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Best sex positions for women (Here they come) It’s all very well for men, most of the time sex equals orgasm. Done. For us ladies it’s a bit more complicated than that. In fact, studies show that only about 30% of women have an orgasm through sex. Booo. But worry not, there are ways that you can boost your chances of reaching the big O. Sex positions can make a big difference, we had been told. So we did a bit of research to find out exactly which sex positions are best for the big O. We spoke to Allison England from Coco De Mer, an expert in all things sexy. She told us that before you try out her recommended sex positions to make you come, you should have a little play around with yourself to find out which spots get your heart racing the most. That way, when you’re with your partner you can guide them to your special O zones.

The Fantastic Rocking Horse

For this position your man can either cross his legs or put them out in front of him. He then leans back, while you climb on top of him, put your thighs around him, and lower yourself down (and up, and down, and up again, you get the idea…)

The Amazon

Same position, different, erm, base. Yep, if you want to move things outside of the bedroom, or just off the bed, then try out The Amazon on a chair for an org-tastic time. Make sure that your feet are touching the ground so you can bounce up and down easily.

The Basket

Like a side ordering of nipple sucking with your sexual penetration? Then the basket is the one for you. You’re still on top and leaning your body towards your man, but this time you make sure your boobs are in line with his mouth for some added stimulation.

The Slide

Some ladies find it easiest to orgasm when they’re on top, but instead of simply leaning towards their man, they lie completely on top of him. Sorry guys, hope you get turned on by being a bit squashed! For those ladies, The Slide is a good option. This is a good one for men too, us women actually feel tighter when we’re in this position.

The Clip

So if leaning towards your partner just isn’t doing anything for you, don’t worry. Allison has some more suggestions up her sleeve. Stay on top of your man, but this time arch your back. That will expose your clit, meaning your partner has plenty of room to play around with it to give you extra pleasure. For The Clip, your man keeps his legs closed while you straddle him.

The Spider

This time your man sits up, while you stay on top of him, leaning back. There isn’t much room for him to do any proper clitoris massaging, but it does mean that you can rub up against him for a bit of clit stimulation.

The Lap Top

Feeling flexible? You’ll need to be if you’re going to master this bendy position. The ever so sexily named ‘Lap top’ (ooh yeah, electrical hardware sex), is great for the more adventurous orgasm seeker. For this position, the man sits on a chair – he can place a pillow under his legs for extra elevation. You then lower yourself onto your man and place your legs on top of his shoulders (we warned you, it ain’t easy!). Lean back and then push off the back of your chair with your feet to get a good rocking motion. If he doesn’t need both hands to support you, he can use the other to caress you wherever you like.

The Supernova

It’s another position where you’re on top, leaning back, but this time your man is the one who needs to be flexible. Oh, and just as a warning, it’s a bit technical.It works like this. You start of at the end of the bed, but at this point you are both on the bed. You’re on top, leaning back. You start ‘getting down’ and then as you think you are coming close to the big moment, you lean forward onto your knees and move forward slightly, with your man, whose head and shoulders then move off the bed. Lastly, you lean back again to bring you both to the point of orgasm victory. We warned you, it’s not too easy.

The backward Slide

Time to swap things around. For The Backwards Slide, make sure you start at the end of the bed again. This time, the man leans back on the bed slightly. You start by squatting on top of him, then push your legs back and arch backwards until your hands are on the ground, then‌.grind! While you do all the work, your man can use his hands to help you out in the clitoral department. **A warning though – your man needs to be well endowed for this position to work.

The backward cowgirl

Ok, so let’s say you’ve tried being on top leaning towards your man, you’ve tried being on top and arching your back away from him. And you still just can’t reach that orgasm. Well, ladies, Allison has a final tip. She suggests being on top, but facing away from your partner. That way he can stimulate your anus while you ride away, plus he’ll love the view he gets, so everyone’s happy. If you go for the backwards cowgirl, you can give yourself a little bit of clit stimulation too while he works on your anus.

The Ship

It’s our final offering of a sex position that might well make it easier for you to orgasm, but we thought we’d end it on a high. Yes, The Ship lets you have the best of both worlds. You are, as ever, on top. But this time you’re not facing forwards or backwards, you’re facing the side. This way, your man has access to both your anus and your clitoris so he can stimulate both at the same time. Well, you’re doing a lot of work being on top, so we think he should be happy to give you a hand (or two). Source : Also visit our website at Howells the leading Adult Toy Manufacturer in China

Best Sex Positions For Women (Here they come)