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Into the Woods the act of looking implies that you are searching for information. But you have to know what to look for. And finding it depends on your willingness to go out and explore the environment in which you do business. As a consultant, I took a field trip with the General Managing Director of a company that operates over 300 stores. We invited the Executive Vice President of Human Resources from the home office to join us. Shortly after his arrival, the VP drifted away from us and disappeared into the shopping center, not to return until we were almost ready to leave. I wonder why he wandered off. Perhaps he didn’t know what he was looking for; perhaps he didn’t feel comfortable at the street level; perhaps he didn’t want to know what his people thought and how they acted. About a year later he left the company and started his own consulting practice. I wonder what he does. HN

Some executives never tread outside their warm offices. What do they seek to avoid? Who? | Helen Sewell (1896-1957)

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HOWnet Magazine March 2015  

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