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Autumn 2021

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Welcome to Hoxton Mini Press We’ve opened up again! No wait, we’ve closed. And... now we’re open again. Oh no, here comes the third wave – or is it the fourth? Hang on, am I allowed to touch my face now? We live in ever-stranger times, but the feel of a physical book keeps us grounded. London has been, like most places on this unsettled globe, massively affected by Covid and our new book London in Lockdown captures the fear, the love and the hope that were felt on and off the streets of the capital. We hope that this book, and many of our others, can bring some perspective – and just perhaps, some joy – to a troubling moment in our collective history. Keep touching beautiful paper, even if you still can’t touch much else.

Martin and Ann Co-founders, Hoxton Mini Press June 2021

New Titles

Sep 2021 256pp, 170 x 220mm Hardback £25 ISBN 978-1-910566-96-1

London in Lockdown Various photographers

24 photographers capture a city gripped by Covid, from empty streets to stories of community and connection. 2020 brought a seismic break with normality. For those living in urban centres, lockdown made us wonder if city life as we knew it was gone forever. The images in this

book express the anxiety, the love, the boredom, the intimacy, the grief, the tranquillity and the renewed appreciation of nature that isolation brought. Uncanny but often uplifting, they show London at a defining moment in its history – telling a story that will resonate far beyond the pandemic.

Sep 2021 208pp, 176 x 232mm Hardback £25 ISBN 978-1-914314-01-8

The Female Chef Stories and recipes from 31 women redefining the British food scene

Clare Finney & Liz Seabrook Intimate stories and favourite recipes from the British female chefs shaping the food industry. A glance at the current list of British Michelin-starred chefs will tell you the food scene’s historic gender imbalance is far from solved. Women, though traditionally encouraged to cook at home, have long been much less championed in professional kitchens. And yet, within this challenging environment, many women are pioneering change – from nurturing

all-female teams to shaking up the narrative of what it means to be a woman and a chef. This book celebrates those at the forefront of modern food, and the experiences that got them there, bringing together insightful interviews, original portraits and each chef’s most memorable recipe. Clare Finney writes for a wide variety of national and regional magazines and was Fortnum and Mason’s Food Writer of The Year, 2019.

Sep 2021 240pp, 160 x 199mm Hardback £25 ISBN 978-1-914314-02-5

London Shopfronts A visual celebration of the high street Emma J. Page & Rachael Smith A photographic tour of the capital’s most iconic shopfronts, from historic façades to beautiful, modern typography. London has some of the most stylish shopfronts in the world. From centuries old to brilliantly new, a stroll down any of the capital’s high streets provides a glorious miscellany of history and design. For shops are no longer just somewhere we buy things – you can do that virtually, these days – but places we gather inspiration, browse for creativity and happen upon

special objects. This compendium of London’s 100 most interesting stores, restaurants and cafés pairs original photography with insights into the sites’ past lives and the artistic thinking behind their distinct exteriors and unique signage, as well as insider’s tips on exactly when and why to visit now. Emma J Page is a journalist, writer and editor who contributes regularly to publications including The Times Magazine and The Evening Standard. Rachael Smith is a renowned interiors and portrait photographer.

Oct 2021 160pp, 112 x 162mm Paperback £9.95 ISBN 978-1-914314-09-4

An Opinionated Guide to East London (Third Edition) Sonya Barber A new and improved version of the bestselling guide to east London. Hoxton Mini Press have made a name for themselves as a publisher dedicated to celebrating the creative and colourful character of east London. This is the third edition of their unashamedly biased, deeply opinionated (and very popular) guide to the area. With 20 new suggestions of where

to eat, sleep, shop and drink, this pocket-sized companion is the ultimate guide to the ever-changing face of east London, filled with beautiful photography, pithy reviews, a perfect weekend itinerary and neighbourhood map showing where all of the places are located. It’s a must for east London locals and first-time visitors alike. Sonya Barber is a freelance writer and former news and events editor at Time Out London. She is a born-and-bred Londoner.

Also in the Opinionated Guide series Vegan London

Independent London

Kids’ London

ISBN: 978-1-910566-56-5

ISBN: 978-1-910566-82-4

ISBN: 978-1-910566-98-5

London Architecture

London Pubs

Escape London

ISBN: 978-1-910566-55-8

ISBN: 978-1-910566-81-7

ISBN: 978-1-910566-92-3

London Green Spaces

Sweet London

ISBN: 978-1-910566-68-8

ISBN: 978-1-910566-88-6

Oct 2021 176pp, 206 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £20 ISBN 978-1-914314-08-7

On the Road Vintage photographs of people and their cars The Anonymous Project Anonymous photos from the 40s to 70s capture the freedom and adventure of the open road. These vintage photographs take you on a journey across Europe and America’s highways, celebrating the spirit of Kerouac’s great open road. Family road trips and first cars, unplanned pit-stops and incredible vistas are rediscovered from found colour slides, selected from The Anonymous Project’s collection of over 800,000. The people pictured here may be unknown,

but these photographs capture a familiar excitement: getting behind the wheel and setting out to see where the road takes you. After a year when people throughout the world have been home-bound, the call of adventure sounds louder than ever. The Anonymous Project is dedicated to collecting and preserving mid-century colour slides from around the world. Started in 2017 by filmmaker Lee Shulman, the project brings to light Kodachrome memories that might otherwise be lost forever.

