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Did you know youtube ? WHAT !! you are joking right ? of course i know whenever i want to watch video i go to youtube and i thinK everyone in this world know youtube. But the real question is how do you use youtube to grow your business ? and right now youtube is the largest video site in the world and second largest search engine in internet.

WHAT IF you can get a little fraction of your niche from this second largest search engine ? even if you only get 1 percent you will get lot of traffic

but the PROBLEM is it's hard to rank your youtube video in google or youtube in your niche if you don't know how to do it.

In this pdf i will tell you how to rank your youtube video in youtube and google

in order to rank your video in youtube search page you must using proper title, tags , and description example: if you want to rank "dadu" keyword you must use that keyword in your video title , description and tags


Title:in your title you have to mention your keyword at least one and try to get the most combination of your keyword keyword example : dadu dadu review dadu scam is dadu work ?

you can use title like this dadu review, is it scam or work ?


description: you can use keyword stuffing in your description but in the beginning of description you must use good article to keep your viewers reading if they want to.


tags: you can do keyword stuffing here (use all your keyword here)

If you have proper tags ,title and description now you must type your keyword in youtube search and see how much top 5 videos have views and you must double it to make your views like a legit views you must add likes ,favorites and comments my comparison will be like this when i want to rank my videos on youtube 10.000 views : 100 likes : 10 comments : 200 favorites

The most important thing about ranking video in youtube serp is you must add views ,likes ,comments ,favorites as soon as you upload your video

You can add likes ,comments ,favorites to your video anytime you want with enhanceviews but you must turn on your computer for a long time to get lots of credits to use to rank your video or you can buy credits with them but cost a lot of money and not worth the money because you only can get 500.000 credits for $125 and that is a lot of money I have a solution for you ,you can get enhanceviews pre made account with 500.000 credits inside for only $10.95 (yes you are right you don't have to buy 500.000 credits from enhanceviews but you can get a pre made account with 500.000 credits inside for only $10.95)


If you want to rank your youtube video in google the most important thing is keyword

diversity i will not use my targeted keyword more than 10% and you can use any spam backlink because youtube link is authority and my favorite tool for ranking video is scrapebox. But if you don't have scrapebox and huge list(it's realy hard to get huge and good list) it's gonna hard to rank your video in google but you can get 50.000 links scrapebox blast (that's is huge and fresh list) for only $10,95 here ( Try it once and you will come back for sure because i myself get great result in less than a week and index rate link usually get 100% or more than 50,000)

example : in my video i use around 400 related keyword for one blast and from that 400 keyword 100 keyword goes to page one and 203 goes to top 100 from one blast (image is too large to insert in this pdf so i cut it to small portion of it) click here to see full image


How to rank video on youtube and google from viewsenhance com  

In this pdf you will know how to rank your video on youtube and google with what services to use and real case study

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