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The Lion’s ROAR Pennsylvania State University: The Nittany Lion Battalion Army ROTC Current Events Page OCT 31, 2012 Look out for next month’s issue: Ranger Challenge team takes 1st place!

Current Issue P1— Homecoming Parade; Branch Assignments P2— Summer Training; Lion’s Guard P3— New Cadet Orientation; Newly Contracted Cadets P4— Upcoming Issues; Branch Assignments Continued

Senior Cadet Branch Assignments:

Homecoming Parade 2012 by Cadet Gordon On October 5, 2012, the Nittany Lion Battalion joined with 250 other students, athletic organizations, alumni, fraternities and sororities in Penn State’s annual Homecoming Parade. The Battalion takes pride in taking part in what is known as the nation’s largest and most spirited collegiate homecoming parade. The Battalion formed up alongside the Intramural Building where the procession began. Led by the senior class of cadets, the Battalion, with its new freshmen Cadets participating in their first parade, stepped off in rhythmic foot step. All along the parade route, starting at Curtain Road and ending at College Avenue, Cadets sounded off with pride-filled and enthusiastic cadences. Throughout the entire historic march, students, alumni and fans alike stood up to cheer and applaud as the Battalion formation passed; fans nearly drowned out the sound of cadences with chants of “U-S-A,” whistles and cheers. As the procession passed Old Main and the VIP viewing station, the cadences were silenced and the formation preformed an “Eyes Right” maneuver as a sign of respect. There, a salute was rendered by the senior leadership in order to pay homage to those who came before us and those to come after. Taking part each year in the Homecoming Parade is a tradition that the Battalion prides itself, especially as one of the largest participating groups. Freshmen get to feel the excitement and energy of their first procession, while the senior class has a feeling of great accomplishment and sadness in knowing this was their last march in the Penn State Homecoming Parade.

Congratulations to the following Cadets on their Active Duty branch assignments! Reserve and National Guard assignments to come soon! •

Jacob Ahle, Infantry

Trevor Anselmino, Field Artillery

Francis Banecker, Armor

Bryan Barabas, Transportation Corps

Daryl Brown, Military Intelligence

Shawn Brown, Infantry

Joshua Ciccolini, Infantry Active Duty branch assignments continued on P4


Interested in Summer Training? Two very different experiences: Cadet Graham and Cadet Kelly discuss CULP and CFT by Cadet’s Shawn Brown and Will DeRosa Cadet Jonathan Graham had a once-in-a-

maybe one to two company level exercises.

lifetime summer experience: he got to teach

The Field Artillery day gave us hands on

English at secondary schools in Tanzania. He

training with 105 Howitzers and allowed us

went with a group of Army ROTC Cadets to

to see how points are determined, mapped

the African nation as part of CULP (Cultural

and relayed to the firing team from the guys

Understanding and Language Proficiency

behind the scenes. We also were able to call



in artillery and got to fire 60mm mortars.”

teaching English was not all Jonathan got to

Kelly found the training event to be

experience. “While teaching and coming up

extremely useful due to its resemblance to

with English lessons we also toured the

LDAC. Some of the similarities include the

Country and got a feel of Tanzanian culture.

water and land obstacle courses, land

We flew to Zanzibar over a weekend. We

navigation, and weapons training.



took a game drive on Ngoro Ngoro Crater Cadet Field Training will definitely make

and saw Mt. Kilimanjaro.”

Lions Guard upholds Penn State Tradition by Cadet Brittingham The Penn State Army ROTC Lion’s Guard is a club in which we teach Cadets how to properly conduct D&C (drill and ceremony). The club was founded in 1966 when Sue Paterno painted the Lion Shrine orange to rally the fans and show more support for the team playing Syracuse that week. Needless to say, her efforts helped earn a Penn State victory. However, the next year, Syracuse fans came to the Shrine and painted it orange themselves. Now as a tradition, The Lion’s Guard club now guards the Shrine every night of Homecoming Week as a tradition. As pictured below, some of the Cadets this year were lucky enough to meet Sue Paterno at the end of the week this year. Thanks to the efforts of our club, the Shrine remained unpainted for yet another Homecoming Week, in which we faced and beat Northwestern—one of our Big Ten rivals!