Oct 2021 224pp, 147 x 209mm Hardback £20 ISBN 978-1-914314-03-2

British Boutique Hotels Gina Jackson A sumptuous guide to Britain’s most sought-after hotels, from country escapes to city stays. It’s time to rediscover Britain. With more and more people shying away from international travel (through eco-conscious choice or pandemic necessity), we’re celebrating the inspiring getaways you can enjoy right here on our island. Filled with exquisite photography, honest insider’s advice and the best of British hotel dining, rooms, grounds and spa experiences, this is

a book both to have on your coffee table and impel you to pack a weekend bag. Visit an art-filled historic townhouse perched on a Cornish harbour, stay in a wildflowerfilled suite in the Scottish highlands, or stroll through the grounds of a Somerset manor to the on-site cider press, and find out just how much our shores have to offer. Gina Jackson writes a popular travel blog, ginagoesto.com, where she reviews Britain’s best luxury escapes. Born and raised in London, she works full time for TikTok.

Oct 2021 192pp, 151 x 209mm Hardback £16.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-91-6

Dog Friendly London Insider intel from dog lover to dog lover Four & Sons A stylish guide to the capital for urban dog owners, from canine culture experts, Four & Sons. Want to know the best dog-friendly cafés, hotels and parks in London? This book, written by dog lovers, is packed with locals’ tips on how to enjoy the city with your pooch in tow (or vice versa). Full of original photography and four-legged advice on everything from where to fetch

the biggest sticks (both in London and just beyond), to how to meet other dog owners, to the best places to get a schnauzer’s beard trimmed, this book can be enjoyed both on a long walk or curled up with your furry best friend on the sofa. It also includes in-depth profiles of local creatives and their dogs. Go fetch. Four & Sons is a world-renowned independent magazine that playfully explores the intersection of dogs and art.

Oct 2021 192pp, 151 x 209mm Hardback £16.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-10-0

Dog Friendly New York Insider intel from dog lover to dog lover Four & Sons A dog-lover’s guide to the Big Apple from canine culture experts, Four & Sons. From the best green spaces to go fetch, to the most stylish cafés and hotels that welcome guests on four legs, this guide tells you all you need to know to have a tail-wagging time in New York City. With beautiful photography, handy maps and plenty of insider’s tips, it lets you in on

where to eat, drink, walk, visit and stay, alongside profiles of some of New York’s most interesting dog owners. Whether you’re looking for weekend get-aways or doggy day-trips, find out just how much more fun the city can be when you’ve got your pooch in tow. Four & Sons is a world-renowned independent magazine that playfully explores the intersection of dogs and art.

Nov 2021 104pp, 196 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £17.95 Book 9: ‘Vintage Britain’ ISBN 978-1-914314-04-9

London 1977–1987 Berris Conolly

Brooding black-and-white photography of London’s street life through the 70s and 80s. The familiar streets of the capital are rendered almost uncanny in this contemplative, tonal series by Berris Conolly. Captivating in their atmospheric, filmic quality, Conolly’s photographs reveal small moments from the past, hinting at

stories that have just happened; or are about to. They have both a stillness and a promise of approaching disturbance, drawing us in to the urban landscape and making the London of forty years ago feel at once distant and strangely present. Berris Conolly, formerly a commercial photographer, turned to documentary photography in the early 70s, capturing London and Sheffield’s urban landscapes.

Nov 2021 192pp, 156 x 196mm Hardback, cloth spine £17.95 Book 10: ‘Vintage Britain’ ISBN 978-1-914314-11-7

London in the Snow Various photographers

Vintage images from the 30s to 70s show the timeless magic of a snow-covered London.

photographs shows people from the 30s

For Londoners, waking up to find the busy streets of the capital suddenly muffled by a thick, crisp blanket of snow never loses its thrill. This collection of black-and-white

skiis in Hyde Park and vintage snow suits,

to the 70s playing together in the snowcarpeted city. From Trafalgar Square snowball fights and makeshift sledges, to they capture the frosted-over capital through the eras and celebrate the eternal joy of a snow day.

Jul 2021 160pp, 112 x 162mm Paperback £9.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-98-5

An Opinionated Guide to Kids' London The best of the capital for 0-5s Emmy Watts, Martin Usborne & David Post An insider’s guide to kid-friendly London hangouts that adults will want to visit, too. Gone is the time when a day out with kids meant bland food and weird, squashy play pens. The capital now boasts a multitude of stylish spots that have little Londoners fully in mind – you just need to know where to find them. Luckily, we do. From the most innovative outdoor playgrounds to the best place for a proper coffee while they slurp a

babyccino, this little guide is full of shops, activities and cafés that we love visiting just as much as our under-fives companions. Whether indoor or out, free or special occasion, slightly educational or downright silly; discover the magic of the city from a smaller, but highly opinionated, perspective. Emmy Watts is the writer behind the popular blog Bablands – a witty, online guidebook for Londoners who find themselves with a small creature to dress up and entertain.

Also in the Opinionated Guide series: An Opinionated Guide to East London

An Opinionated Guide to London Architecture

An Opinionated Guide to Independent London

ISBN: 978-1-910566-45-9

ISBN: 978-1-910566-55-8

ISBN: 978-1-910566-82-4

An Opinionated Guide to Vegan London

An Opinionated Guide to London Green Spaces

An Opinionated Guide to London Pubs

ISBN: 978-1-910566-56-5

ISBN: 978-1-910566-68-8

ISBN: 978-1-910566-81-7

Jul 2021 Hardback

London’s parks are its lungs. From great expanses of heath and woodland to


of grass, this book celebrates the city’s myriad

meandering rivers and small, vital corners

S oph ia S pr i n g

128pp, 168 x 222mm

green spaces. Breathe it in.

