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Weight Loss Results – How Much Should I Weigh Weight loss is never easy. Let me repeat that for those of you who may not quite grasp the concept. Weight loss is never easy. If it were truly easy we would have a nation of thin, sexy supermodels, and as you know we do not. True long term weight loss takes time. There is no quick solution, not because we haven't discovered it yet either. It just takes time for your fat cells to shrink. Any quick short term weight loss that you achieve is 100% water weight. Now that is not to say it is not helpful. If you cease to eat starchy foods for a few days in a row, your body will rid itself of excess water. This is a fact in 100% of cases barring some sort of kidney dysfunction. If you lower your intake of these starchy foods, and also decrease the amount of sodium that you intake, then consistently over the course of several days you will store less subcutaneous water. This is actual healthy loss of weight, but long term fat loss it is not!

Even fat loss itself is a misnomer. You really don't lose fat, it is always in your body and your body does not rid itself of fat cells in any short or what I would consider reasonable amount of time. Mainly when one experiences long term fat reduction it is in the way of shrinkage of the fat cells themselves. And this process takes a decent amount of time, as in weeks or months, not days. I just feel if you understand these facts that your weight loss goals are going to be healthier, and they will be more realistic. The sooner that you

understand that there are no miracle solutions the faster you can get on with your actual discipline and hard work. This is when you are going to see some serious results! We will be covering this issue in more detail soon, so check back in few days!

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