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… They have not tried anything at all. And this gets to the root of the problem. Brands collapse when executive management does nothing. And what is the consequence of doing nothing? Craig Johnson added this prophetic epitaph for RadioShack: I think they are beyond hope at this point in terms of avoiding [bankruptcy]. They are a brand whose time has come and gone. HN

Icebergs, Mountains, & Mines

this is a picture of the “titanic eisberg”, photographed on April 20, 1912 – five days after the sinking of the Titanic. It is the villain of the well-known story. Or is it?

’10 Causes of The Titanic Tragedy’ by Alan Boyle, NBC News online, April 1, 2012

‘Binoculars that could have been used by lookouts on the night of the collision were locked up aboard the ship – and the key was held by David Blair, an officer who was bumped from the crew before the ship’s departure from Southampton. Some historians have speculated that the fatal iceberg might have been spotted earlier if the binoculars were in use …’ Although it may have been imputed as having a menancing personality, the iceberg had no motivation. It was a cold and lifeless form. It neither hated nor loved the crew and passengers of the Titanic. Consider Mountains and Mines: Have you ever heard anyone say, ’The mountain wrecked the airplane?’ You usually hear instead HN hownet


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