ISBN 978-1-910566-99-2

With an introduction by David Nicholls

PARK LI F E A l o v e l e t t e r t o L o n d o n’s g r e e n s p a c e s


UK £ 18 .95 US $ 25 I S B N 9 78 -1- 910 5 6 6 - 9 9 -2


This book is carbon neutral

525 0 0

w w w.hox t o n m i n ip r e s s .c o m

Parklife A love letter to London’s green spaces Sophia Spring

Moments of serenity and community in London’s green spaces during the chaos of a global pandemic. 2020 sparked a re-energised love of the capital’s parks for its many inhabitants, and photographer Sophia Spring was no exception. Camera in hand, Spring traverses the first dates, family meet-ups, yoga classes, swimming parties and other familiar life activities that suddenly started

to take place outdoors. London is unique for its multitude of green spaces, which occupy some of the most expensive real estate in the world, but yet remain free and communal for all. This book celebrates the salvation that the accessibility of nature brought; and will continue to bring. Sophia Spring is a well-established portrait and travel photographer based in London. Her clients include the New York Times, Monocle and many more.

Jul 2021 144pp, 112 x 162mm Paperback £9.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-88-6

An Opinionated Guide to Sweet London The best treats to eat in town Imogen Lepere, Ola O. Smit & Philippa Langley The capital’s most delicious treatladen destinations, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. We all need a little more sweetness in our lives this year – that’s why we’ve curated this opinionated little guide to over 50 of London’s most tempting treats and downright decadent spots to indulge in

dessert. From the best matcha-infused soft serve in Chinatown, to Michelin-starred chefs whipping up luxury finger doughnuts in King’s Cross, our pithy write-ups and mouthwatering photography will lead you straight to sugar, spice and only the best things nice. Why buy a guide book when all information is online? Because we give you expert opinion to cut through the waffle.

Also in the Opinionated Guide series: East London

London Green Spaces

Kids’ London

ISBN: 978-1-910566-45-9

ISBN: 978-1-910566-68-8

ISBN: 978-1-910566-98-5

Vegan London

Independent London

Escape London

ISBN: 978-1-910566-56-5

ISBN: 978-1-910566-82-4

ISBN: 978-1-910566-92-3

London Architecture

London Pubs

ISBN: 978-1-910566-55-8

ISBN: 978-1-910566-81-7

Jun 2021 320pp, 151 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £22.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-94-7

Portrait of Humanity Vol 3 200 photographs that capture the changing face of our world The latest volume of the best portraits from around the world to accompany a globe-touring exhibition. Following the success of Portrait of Britain and Portrait of Humanity, this third edition of the latter brings together 200 new portraits taken by photographers of all levels from all over the world, selected from tens of thousands of entries. The publication supports a world-touring exhibition which will visit USA, India, Hungary and among other places, bringing

global exposure to the book. The award and exhibition is organised by 1854 Media (British Journal of Photography). Each image in the book is accompanied by a short, telling story from a photographer, bringing home the humanity of those photographed. Introduced by Otegha Uwagba. [Pictured cover image © Paolo Barretta. Image opposite © Hugh Fox]. 1854 Media have been at the centre of photography since 1854, celebrating the artists, inventors and pioneers who have shaped it.

Jun 2021 336pp, 196 x 255mm Hardback £30 ISBN: 978-1-910566-76-3

East London Food (Second edition) The people, the places, the recipes Rosie Birkett & Helen Cathcart An updated edition of the sell-out book covering London’s most exciting food scene – with 24 new places. Following the success of the original East London Food, this second volume features 24 new culinary hotspots in London’s most progressive, diverse neighbourhood. Since the first edition was published, east London has become firmly established worldwide for its abundance of gastronomic talent. The book includes more than 40 profiles of top chefs, young producers and bold entrepreneurs at the heart of a culinary

phenomenon – from Michelin-starred chefs and specialist butchers to wild foragers and urban beekeepers. With in-depth interviews and stunning photography, this book guides you on where to go, what to eat and how to cook it at home (thanks to a section of recipes from the chefs). Rosie Birkett is a leading food writer who has written four books. She is a regular contributor to national newspapers and magazines. Helen Cathcart is a well-established photographer who shoots for the likes of Kinfolk, Sunday Times and the Observer.

May 2021 176pp, 170 × 230mm Hardback £20 ISBN 978-1-910566-90-9

Afro Vegan Family recipes from a British-Nigerian kitchen Zoe Alakija A vegan cookbook that draws its breath from the explosive colours and flavours of West Africa. Inspired by Zoe Alakija’s British-Nigerian heritage, these eclectic fusion recipes – from jollof arancini to plantain brownies – give a playful, contemporary twist to the joy-infused food of her childhood. If you’ve ever thought of vegan food as bland and

boring, the dynamic, vibrant dishes here will surprise and delight. Including soups, stews, mains, snacks, sauces, desserts and drinks, Zoe’s immaculate taste and creative, colourful presentation ensure these are recipes to remember for anyone willing to explore broader, spicier, more environmentally responsible horizons. Zoe Alakija is an art director and food stylist based in London. This is her first book.

Apr 2021 Book 16 in the series East London Photo Stories 224pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £17.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-85-5

One Hundred Years Portraits of a community aged 0–100 Jenny Lewis 100 intimate portraits of east Londoners reveal life’s universal moments of triumph, sorrow and humour.

this tender series captures not just a vibrant pocket of east London, but the many vital moments of connection, contradiction, confusion, growth and reflection that we all experience as we age.

100 people, 100 years, one community. Renowned photographer Jenny Lewis has spent the last three years photographing the people who live in her neighbourhood, Hackney, covering every age from birth to 100 in chronological order. Paired with revealing quotes from each of her subjects,

Jenny Lewis his an award-winning portrait photographer. She has lived in Hackney for 25 years; her work focuses on visual storytelling within her community. This is her third book published by Hoxton Mini Press, following One Day Young and Hackney Studios.

