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In our everyday life, health is the most important thing that we should take care of. If you don’t have a good health, then you’ll never be able to function properly. Good foods and drinks will give you vitality and dependable flow of your body systems but eating and drinking forbidden foods will possibly damage your health. Instead of junk foods, better eat fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamins and minerals that can make your life longer. Fruits are the most common food that all people in any ages would really love and the most delicious and affordable food that everybody could buy. Bananas, mango and apple are the usual fruit that you can see in our kitchen table and apple is the most highly recommended by professional doctors. It is said that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Therefore, it is a good suggestion to all.

he counting of calories of each apple depends on how it is served. If you questioned a health specialist on how many calories in an apple, they will give you some tips on how to compute each. If the apples are raw and eaten with skin and chopped it has approximately 65 calories. If eaten raw and without skin it has a 52.8 packed calories. If it is served in raw, without skin, cooked and boiled when you eat it, you can gain up to 90.6 calories. If the apple is raw, without skin, cooked and been microwave you can get 95.2 calories. Apples are served not only just fruits you seen on markets directly, but also packaged on canned but sweetened, sliced in tiny bits , drained and unheated you can achieve a 136.7 calories.

Calories in an Apple are low; 100 grams of fresh fruit slices give only weights 50 calories. However, it doesn’t contain saturated fats or cholesterol. Nevertheless, the fruit is abundant in dietary fiber, which helps you to avoid absorption of dietary-LDL or poor cholesterol in the gut. It’s fiber also recovers the colon mucous membrane from being hazard of toxic substances by binding to cancer that causes chemicals inside the colon.

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