Scott a better soldier and Officer. “I got to The trip was definitely a learning experience

meet several of my peers and was able to

for Jonathan, who explained: “I had learned

network well with them. I was also able to

that the Tanzanian people are no different

speak with the enlisted personnel on what

from people here in the U.S, we’re all the

makes a good and bad Lieutenant. I was

same. I had learned that a majority of

able to grab several of their opinions as

people are oblivious to the fact that Africa

there was a plethora of guys there ready to

has many different countries that each have

tell me exactly how it is.” Overall, he says

their own culture and ways of living.” He

the opportunity to attend CFT was a positive

also feels CULP will make him a better

experience. “All together I am extremely

Officer in the Army. “The trip has really

happy that I went. I got hands on experience

opened my eyes to what the future holds in

with different types of weapons and

upcoming events, as globalization and

weapons systems and was able to obtain

capitalism takes over most of the world for

more information on specific branches in

better or worse. I definitely have a new

the Army.”

Cadet’s Michael Bretzger, Chris Brittingham, and Connor Scharff meet Sue Paterno while guarding the Lion Shrine!

found respect for the Tanzanian people, Another bonus of being a cadet in the Lion’s Guard is having the opportunity to present the colors at the home football games in front of 100,000 people. The Cadets, along with Air Force Cadets and Navy Midshipmen, had the honor of guarding a POW/MIA shrine for 24 hours during national POW/MIA day. Cadets perform color guards at basketball games, volleyball games, and other special events and ceremonies around campus. To get involved or find events featuring Cadets from the Lion’s Guard, contact Cadet Chris Brittingham at

military, and country.” Cadet Cameron Kelly spent his summer at Cadet Field Training (CFT) where he got to experience many different branches and weapons.





different MOS’s of the Army every couple days, giving a great insight into many different future careers. “We had two 3 day periods of field training, one focused more on the squad level and the other was larger and accompanied mainly the platoon with

Cadet Graham in Tanzania


Newly Contracted Cadets by Cadet Brown

On August 24, 2012, 18 Cadets were sworn in by LTC Weiland at Beaver Stadium, making a commitment to support, defend, and bear true faith and allegiance to the United States. These future Officers have committed themselves to a standard of excellence and will be held to a high set of expectations. Congratulations to the following Cadets:

New Cadet Orientation By Cadet Brittingham As returning Cadets began making their way

idea of what to expect during the next 4 years

back to campus and preparing for classes,

as a Cadet.

new Cadets were getting their first taste of ROTC.

Before classes started, Freshman

orientation, a two day training session, took place the week before classes commenced in order to introduce incoming freshman to

From all of the senior Cadets, we wish the best of luck to these new Cadets and hope they enjoy their ROTC experience as much as we have! Ranger Challenge cadets repel off the

commissioning as Second Lieutenants in the


United States Army.


arrived and moved into their new dorms with the help of some returning Cadets. That afternoon a barbecue was hosted by the cadre and returning Cadets and ended with a welcome speech from the Nittany Lion










between stations to receive instruction on proper wear of uniforms, raising and lowering the flag, basic drill and ceremony, Stryker orientation, and a demonstration of rappelling, and lessons on how to cross a rope bridge from our very own Ranger Challenge Club. The next morning, cadets woke up early for their first Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). Once completed Cadets received instruction on weapons, sent through an engagement skills training lane, and were able to perform the rope bridge for themselves. The classes may have been brief, but the cadets were able to gain a wealth of knowledge and an

MSLII: Carl Anderson, Dale Anderson, Alex Bedrin, Clayton Burkhardt, Hunter Carl, Joseph Cho, Andrew Fletcher, Matthew Freidenberger, John Funk, Matthew Medlin. MSLIII: Daniel Bopp.l

the ROTC life that will prepare them for

On the first day, the incoming freshmen

MSLI: Brad Fratangelo, Walker Glunz, Colin Letson, Gerald Mattern, Spencer Steinhaus, Brian Wawrzyniak.






*MSL- Military Science class level




Interested in joining ARMY ROTC?

Senior Cadet Active Duty Branch Assignments continued: •

William DeRosa, Corps of Engineers

Genevieve Faust, Transportation Corps

Stephen Hoey, Field Artillery

Jessica Hughes, Medical Services Corps

Kyle Kohles, Ordnance Corps

Rebecca Marshall, Aviation

Taylor Moran, Infantry

Michael Murray, Ordnance Corps

Brandon Pyo, Ordnance Corps

David Reddington, Adjutant General’s Corps

Robert Robinson, Transportation Corps

Amelia Schmitt, Nurse Corps

Jonathan Smyrl, Military Police

Nicole Spiller, Nurse Corps

Jordan Weber, Corps of Engineers

Contact information: 211 Wagner Building University Park, PA 16802 (814) 863 – 0360 office ∙ (814) 863 – 7802 fax

Recruitment Cadre Mr. Jim Grassmyer: Recruiting operations Officer,, Mr. Brandon Smith: Scholarship and Enrollment Officer,

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