Apr 2021 176pp, 112 x 162mm Paperback £9.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-81-7

An Opinionated Guide to London Pubs Matthew Curtis & Orlando Gili An unashamedly opinionated guide to the best pubs in London. London’s pubs are reopening! A huge and heartfelt cheers to that. Arm yourself with this pithy, pint-sized guide and get out there to discover some of the most stylish drinking spots this city has to offer. Whether you’re after craft brews, fine dining, cosy corners, live music nights or sun-drenched beer gardens, you’ll find the

ones you need to know about within these pages. Illustrated with original photography and compelling text by an expert beer writer, this book provides exactly what the summer ahead calls for: the joy of an excellent pub. Part of a growing series of opinionated pocket guides to London for people who don’t want more information, they want the right information.

Also in the Opinionated Guide series: East London

London Green Spaces

Kids’ London

ISBN: 978-1-910566-45-9

ISBN: 978-1-910566-68-8

ISBN: 978-1-910566-98-5

Vegan London

Independent London

Escape London

ISBN: 978-1-910566-56-5

ISBN: 978-1-910566-82-4

ISBN: 978-1-910566-92-3

London Architecture

Sweet London

ISBN: 978-1-910566-55-8

ISBN: 978-1-910566-88-6

Mar 2021 Book 15 in the series East London Photo Stories 128pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £16.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-97-8

East London Up Close Mimi Mollica Spontaneous, close-up images capture the joyful cacophony of an ever-changing community. At once familiar and beguilingly abstract, this playful series by local photographer Mimi Mollica thrusts you straight into the heart of London’s frenetic East End. Intense, colourful snapshots of people, fabrics, architecture, wildlife and everyday objects create a kaleidoscope of the inspiring, frustrating, wild and living streets. Though

confronting in its (sometimes extreme) closeness, Mollica’s photography is full of warmth and a love for his community – making us yearn for a time when being near to others was a normal part of day-to-day life. Mimi Mollica is an award-winning photographer, born in Sicily and now based in Hackney. His in-depth photo essays explore social issues relating to identity, environment and human transition.

Mar 2021 104pp, 168 x 222mm Hardback £17.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-89-3

Single Dad Harry Borden Thoughtful portraits of singleparent fathers alongside stories of love, loss and the healing power of family. The image of the single dad is often distorted by out-of-date notions of masculinity – the strong and resilient father, the working father, the emotionally distant dad. In this book, esteemed portrait photographer, Harry Borden, himself a separated father with four children, reveals

the vulnerabilities, tenderness and love of 48 single fathers. Each has suffered a loss and struggled to adjust to being the main carer but through their heartache, and with the help of their children, they have found a renewed sense of love and purpose. This book contributes to the ongoing debate about what it is to be a man in the modern world. Foreword by Sir Bob Geldof. Harry Borden is a world-renowned portrait photographer with work in the National Portrait Gallery’s permanent collection.

Jan 2021 96pp, 190 x 240mm Hardback £25 ISBN 978-1-910566-95-4

Revival London 1989–1993 Roy Mehta Tender photographs of the Afro-Caribbean and Irish communities in west London in the early 90s. Brent has a rich history of multiculturalism. Roy Mehta’s exquisite black-and-white photographs capture the daily rituals of its various communities, most notably the Afro-Caribbean and Irish, engaged in seemingly simple activities at home, in the street and at church. Shot from 1989–1993, the images move from profound moments of faith to quiet family moments and to the noisy streets outside, and remind us that

every moment is an opportunity for connection and reflection. ‘Mehta doesn’t shy away from the sadness and difficulties of this foundational story, but his multiracial faces – taken in Brent, northwest London – remain coloured with British dreams, and they exude a vitality which suggests that, although things are never going to be easy, all will eventually be well.’ – Caryl Phillips from the introduction Roy Mehta is a well-established London-based photographic artist with thirty years of professional experience working on personal and commercial projects. This is his third book.

160pp, 140 x 200mm Hardback (Lay-flat spine) £15 ISBNs Red/Ruled 978-1-910566-62-6

Red/Plain 978-1-910566-63-3

Grey/ Ruled 978-1-910566-64-0

Grey/Plain 978-1-910566-65-7

A Notebook for Bad Ideas The perfect notebook in which to risk imperfection ‘Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.’ – Salvador Dalí Hoxton Mini Press set out to design the perfect notebook for creative thinkers: it had to lay flat, have beautiful paper and hard-wearing cloth but also be a space where mistakes are welcome. The major blocks to creativity are lack of

confidence and the terror of imperfection. This clothbound notebook, whilst being reassuringly beautiful, also contains inspirational quotes on creativity that give the user the permission to let loose on the page, to scribble silliness in complete confidence that the best ideas often flush out with the worst ones. Life can be a bit messy, after all.


East London Photo Stories A collectable series of photographic stories about London’s most colourful area.

Book 1: I’ve Lived in East London for 86½ Years Martin Usborne Rights sold: Korean - KL publishing

Joseph Markovitch left London only once to go to the seaside with his mother. He loved Nicolas Cage, took five sugars in his tea, and would have married a six-foot-two Hispanic woman but in the end had such bad chest catarrh he never had a girlfriend. Nov 2013 96pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £12.95 ISBN: 978-0-9576998-0-9

Book 2: East London Swimmers

Book 3: A Portrait of Hackney

Madeleine Waller

Zed Nelson

Out of print Rights sold: Korean - A Certain Book

Out of print

Madeleine Waller’s portraits of swimmers – both dressed and in their swimsuits – are set against personal stories that reveal the inner life of people who escape the city to swim in all conditions. Apr 2014 96pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £12.95 ISBN: 978-0-9576998-2-3

Zed Nelson is an internationally acclaimed photographer who has lived in Hackney all his life. In his youth Hackney was a place to get away from but today he has fallen back in love with the area. This book is about the confusion of cultures, clash of identities and the beauty and ugliness that co-exist in the borough today. Apr 2014 96pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £12.95 ISBN: 978-0-9576998-3-0

