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The restaurant in Mexico City faces the challenge of managing their: (1) people, (2) place of business, (3) products (menu items), (4) promotion, and (5) processes. Does the restaurant have a system to do this? To help answer this question, let’s consider what a system is. Deming’s definition is: ‘two or more parts that work together to accomplish a shared aim.’ So yes, the restaurant staff and its customers work together to order and pay for food. And yes, they have a system. Here are their 13 steps: 1 Customers enter restaurant. 2 Customers seat themselves. 3 Waiter hands customers menus. 4 Customers order. 5 Waiter transfers orders verbally to cooks. 6 Cooks prepare meals. 7 Waiter serves meals. 8 Customers report orders to cashier verbally. 9 Cashier calculates amount due by hand. 10 Cashier checks math with calculator. 11 Cutomers pay cashier in cash. 12 Customers tip cook. 13 Customers tip waiter. At the same time, you might wonder (a) how does the restaurant gather and analyze information? and (b) how does it use these findings to increase productivity? My guess is the restaurant cannot do (a) or (b) and its management cannot answer these questions: Which waiter sells the most falafel? Which waiter sells the least falafel? Which waiter produces the highest peso per order? Which waiter produces the least? How well does its honor system work? How many customers enjoy their falafel, but do not pay for what they order? How many 100 peso errors does the cashier make every week? How many flies fly in, see the bags of water, and then fly back out? How many flies fly into its restaurant and then visit their customers’ plates of food? If you’ve successfully run a restaurant with 12 menu items for 20 years, you probably don’t need to know the answers to these questions, so you probably don’t need a system any better than what they have. Otherwise, you might ask yourself: Does our system increase the productivity of our people, our products, and our place of business? If it does not, you might consider getting a new one. HN HN hownet


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