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The complete poker player’s guide to No-Limit Texas Hold’em – for beginners, intermediates and advanced players 3rd edition Andrea Shavick & Dan Shavick PRICE EXTENT BINDING FORMAT ISBN PUB DATE

£14.99 376 pages Paperback 246 x 171 mm 978-1-84528-464-0 24th June 2011





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‘This book will take you from mere pretender to serious contender.’ Stewart Reuben

PREVIOUS EDITION ISBN 978-184528-277-6

A poker revolution is upon us. Card rooms and casinos are bursting at the seams, home games are springing up across the country, professional and celebrity poker tournaments are televised every night of the week…and of course the internet has opened up the game to millions. • No-Limit Texas Hold’em is the fastest growing and most popular form of poker played today and this book – now in its revised, third edition – provides a comprehensive tutorial starting from square one DAN SHAVICK has been playing poker for as long as he can remember and is a highly successful player, both online and off. ANDREA SHAVICK is an established author and broadcaster who also happens to be poker mad! Together they guide you through the complexities of the game in the most entertaining way: “We’ve written the poker manual that we would have liked to have had at our fingertips when we were learning the game. No-limit Texas Hold’em for Winners aims to tell you everything you need to know about no-limit hold'em, so that you don't have to trawl through other volumes, extracting the relevant information, throwing away the rest, and puzzling over expert tips that leave you none the wiser about the basics. We're not claiming that this is the only poker book that you'll ever need. But if you read this one first, all the others will make a lot more sense.”

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‘Sheer genius.’ CONTENTS PART I – GETTING STARTED 1. Introduction 2. Get started and learn the rules PART II – NO LIMIT HOLD’EM STRATEGY 3. Strategy overview 4. The fundamentals of betting 5. General playing considerations 6. Pre-flop play 7. Playing the flop 8. Playing the turn

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Playing the river Deception Playing styles Poker psychology Final thoughts on strategy PART III – ONLINE POKER 14. Getting started online 15. Strategy for online play PART III – POKER VARIANTS 16. Poker variants explained 17. Poker tournaments

PART V – THE MONEY: MAKING IT AND KEEPING IT 18. Money management 19. Cheating 20. Increasing your earnings PART VI – RESOURCES Appendices: A: Odds and probabilities B: Expectation C: Tables of odds D: Further reading Glossary Online chat glossary

‘Not just good writing, but sound tactical, mathematical and psychological advice.’ ‘Just reading the ten pages on bluffing would turn most unprofitable players into profitable ones.’ --Reader reviews of first and second editions

No Limit Texas Hold-em  

No-Limit Texas Hold’em is the fastest growing and most popular form of poker played today and this book – now in its revised, third edition...