Book 4: Shoreditch Wild Life Dougie Wallace Out of print

This book captures the best (and worst) of life in modern Shoreditch, east London’s most vibrant neighbourhood. Dougie Wallace is your guide – a street photographer known for portraying the excess, humour and colour of everyday life. Oct 2014 160pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £14 ISBN: 978-0-9576998-4-7

Book 5: One Day Young Jenny Lewis Rights sold: Korean - A Certain Book

Jenny Lewis’ portraits of women and their newborns – all taken within 24 hours of birth – offer a rare glimpse into the beating heart of family life and celebrate the intimacy, joy and resilience of new motherhood. Mar 2015 112pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £12.95 ISBN: 978-0-9576998-8-5

Book 6: Drivers in the 1980s Chris Dorley-Brown Chris Dorley-Brown spent two summers in the mid 1980s photographing drivers stuck in traffic jams in and around east London. The cars, colours, haircuts and expressions (often of frustration) capture a unique period during Thatcher’s Britain. Apr 2015 96pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £12.95 ISBN: 978-0-9576998-9-2

Book 7: Columbia Road Johanna Neurath Out of print

Columbia Road is the home to London’s most iconic flower market. Come closing time, Johanna Neurath turns her lens to what is left behind – the discarded flowers, the used packaging, the buckets of water – reminding us that there is poetry to be found in the places we often ignore. Jun 2015 96pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £12.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-01-5

Book 8: Lost in the City Nicholas Sack Out of print

Nicholas Sack’s black and white photographs of office workers in London streets capture an unsettling tension between solitary figures and the imposing architecture of a modern city. With an introduction by Iain Sinclair. Nov 2015 96pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £12.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-03-9

Book 9: Hackney by Night David George Out of print

David George’s photographs of Hackney by night reveal urban landscapes of eerie stillness but also unexpected beauty. Here is the London that we miss when we sleep. The images are accompanied by a short story by Karen Falconer. Nov 2015 80pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £12.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-04-6

Book 10: Sunday Football Chris Baker Out of print

Book 11: Along the Hackney Canal Freya Najade Out of print

This is a love letter to Sunday league football. The photographs and quotes, captured on Hackney Marshes, reveal the camaraderie, passion and broken bones of those that brave hangovers to play the beautiful (and very muddy) game.

Freya Najade’s photographs take us on a slow journey along the waterways of east London, from the Regent’s Canal to the River Lea, discovering unexpected beauty and wilderness in the heart of the city.

Sept 2016 128pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £14.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-10-7

Sept 2016 96pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £14.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-11-4

Book 12: Adventures in the Lea Valley

Book 13: Dalston in the 80s

David Campany & Polly Braden

Andrew Holligan

Before the arrival of the 2012 Olympic Games, the Lea Valley was east London’s secret retreat. Polly Braden and David Campany documented its strange, gently surreal beauty, before it was transformed forever.

Anarchists and fascists, yuppies and Rambos, eels and mash. Dalston in the 80s was a world apart from the New York fashion scene – but when Andrew Holligan made the unexpected move there, he found a humanity on the streets that changed him and his art forever.

Nov 2016 112pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £14.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-12-1

Mar 2017 96pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £14.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-18-3

Book 14: The Crash

East London Photo Stories

Stephen McLaren

One neighbourhood, 14 photographers

In 2008 the financial crash hit the City of London. Panic filled the air and people working for the giant money machine seemed oblivious to a photographer working quickly and quietly in their midst. Now, over a decade later, these images question what we have learned... if anything at all. Sept 2018 112pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £14.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-37-4

A compilation of photography from books 1-13 in the East London Photo Stories series. Outdoor swimmers, bright-eyed new mothers, hungover footballers, discarded flowers and dark ethereal landscapes; each project in this photographic collection reveals hidden narratives, subtle beauty and unexpected humour in London’s most diverse and vibrant area. Nov 2018 320pp, 139 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £19.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-42-8

Tales from the City Photographic stories about urban life: London and beyond.

Book 1: People of London Peter Zelewski Out of print

Motivated by a love of London and its people, Peter Zelewski spent over five years taking photographs of strangers throughout the city. This collection of 100 powerful portraits, accompanied by intimate quotes, is a celebration of the diversity and spirit of one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Oct 2016 160pp, 157 x 222mm Hardback, cloth spine £17.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-15-2

Book 2: On the Night Bus

Book 3: London Youth

Nick Turpin

Julian Mährlein

Out of print

Acclaimed street photographer Nick Turpin has captured painterly portraits of London commuters on buses at night. The images, shot through the windows during the winter months, show passengers in various states of slumber, conversation or thought. With a foreword by Will Self. Nov 2016 92pp, 157 x 222mm Hardback, cloth spine £16.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-16-9

After the London 2011 riots, young photographer Julian Mährlein set out to capture the faces and voices of inner-city teenagers. The resulting portraits, shot on the streets with natural light, reveal the surprisingly tender side of a generation so often misrepresented and which faces a world in profound flux. Apr 2017 128pp, 157 x 222mm Hardback, cloth spine £17.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-20-6

Book 4: Urban Dirt Bikers Spencer Murphy Whatever their ride – dirt bikes, quads, mopeds – tearing up tarmac and pulling stunts on industrial estates or city streets is self-expression. In the face of the law and hostile public, they are united by a passion and a way of life that few outsiders appreciate. Acclaimed photographer Spencer Murphy lifts the lid on London’s most misunderstood subculture, capturing the style and attitude of a movement that is life or death for its followers. May 2017 128pp, 157 x 222mm Hardback, cloth spine £17.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-21-3

Book 5: New York Waterways Susannah Ray New York City is defined by water, yet many of its shorelines are largely unknown. These lyrical photographs, inspired by a Walt Whitman poem, take us on a seasonal journey past sheltered bays, under great bridges and over deep rivers to give us a moving perspective on a megacity we thought we knew so well. With a 16pp Walt Whitman poetry booklet. Nov 2017 128pp, 157 x 222mm Hardback, cloth spine £17.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-27-5

Book 6: Botanical

Book 7: Berlin Nights

Samuel Zeller

Christian Reister

From Paris to Prague, from Glasgow to Geneva, photographer Samuel Zeller captures the strange beauty of exotic plants seen through the dappled glass of greenhouses. These images reveal a rare serenity found in the heart of each city.

