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If you are so big it hurts to exercise then you still can lose weight.  The things you eat, how you eat, and how many times a day you are eating are things you can change that will help you lose weight without exercise. It is very unhealthy to be obese and overweight.  It is common for excess weight to cause pain in your legs and back.  This is because no body is designed to carry excess weight.  When you are obese it may be too painful to exercise and workout to lose weight.  Although you know it is time to get the pounds lose, it may seem almost impossible.  Just because it is too painful to exercise doesn't mean it will be impossible to lose the weight so you should give up.  You can still lose weight without exercise. Fatty foods high in saturated fats will add pounds to your body. You need to cut out these foods to lose body fat.  You might eat a chicken Caesar salad for lunch. The dressing for a salad like this has more grams of fat. It may seem like you are eating healthy when you are really not.  Cut out all of the fat grams in your diet and no more greasy foods to lose excess weight.  No more cake, cookies, and sweets.  Even if the cookies are fat free, it doesn't matter.  Some people will sit and eat an entire bag of fat free cookies in one sitting and think it is okay because they are fat free.  This couldn't be further from the truth. The next thing you need to consider is to lose your portions. You can lose body Weight without doing exercise but you need to cut down on your portions.  If you fill up your plate until it is overflowing or you continue to go back for seconds then you need to cut down.  If you want to lose your weight without exercise, eat smaller portions and do not go back for seconds.  If you time yourself while you eat, try to take a long time to eat a meal.  Don't eat so fast that you think you are still hungry.  Eat slowly and eat smaller bites and enjoy the food that you don't want to lose. You can lose weight without doing exercise but you have to stop the snacking throughout the day.  It may be hard and you may be bored but try chewing gum if you have to.  If you absolutely cannot go without the snacks you need to avoid the potato chips and go for a sliced apple or an orange.  Snack on healthy foods and not fatty foods. There are many ways to lose weight without exercise.  It all boils down to the consumption.  You need to consider the foods you are consuming, how much you are consuming, and how often.  By eating healthier and eating less you will lose a lot of weight and finally get to the point where you can exercise and not be in pain.

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