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No No Hair Removal for All Skin Types As the No No Hair removal system dominates the marketplace for being the most effective hair removal solution, you may come to think if it works on all types of skin. The answer to this is yes which means everyone who uses it can enjoy the benefits of achieving completely hair free skin with long term results. The chance to spend less, achieve the best result without enduring pain is rare, however they exist and No No hair removal is one of it. No No can work effectively on all skin complexions and delivers the safest and the best results whether you are light or dark skinned. If you are done hurting yourself with razors for your daily shaving, the No No hair removal is a painless and completely safe to the skin method without leaving traces of hair. The technology it uses called Thermicon undergoes the three phases of the process and successfully cleans those unpleasant hairs away. During the first contact of the device to your hairy skin, the heat cuts the hairs on the surface of the skin. After consistent use, the heat crystallizes the shafts of the hair deeply to the hair follicle. With that operation taking place, the cell growth simply disrupts the growth of hair. This is how No No basically works. The method does not use laser which means that the skin pigment is not altered. It leaves your skin the way it is but with hair growth reduced so you can always boast the softness and smoothness of your skin. Laser devices are not as efficient as the No No because the former may cause discoloration of the skin especially those with darker skin tone and higher amount of melanin. The No No hair removal maintains the color of your skin while it removes you unwanted body hair.

No No Hair Removal for All Skin Complexions