These intense, evocative photographs capture the hedonism of Berlin’s nightlife. With compact 35mm camera and monochrome vision, Christian Reister exposes the underground clubs, wild energy and random encounters of a unique city that comes truly alive after dark.

Apr 2018 144pp, 157 x 222mm Hardback, cloth back and spine £16.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-33-6

Nov 2018 128pp, 157 x 222mm Hardback, cloth spine £17.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-41-1

Book 8: London’s Square Mile A secret city Polly Braden & David Kynaston Millions pass through the square mile, also known as the City of London, yet few are aware of its true significance. These photographs of people surrounded by the City’s imposing architecture, combined with texts from an acclaimed historian, begin to decode one of the most cryptic and fascinating parts of the capital. Feb 2019 128pp, 157 x 222mm Hardback, cloth spine £17.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-44-2

Book 9: Urban Gypsies Paul Wenham-Clarke Enter the private world of a group of Travellers living beneath the Westway, London’s vast elevated highway connecting suburbia to the city. Part of a unique culture so often stigmatised in the media, this close-knit community is under increasing pressure to move on and risk losing their identity for good. Here is their story. Jun 2019 96pp, 157 x 222mm Hardback, cloth spine £17.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-49-7

Vintage Britain A series celebrating the recent history of Britain through beautiful photography.

Book 1: The East End in Colour 1960-1980 David Granick These previously unpublished photographs by David Granick capture the streets and waterways of London’s East End in the warm hues of Kodachrome film. Journey back in time to a place now long vanished. One of our bestselling books. Feb 2018 144pp, 196 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £16.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-31-2

Book 2: The Isle of Dogs Before the big money

Book 3: Dog Show 1961-1978

Mike Seaborne

Shirley Baker

Now home to Canary Wharf and global finance, the Isle of Dogs was once the beating heart of industrial east London. These photographs, taken between 1982 and 1987, show the island just before the big money moved in and the area was forever transformed.

When Shirley Baker began taking photographs at dog shows in the 1960s the hairdos of the owners were more impressive than those of their groomed canines. Not only a fascinating portrait of the phenomenon, Dog Show also captures the tender, amusing and at times obsessive relationship between humans and their dogs.

Oct 2018 192pp, 196 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £17.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-39-8

Oct 2018 80pp, 196 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £14.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-40-4

Book 4: Paradise Street The lost art of playing outside

Book 5: The East End in Colour 1980-1990

With the Mary Evans Picture Library

Tim Brown

For children growing up in Britain fifty or more years ago, streets and alleyways were playgrounds of curiosity and adventure. Nowadays, tempted by technology or restricted from being alone outside, ‘playing out’ is no longer the norm. These images from leading street photographers form a joyful, nostalgic record of past freedoms.

Following our hugely popular The East End in Colour 1960-1980 by David Granick, this second book by a different photographer, Tim Brown, picks up the story in 1980 as east London enters an extraordinary decade of transformation. Tim took these pictures on 35mm film between shifts of driving trains on London Underground’s Central Line.

Mar 2019 128pp, 196 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £16.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-46-6

May 2019 144pp, 196 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £16.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-53-4

Book 6: London Underground 1970–1980

Work and Life 1971-1986

Mike Goldwater

Neil Martinson

Back in the 1970s, when it was still acceptable to talk, kiss and even smoke on the London Underground, Mike Goldwater spent years documenting chance moments of intimacy and humour across this iconic network of tunnels that live beneath the capital.

East London in the 70s was raw and vivid: bombed-out houses, kids playing in the streets, factories abuzz with workers. These images take us on a journey through workshops, street markets and council homes to capture a time and place before technology and gentrification changed local lives forever.

Nov 2019 128pp, 196 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £16.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-61-9

Book 7: Hackney Archive

Feb 2020 128pp, 196 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £16.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-66-4

Book 8: Butlin’s Holiday Camp 1982 Barry Lewis With its ‘glamorous grandmother’ competitions and endless entertainment, Butlin’s in the 80s was the ultimate British package holiday. These glorious photographs, taken during a particularly wet summer at Skegness, capture a defiant national spirit at a time when Billy Butlin’s original vision of ‘fun for all the family’ was under threat from cheap foreign travel and the faltering English weather. May 2020 144pp, 196 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £16.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-72-5

Opinionated Guides Simple, highly curated advice on what to do and see in London.

An Opinionated Guide to East London Second edition Sonya Barber & Charlotte Schreiber The second edition of our unashamedly biased, deeply opinionated guide to east London. With over 60 suggestions of where to eat, sleep, shop and drink this pocket-sized companion is the ultimate guide to the ever-changing face of east London, filled with beautiful photography and pithy reviews. Feb 2019 144pp, 112 x 162mm Paperback £9.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-45-9

An Opinionated Guide to Vegan London

An Opinionated Guide to London Architecture

Sara Kiyo Popowa & Sam A. Harris

Sujata Burman, Rosa Bertoli & Taran Wilkhu

If you’re reading this, you don’t need us to tell you that vegan food is a good thing. Or that London is a world capital for it. Or that it can taste amazing and isn’t all green or brown. What you need is a pithy, opinionated guide to the best, most stylish eateries for vegan deliciousness. Well… here it is.

