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my job is to help you create new customers. This work takes place with your salespeople and managers in the field, where your customers experience your brand – who you are; what you look like; what you sell; and how you sell it. ¶ It takes place in the offices of your product managers; in the cubby holes, where your creative team or agency designs your advertising; and on the road with your middle managers. ¶ It takes place inside your warehouse with your distribution manager and in your POS system; and in the offices of your developers or agency that design your website and your social media strategies. ¶ So if you’re looking for a consultant who prefers the comfort of insulated offices, you’ve come to the wrong man. Working together we can go out and look;* discover what’s happening at the street level; and increase the productivity of your resources.

HN hownet the consulting services of edmond h. legum 4905 Nevada Avenue Nashville, Tennessee 37209 770 715-3337 *The failure to go out and look is what accounts for most of our managerial mistakes today. peter drucker

HN hownet


HOWnet Magazine March 2015  

The webzine of HOWnet, aimed at assisting wireless companies worldwide increase their sales, increase their ARPU, reduce their COA, and impr...

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