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the consulting services of edmond h. legum 4905 Nevada Avenue · Nashville, Tennessee 37209 · 770 715-3337 introduction In 1986 I founded Hownet with the healthy notion that I could help businesses achieve their business goals in sales, management, merchandising, and marketing. In the 29 years that’s followed, we’ve helped over 100 consumer electronics, telecom, and wireless companies throughout North America increase the productivity of their resources and create new customers. —edmond legum

ed legum is the author of: • Wireless Ways III, the wireless industry’s bible for growing distribution channels • New Profits in Wireless Retailing, the highly respected study of how to drive sales, margins, traffic, and merchandising • The Design of Workbooks, the definitive style guide for instructional professionals • People & Profits in Electronics Retailing, the in-depth guide to finding, hiring, and keeping top producers • New Directions in Wireless, the pioneering series of innovative training programs for retail, indirect, and business-to-business sales and management


each member of the hownet team brings to our clients an average of 25 years of experience working with the high technology industries. We earned our leadership position based on our firsthand knowledge of what is happening on the streets – where the action is – in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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Ed Legum seriously understands business. His depth of knowledge is astounding. Ed’s comfortable communication style is filled with lessons, parables, and stories that easily explain some of the most complicated issues facing businesses today. Ed’s feet are firmly planted in the real world where business is done and sales are made. If you are a company that is interested in increasing sales, increasing revenue or increasing profit, all while keeping top performing managers and sales executives, you need to meet Ed Legum. mark doornbosch, marketsource retail practice lead

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Ed Legum delivers the total package for selling wireless devices and services. He is the authority on sales training skills – both direct and indirect, and a visionary and thought leader in retail sales – from merchandising to store management and operations. Oh, and by the way, he is a pleasure to work with bob chapin | managing director, flying coyotes marketing

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HOWnet Magazine March 2015  

The webzine of HOWnet, aimed at assisting wireless companies worldwide increase their sales, increase their ARPU, reduce their COA, and impr...

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