Rights sold: Korean - A Certain Book

Sept 2019 160pp, 112 x 162mm Paperback £9.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-56-5

This is a short, opinionated guide to the most exciting, arresting buildings in the capital. Packed full of original photography, we tell you what you should visit and why, whether Classical, Contemporary, Modernist, Brutalist or beyond. If it’s great, it’s in here. Sept 2019 176pp, 112 x 162mm Paperback £9.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-55-8

An Opinionated Guide to London Green Spaces

An Opinionated Guide to Independent London

Harry Adès & Marco Kesseler

Imogen Lepere & Lesley Lau

London is the greatest green city on Earth. Half its area is green spaces, including 3,000 parks. Luckily, you don’t need to know them all. Only these. Whether you want walks, beauty, views or picnics, this unashamedly opinionated guide tells you exactly where to go for London’s ultimate green escapes.

In an age of online retail and behemoth brands, visiting local independent shops has never been more rewarding – or important. London has an army of small owner-run indies and we’ve picked the very best. From artisan delis to stationery hubs, these shops are champions of friendly service and expert knowledge. Go out, support and enjoy.

Apr 2020 144pp, 112 x 162mm Paperback £9.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-68-8

Oct 2020 160pp, 112 x 162mm Paperback £9.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-82-4

Other Titles

The Botanical City In collaboration with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Hélèna Dove & Harry Adès Combining exquisite 18th-century illustrations with contemporary knowledge, this book reveals the hidden wonders of urban plants – their healing powers and poisons, the ancient wisdom and folklore, recipes and craft ideas – so you can grow and harvest your own wilderness in the city. Sep 2020 176pp, 184 x 283mm Hardback, cloth spine £25 ISBN: 978-1-910566-79-4

Urban Geometry

In Your Face

Andrés Gallardo Albajar

Paul Trevor

Symmetry, line, shadow and colour: these photographs, taken in twenty cities across the world, provide an immersive visual tour of contemporary architecture. From Bilbao to Beijing, Stockholm to Seoul, journey through the urban geometry that forms the spatial soundtrack to our lives.

Paul Trevor’s extreme close-ups, made spontaneously on the streets of east London, capture Britain’s perennial social divide. They contrast the people in The City with those in the nearby market of Brick Lane. Shot during Thatcher’s reign, the imagery is as fresh and relevant today as it was then.

Oct 2020 128pp, 157 x 222mm Hardback, cloth spine £16.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-83-1

Oct 2020 128pp, 160 x 222mm Hardback, cloth spine £16.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-80-0

Paris, China

When We Were Young

François Prost

Memories of growing up in Britain

Tianducheng is a small suburb in China modelled on Paris – it even has a replica Eiffel Tower. These photographs of near-identical landmarks in both places beg the question: is imitation really the highest form of flattery? Sep 2020 88pp, 127 x 162mm Paperback £8.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-78-7

The Anonymous Project Unknown yet strangely familiar, these anonymous family photographs provide a unique window into past lives. Each image, shot on colour slide film in Britain between the mid 40s and 70s, transports us to a world full of possible stories and forgotten memories. Nov 2020 192pp, 206 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £19.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-87-9

Portrait of Britain Vol 3

Portrait of Britain Vol 2

200 photographs that capture the face of a changing nation

200 photographs that capture the face of a changing nation

In collaboration with the British Journal of Photography

In collaboration with the British Journal of Photography

The Black Lives Matter movement and Covid-19 brought a tidal wave of change to Britain. These portraits and accompanying stories, full of hope and humanity, capture the individuals that make up the country’s collective resilience.

A new volume featuring 200 of the most compelling portraits taken in Britain during a time of national soulsearching. The photos are accompanied by wonderful quotes from the photographers.

Oct 2020 336pp, 151 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £22.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-77-0

Sept 2019 336pp, 151 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £22.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-54-1

Portrait of Humanity Vol 2

The Silence of Dogs in Cars

200 photographs that capture the changing face of our world

Martin Usborne

With 1854 Media & Magnum Photos This collection of 200 intimate portraits and stories – shot by photographers all over the world – reminds us of our common struggles, our deep bonds and, perhaps most importantly in light of the global pandemic, the restorative power of community. June 2020 320pp, 151 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £22.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-73-2

These cinematic photographs of dogs in cars, taken mostly at night, reveal an emotional honesty that only animals can express. Behind the dogs’ eyes are feelings that humans so often avoid: the fear of being alone, the uncertainty of the unknown, but also a certain hope that can be found in silence. Mar 2020 96pp, 196 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £12.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-67-1

Trivial Pursuits

Sunday Best

The English at play

A celebration of diversity

Orlando Gili

Katie Waggett

Come rain or shine, the English are serious about having fun. Orlando Gili’s photographs of people engaged in apparently trivial pursuits – whether cheese rolling, pram racing or partying in the street – are in fact a tender portrait of a nation in pursuit of happiness.

In the wake of a terror attack and determined not to let the voices of separatism win out, photographer Katie Waggett embarked on an intimate survey of London’s many religions. Her portraits, set alongside personal quotes, are a feast of colour and a love letter to a city that so depends on diversity for its survival.

