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something like this, ’The pilot flew his Cessna into the mountain.’ Mountains are stationary and icebergs float with their tips visible above the water. Mines are more insidious, submerged underwater awaiting enemy ships.

The Stower Titanic

So what caused the Titanic tragedy? Perhaps the missing key and the unused binoculars deserve more of the blame. But again they are insentient objects. Finally we now must evaluate the human elements of the story: those who stood watch and their officers. Because they did not break the lock and release the binoculars, they failed to look and see clearly far ahead of the ship. This failure to look and see may have contributed to the loss of 1514 lives. In your business, you may have one or all three problems lying in wait far outside of your office: Mountains, which are huge, but sometimes cloaked by clouds; Icebergs which move with the currents and hide most of their mass underwater; and Mines below the water-line, that explode on contact. But you won’t find them in financial reports. To find the Icebergs, Mountains, and Mines before they threaten the well being of your business – you have to go out and look far and wide, think about what you see, and act decisively to correct your course. HN

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