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Xbox Live and its free codes The world of video gaming has changed drastically from what it used to it, just playing Mario and other games by plugging in the cassette in the video player. Now we have all the fancy gaming consoles like play station , Xbox, Wii U, Ouya to name a few. These consoles are not just restricted to playing games but carry out a number of other tasks like watching movies, surfing the web, downloading content, interacting with friends and playing multiplayer online games on them as well. Video games take the player to a different world of fantasy where they entertain themselves slaying dragon or speeding cars. It’s not just a toy for kids but adults also love their gaming consoles to the hilt.

The Xbox is a video gaming brand created by Microsoft and has a series of gaming consoles. It has a feature called Xbox live which is basically an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service. It is a competitor of the like of PlayStation Network and Nintendo network. Microsoft is planning to extend the Xbox live service to windows and mobiles as well. Xbox Live service is available as both a free service and subscription based service known as Xbox Live Free and Xbox Live Gold. The multiplayer gaming era was started by Microsoft. However some premium content has been locked by Microsoft to earn huge profits. Microsoft is making huge profits by selling Xbox live gold codes and points. But at some places to interest more people and to keep the older one engaged Microsoft sometimes allow free gold codes and points. These free points and codes are for promotional purposes only and are given to very few people all around the world. Powerful algorithms are required to acquire these codes from around the internet. Many websites provide these free Xbox live codes using these algorithms. This harvesting of free Xbox live codes is a continuous process and requires vigil over the codes which are released by the company. Working codes are generated using hash tables. Points are collected and given to the users and as soon as a code is used it is deleted from the database never to be used again. These free Xbox live codes may be used for either Xbox 360 or Xbox 720. This is just an effort to make the gaming experience of gaming enthusiast every bit better and feed their thirst for extreme gaming.

Xbox live and its free codes