC, Centrailia Trinity UCC, Troy, IN Trinity UCC, Quincy, IL Trinity UCC at Biddleborn, Marissa United In Faith Church, Pana Zion Evangelical UCC, Hoyleton Zion UCC, Addieville Zion UCC, Waterloo Zion United Church of Christ, Chrisney, IN Zion United Church of Christ, Metropolis Zoar UCC at New Hanover, Columbia 2017 • Impact Report


Fostering Relationships

Through this diverse body of businesses, groups and foundations, Hoyleton is able to serve individuals, from infancy to adulthood, and their families who are building a life of stability and success. The following lists reflect all gifts and donations received in 2017.

Businesses Absopure Water Academy Sports & Outdoors Advanced Title Solutions Associated Physicians Assurance Agency, Ltd Auffenberg Ford Inc. Bandy’s Pharmacy Bank Of Springfield BarberMurphy Benefits Services LLC, Allstate Benefits Benjamin F. Edwards & Co. Boeing Company Gift Match Brand Preference Development Co. Breathe and Bend Hot Yoga Building Blocks Daycare C.J. Schlosser & Company, L.L.C Casey’s General Stores Citizens Community Bank CompuType Computer Services Cricket Cellular Cygan & Delaney Catering Inc. Dierbergs Market Domino’s Pizza Donna Mae’s Beauty Salon Dunkin Donuts Fairmont City Fire Department Farmers & Merchants National Bank FCB Banks First Financial Bank First Mid Illinois Bank & Trust First National Bank of Carlyle First National Bank of Okawville Fountain Inn GCS Federal Credit Union Grey Eagle Distribution Haier Plumbing


Impact Report • 2017

Highland Elementary School Hilton Garden Inn Holland Construction Home Depot Hub International Midwest Ltd Ignite Church Illinois Humanities ImageNet Consulting Karate Fitness Kenny’s Cans Kohl Wholesale Kunkel Commercial Group Laner Muchin, Ltd. Louer Facility Planning Luhr Bros., Inc. Lyles Auto Body M&M Service Company Marine Coin Company, LLC Marion County Savings Bank Mathis, Marifian & Richter, Ltd. McAllister’s Deli McKendree University Mikes Convenience & Service In Millie’s Diner Modern Woodmen of America Morski Autosports Nabers Shop Network For Good Papa John’s Pepsico Pizza Hut Plains Marketing, L.P. Randall’s Wine and Spirits Rural King Salem Chamber of Commerce Sam’s Club Scenic Route Landscaping Schwarze Trailer Repair INC

Scott Credit Union Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP Spirit By Design State Bank of Waterloo Stop N Go Mart Sun Life Financial Super Blinds Tanya Hawkins LLC Thrivent Financial Tim Horton’s Town and Country Bank Trost Plastics Troy Towing & Storage INC. TT Realtor Unity Hospice Voigt’s Racing, INC Washington County 4-H Federation Whiteside Station DAR Chapter Wisper ISP, Inc. Wm. Nobbe & Company Your Cause Paying Agent for Corporate Giving Program

Estates and Trusts The Estate of Louise Barth The Estate of Blanche Fluhrer The Estate of Harry E. Jameson The Estate of Violet Jameson The Estate of Frieda Schrader St. John UCC Maeystown Maher Trust The Estate of Joseph Needles The Estate of Milton & Elva Winet The Estate of William and Bertha Yoxall Marjorie Lewis Rankin Bypass Trust


American Legion Auxiliary 22nd District Fairview Heights Kiwanis Club Kids for Christ Bible Study Moms on a Mission OTHS Has Beens Scott Spouses’ Club Social Justice Equity Committee St. Clare Youth Group


AmazonSmile Foundation Boeing Foundation Cardinals Care Community Violence Prevention Daughters of Charity Foundation Ferguson Family Foundation Hallelujah Fund Evangelical UCC, Highland Lutheran Foundation Poshard Foundation For Abused Children Regions Donated Fund Initiative - DHS Roblee Foundation Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation VOCA Unmet Needs Winney Foundation

We appreciate the thousands of in-kind contributions of clothing,

We are grateful to our board members for their passion, and leadership, guiding us successfully through the year.

books, Christmas gifts, household



Dale Fiedler - Board Chairperson Kelly Bandy - Vice Chairperson Mark Westcott - Secretary

Paul Sterrett Dale Fiedler Ann Ferguson

Mike Auffenberg Donna Davis Ann Ferguson Rev. Bob Goddard Dr. Desarie Holmes Rev. Don Jones Christy Pursell Ron Shownes Paul Sterrett Sonja Uzzelle Lari Vanderpoel

HOYLETON STAFF Brice Bloom-Ellis

goods, non-perishable food and hygiene products, back-packs and school supplies, handmade bags and blankets. Our gratitude is immense, and the list of contributors is long - too long to

EX OFFICIO Chris Cox Rev. Ivan Horn

fit on the pages of this impact



But rest assured, your

generosity is written in the hearts of the many children and families whose spirits were raised by your compassion



Chris L. Cox - President and Chief Executive Officer Brice Bloom-Ellis - Chief Program Officer Rob Boyd - Director of Human Resources Jennifer Cox - Director of Information Systems & Performance Improvement Laura Huge - Director of Finance Tina Kampwerth - Director of Clinical Services Sharon McDevitt - Director of Child Welfare Services Shannon Moore - Corporate Secretary Monte Mister - Director of Therapeutic Residential Care Craig Steiner - Director of Communications and Development Kristen Shinn - Director of Community Support Services


Thank You! 2017 • Impact Report


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Profile for Hoyleton Youth and Family Services

2017 Impact Report  

2017 Impact Report