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Stop the Calls for Good Our Guide to Dealing With Collection Agencies

Table of Contents Why are They Calling Me?


Why Ignoring Them Won’t Work


So, How Do I Stop the Calls? Playing by the Rules When to Seek Help

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Why are They Calling Me? Collection agencies start calling when one of your creditors has submitted your outstanding debt for collection. Since the agency is often paid a commission for every dollar they collect, they will typically keep calling you and sending letters so long as they believe there is a chance to collect the money from you.


Why Ignoring Them Won’t Work Most of today’s collection agencies use auto-dialers, so if you don’t answer the phone, the computer will put your name back on the list to call you again. That’s why ignoring collection calls doesn’t work – they just keep calling! We’ve assembled this guide to help you manage collection calls with confidence, and stop them for good.


So, How Do I Stop the Calls? Strategies for managing collection agents: • Don’t ignore the calls or letters. This can lead to legal action. • Treat collection agents how you would want to be treated. • Don’t get bullied into making commitments you can’t keep. • Keep the commitments you do make. • Be sure you actually owe the debt they are trying to collect.


Playing by the Rules Collection agencies have rules they must follow: • You must be notified in writing of your overdue account. • Collection agents are not allowed to harass you or your family. • Collection agencies are not permitted to call you on statutory holidays, any day before 7 am or after 9 pm, and may only call you between 1-5 pm on Sundays. • Collection agencies can only contact your friends, relatives, or employer to obtain your address or telephone number. • Collection agencies cannot call you if the call incurs a cost to you, such as on a mobile phone if you pay for incoming calls.


When to Seek Help How to tell when it’s time to seek professional help: • You feel you cannot deal with your debt problems on your own. • Dealing with collection agencies is more than you can handle. • You are unsure about your options for managing your debt.


You can stop the calls.

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Dealing With Collection Agencies | Hoyes Michalos  

Are you dealing with stress as a result of never-ending collection calls? We can help. We’ve assembled this guide to help you manage collect...

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