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Two Approaches of Brazilian Hair Removal Brazilian hair removal is a waxing style that involves removing the pubic hair. It is done either using home waxing kits or the more professional method in salons. In most salons, the pubic hair is removed through waxing. However, there is another alternative that is considered painless by using laser. In the old method of Brazilian wax, the entire pubic hair is removed to keep the bikini area look clean and free from hair. This is also practiced in the society by both men and women to feel comfortable and sexy when on their bikinis. When going to professionals for this kind of procedure, it is imperative to always look for licensed and qualified esthetician and ensure that they practice standard hygiene procedures. Hot wax is used for this procedure and this helps in removing the hair to its roots to prevent it from growing back quick. Approximately, it takes around 6 weeks before you can expect for hair to grow back. This is how Brazilian hair removal is done. First, the esthetician spreads the hot wax on the small area of hair then spread the piece of muslin on the wax. The wax will then adhere to the hair and the cool until it cools. After a short while, the cloth will be ripped off with the wax and hair on it. Obviously with the way it is done, you can say immediately that the process is painful. If you think you can’t deal with the pain, there is a more expensive alternative and that is through the use of laser. It is not a pocket soothing option however it is excellent in giving permanent results. In this approach, the esthetician will run the laser on the area. As soon as the laser is activated, the light emitted targets the follicles and kills the hairs to inhibit its growth. But before desired results are attained in laser Brazilian hair removal, the patient will be required for repeated sessions for it is impossible for hair roots to be destroyed at a single operation.

Two Approaches of Brazilian Hair Removal  

Brazilian Hair Removal is used by men and women these days as a method of hair removal. This is a very simple and fast process that will be...

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