Costa Rica Howler INTERNATIONAL Magazine - September 2021

Page 36


Finca 6

and The Mystery of

the Spheres

by Tom Shultz


osta Rica is home to only two protected pre-Colombian archaeological sites, including the larger and better known National Monument of Guayabo. But the less familiar Finca 6 holds greater interest as a subject of study due to its major feature, the mysterious Diquís stone spheres.


Although spheres exist at four different sites in Costa Rica, Finca 6 is the only one open to the public. Located in the flat alluvial plain and wetland of the upper Osa Peninsula, near Sierpe, the land area is characterized by heavy sedimentation. Fortunately, this enabled the spheres and other structures to be very well preserved below a 1.5-meters-thick layer before they were unearthed, usually by farmers clearing or digging a field.