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Understanding VT Specific scope Design problem Situation problem Thesis statement Target audience Design objectives

The redesigned logo Logo application

Conclusion Citation list


UNDERSTANDING Veggie Thursday ABOUT Setting every Thursday aside to go meatless and eat more vegetables.

SPecific Scope FOCUS Design of the current logo: How it affects the level of awareness.

DESIGN ELEMENTS Typeface Colour Graphic symbols

Design Problem LOGO DESIGN Too ‘fun’ and childish. No one takes it seriously. People unsure if it is a title or a logo.

SITUATION Problem no.1 LACK OF AWARENESS Hardly anyone knows of Veggie Thursday

Do not know of Veggie Thursday



Knows of Veggie Thursday

SITUATION Problem No.2 80%

Will not go vegetarian


Might go vegetarian


SITUATION Problem No.3 LOW PERCENTAGE OF VEGETARIANS IN SINGAPORE According to Singapore Medical Association,

Try to cut down on fatty foods, sugar and/or red meat


Not on any special diets

Thesis statement Improve the current logo of Veggie Thursday Appeal to both the younger and older generation An interesting logo that portrays an impactful message

TARGET AUDIENCE Caters to people of all ages Especially teenagers to young adults (pay attention to visuals and understand them)

Design objectives 1. To appeal to youths and young adults 2. To be easily recognisable by the public 3. Portray the values of Veggie Thursday in an attractive way

Values of V.t 1. Enjoyable, fun and friendly 2. For a greater cause 3. Self discipline 4. Come up with your own motivation to eat go meatless for a day 5. Feel good, do good: both for health benefits and helping the environment and putting a halt to animal cruelty.

the redesigned logo

the redesigned logo FEATHER/HEAD:

Feather from the feather pen Stationery used to take note of ‘Thursday’


Vegetables - 4 leaves together, forming a body (hands & feet) - Love ones


Outlining the logotype make it ‘pop’ more & a focus point of logo

the redesigned logo STYLE:

Misalignment - imitating children drawings Sketchy - friendly & casual


More complete & outstanding Grid boxes: calendar/planner (Public can directly infer what VT is about from logo)

the redesigned logo

TYPEFACE: TrashHand Handwritten


Changed from “Feel Good, Do Good” to “Do Good, Feel Good” - Makes more sense

the redesigned logo COLOURS USED IN LOGO C 67 M 0 Y 100 K 0

Nature, self-respect, well being, favoured by well-balanced people.

the redesigned logo COLOURS USED IN LOGO C M Y K

0 35 85 0

Adventure, friendship, combination of red and yellow (energy of red and cheerfulness of yellow), sociable, optimistic, independent.

the redesigned logo COLOURS USED IN LOGO C M Y K

58 55 99 50

Serious, down-to-earth, stability, natural and wholesome, health, and nutrition.

the redesigned logo COLOURS USED IN LOGO

Bright colours - friendly & fun Similar to the original colours, but brighter & usage of basic colours

logo application

logo application

logo application

conclusion THERE IS A NEED TO REDESIGN THE CURRENT LOGO: Needs more awareness Design of current logo

Fresh & professional look Does not look like a proper logo May cause public to think it is not an existing movement

High % of Singaporeans are not vegetarian

Vegetarianism is important (Environment, social, cultural, economical)

conclusion BENEFITS OF A NEW LOGO FOR VEGGIE THURSDAY: More people know about vegetarianism

They may take part in events Promotes both Veggie Thursday & vegetarianism

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Veggie Thursday Rebranding Proposal  

I have been tasked to redesign an element that affects a socially, culturally, economically, politically, technologically or environmentally...

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