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This Is Not a Christmas Card my wife betty handed me the envelope. It looked like a Christmas Card. The return address label was illustrated with a scene of a cabin in the snowy woods. The name on the label seemed familiar. Shouldn’t I know someone named Chris Thomas? The address was written by hand. And the stamp on the upper right was a snowflake. But looking closer I noticed the handwriting lacked congruency. Each letter looked like it came from a pen, but the flow was herkyjerky. Further inspection revealed that all of the ‘a’s looked exactly alike. The same was true for every other character in the alphabet. I said to Betty, ‘This is not a Christmas Card.’ Of course it wasn’t. It was a direct mail advertisement. In this over-commercialized world, businesses pull every trick to get you to open the envelope. Which out of curiosity, I did. What was the offer? A A free phone from T-Mobile B Save $250 with DIRECTV C An invitation to join Gold’s Gym D A coupon for $15 off at Kohl’s And what did I do with it? A Threw it away B Grabbed the offer and made the purchase C Gave it back to Betty D Wrote an article on stupid marketing tricks HN

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HOWnet Magazine March 2015  

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