Jul 2020 112pp, 151 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £14.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-75-6

Apr 2020 160pp, 151 x 199mm Hardback, cloth spine £14.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-70-1

The Urban Forager

Hotel Carpets

Find and cook wild food in the city

Bill Young

Wross Lawrence & Marco Kesseler We were all foragers before the invention of the supermarket. And our cities, despite appearing grey, are in fact wildly green. Whether in parks, along canals or on your own street, there is an abundance of delicious food hiding in plain sight. Reconnect with nature and enjoy making these surprisingly easy recipes throughout the year. Mar 2020 192pp, 109 x 156mm Hardback £12.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-69-5

When a pilot’s daughter tweeted saying that all she wanted for Christmas was for her dad’s Instagram account of hotel carpets to go viral, she didn’t expect it to happen overnight. Hundreds of thousands of people now share Bill’s love of the fascinating, wacky and sometimes ‘challenging’ designs of the hotel carpets he sees around the world (he now has a dedicated following of nearly half a million). June 2020 144pp, 127 x 162mm Paperback £9.95 ISBN 978-1-910566-74-9

Unseen London

Miami Beach 1988-1995

Rachel Segal Hamilton

Barry Lewis

London is one of the world’s most photographed cities, so you might think there’s nothing left to see. But you’d be wrong. Through the eyes of 24 contemporary photographers you can venture along hidden canals, around notorious housing estates, through surreal street scenes and deep underground. This is London as it is today and as you’ve never seen it before.

Fashionistas and retirees, drag queens and bodybuilders, waiters and wanderers: these sumptuous black and white photographs taken by Barry Lewis capture the rich colour of Miami Beach in the early 90s. After two decades of drugs, corruption and violence, the coastal strip had come back to life and the party was just beginning…

Oct 2017 288pp, 192 x 248mm Hardback, black foil £26 ISBN: 978-1-910566-24-4

Apr 2019 144pp, 210 × 195mm Hardback, clothbound £25 ISBN: 978-1-910566-47-3

London Nights Anna Sparham/Museum of London This collection of historic and contemporary images features work from over 60 photographers who reveal the city after hours: unnerving, beautiful, eerie, energised – sometimes all at once. Step into the night and discover a darker, richer side to the capital. May 2018 208pp, 167 x 222mm Hardback, cloth spine £19.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-34-3

Once Upon a Time in Brick Lane Paul Trevor Paul Trevor, one of the great unsung heroes of British documentary photography, spent many years during the 70s and 80s capturing life on Brick Lane, London’s most iconic East End street. Published here for the very first time, these images, full of humour, grit, love and surprise, capture a vibrant time before the area went through dramatic social change. Oct 2019 144pp, 256 × 197mm Hardback, cloth spine £25 ISBN: 978-1-910566-50-3


East London Homes

London’s launderettes

Creative Interiors from London’s East End

Joshua Blackburn Photographer Joshua Blackburn has visited all 462 launderettes in London. The resulting pictures are not just a portrait of a much-loved institution but of a city itself: full of life, colour, faded nostalgia and a whole load of dirty laundry. Oct 2019 144pp, 196 x 156mm Hardback, cloth spine £14.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-60-2

Sarah Bagner & Jon Aaron Green East London is a playground of possibility. In a neighbourhood where tradition and experimentation collide there is no such thing as a typical home. This book is a celebration of diverse creative expression, a journey through the compelling interiors of architects, florists, film makers, upholsterers and many more who don’t play by any rules other than their own. Oct 2019 272pp, 196 x 255mm Hardback £30 ISBN: 978-1-910566-59-6



Sophie Harris-Taylor

Peter Zelewski

Rights sold: Korean - A Certain Book

Few relationships are as deep or as complex as those between sisters. These tender portraits of over 100 sisters combined with short interviews reveal the jealousies, fears, love and laughter that can co-exist at the heart of this most intimate of bonds. Nov 2017 112pp, 151 x 199mm Cloth hardback £14.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-28-2

Peter Zelewski has spent years capturing the faces and stories of identical twins. Some inexplicably lost their hearing at the exact same time, others unlock each others’ phones with their indistinguishable fingerprints, but perhaps more surprisingly, some don’t get on. These powerful portraits tap into one of the most fascinating of all human relationships. Oct 2018 96pp, 210 x 163mm Cloth hardback £16.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-43-5

New Girl Order

Hackney Studios

Iain McKell

Jenny Lewis

Renowned photographer Iain McKell spent two years immersed in a community of young female artists, documenting their unique performances, parties and personalities. The resulting visual diary is a celebration of freedom and selfexpression, and a reminder to embrace the most creative parts of who we are.

Hackney, east London, is well known for its vibrant creative community. Photographer Jenny Lewis takes us behind studio doors to explore the minds and spaces of a tribe of artists who have defined the area but now risk losing their studios through rapid gentrification.

Apr 2019 128pp, 151 x 199mm Hardback £14.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-48-0

Mar 2017 112pp, 271 x 226mm Hardback £20 ISBN: 978-1-910566-13-8

Funland A visual tour of the British seaside Rob Ball From Blackpool to Brighton, and Barry Island to Brightlingsea, these richly detailed photographs capture the candyfloss colours and faded nostalgia of a seaside culture that is peculiarly (yet wonderfully) British. May 2019 128pp, 285 × 237mm Hardback, cloth spine £30 ISBN: 978-1-910566-51-0

Men Photographing Women in the 70s Michael Abramson Once a month, in 1970s Chicago, men were allowed to take cameras into underground strip clubs. Michael Abramson, a local photographer, thought it would be more revealing to photograph the men photographing the women. Left in a drawer until now, the resulting images are a fascinating, funny and at times unsettling portrayal of the uninhibited male gaze. Nov 2018 96pp, 120 x 175mm Paperback £9.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-29-9

Bubblegum Emily Stein Emily Stein’s photographs of children blowing bubblegum on beaches around the world are a portrait of the freedom, innocence and joy of youth. May 2016 102pp, 141 × 179mm Hardback £12.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-06-0

Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model Oli Kellett & Alex Holder These hand models are the stars of the biggest advertising campaigns around, but you’ve never seen their faces... until now. 24 portraits, 24 ways to peel a banana. May 2016 88pp, 141 × 179mm Hardback £12.95 ISBN: 978-1-910566-07-7

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