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The Forgotten Secrets of RadioShack's Success i worked for and loved radio shack back when there was a space between Radio and Shack. I hated it when they changed the name to RadioShack and I hated their new logos. I loved their old friendly-funky one. Unlike the dozens of other articles you can find on the death of the company, I will forego the autopsy and instead celebrate the forgotten secrets of Radio Shack's success: the key factors that built what was once one of the most vibrant and best run retail companies in the US. I have a unique perspective that qualifies me to do this. Here is my Radio Shack story. I began my career in consumer electronics retailing in 1971, but it took a serious step during a 10-year tenure at Radio Shack from 1974 to 1984. While in the field, I earned Radio Shack’s highest award at store level, The Leader’s Club diamond ring. As District Manager in Baltimore, Maryland, I surpassed the other 255 districts in old store sales gains to become the Number One District in the United States. Brought to the home office in Fort Worth, Texas in 1979, I was promoted to Audio Buyer, responsible for the development, marketing, and inventory control of 457 major end products and accessories. One of my first clients as a consultant was Radio Shack Canada. From 1988 to 1991 I developed and delivered sales and management training courses for their personnel in 1000 stores nationwide. In 1998, when RadioShack entered into a major co-marketing agreement with Sprint, they selected me to give the keynote kickoff address to their Regional and District Managers assembled in Fort Worth. Finally, I consulted for RadioShack Mexico from 2009 to 2013, making me the only person in the world who has worked extensively with Radio Shack USA, Radio Shack Canada, and RadioShack Mexico.

The Forgotten Secret in the Stores It was 1974. I was 24 and looking for a job. I walked into a Radio Shack mall store. It had only been open for two weeks and it still had that new store smell. Shag carpeting of orange, brown, tan, and yellow yarns covered the floor and a number of large cubicles, in which they displayed stereo systems. I asked to speak to the manager. HN hownet


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