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A self-help guide to getting on with your life Dr Chris Jenner PRICE EXTENT BINDING FORMAT ISBN PUB DATE

£9.99 176 pages Paperback 215 x 135 mm 978-1-84528-471-8 26th August 2011




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“Written by one of the UK’s leading consultants on pain control, this authoritative, yet easily comprehensible book, delivers a high level of understanding and practical advice to the reader. Highly recommended.”

KEY FACTS Arthritis is one of the most common causes of disability, affecting areas in and around the joints and bringing misery to a staggering 10m people in the UK and 46m in the USA. Arthritis occurs not just amongst older age groups but across all age ranges, and impacts hugely on the lives of sufferers and their families. KEY POINTS • Includes all forms of arthritis from osteo and rheumatoid arthritis to and spondyloarthritis and tennis elbow • A practical, accessible and down to earth new series written by expert author and pain specialist Dr Chris Jenner • The series is emphatically patient focussed, showing people how they can manage their condition, regain some control, become an expert patient and achieve improved quality of life ongoing • Addresses the real and most pressing difficulties suffered by patients – the contents are based on FAQs from patients DR CHRIS JENNER has studied for many years in the field of Pain Medicine and works with sufferers of these and other chronic pain conditions in his roles as consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia at St Mary’s Hospital, London, and as Director of London Pain Consultants. CONTENTS I: UNDERSTANDING ARTHRITIS 1. What is arthritis? 2. Arthritis – the statistics 3. Types of arthritis 4. What causes arthritis? 5. Diagnosing arthritis 6. Related and secondary medical conditions 7. Aggravating factors 8. Top arthritis myths II: LIVING WITH ARTHRITIS 9. Physical, emotional and psychological impact 10. Acceptance issues 11. How relationships are affected

12. The value of positive thinking 13. Work issues 14. Disability issues 15. Image issues 16. Parenting a child with arthritis 17. Support for arthritis sufferers III: TREATING AND MANAGING ARTHRITIS 18. Pain management 19. Medications and contraindications 20. Non pharmaceutical treatments

21. The role of cognitive behavioural therapy 22. Diet and lifestyle 23. Exercise 24. Posture 25. Caring for your joints 26. How to control stress 27. Making life easier at home IV: UNDERSTANDING MEDICOLEGAL IMPLICATIONS 28. How personal injury claims work 29. The role of medico-legal experts 30. Personal injury solicitors and interim payments

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A practical, accessible and down to earth new series written by expert author and pain specialist Dr Chris Jenner. Includes all forms of art...

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