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Knee Walkers: Aiding the Injured Not many people imagine that they will ever break their leg. Actually why would anyone think like that? But the possibility of that happening cannot be ignored. Sometimes even sprains can be so painful that they can disable your leg from taking your weight to walk. Nobody plans for such situations and the only traditional option to aid walking that strikes are mind is the use of crutches. Crutches can be said to be around for centuries now and are still thought to be the only alternatives to help walking. But this is the 21st century where no sector has remained uninfluenced by technology. The medical sector has witnessed many technological improvements in the equipments they use and the ones they prescribe for the aid of their patients. Knee walker is one such recent invention that has been bought into the market to help those looking for enhanced mobility with broken or sprained leg or legs that have undergone surgery.

A knee walker is a four wheeled walking device which looks like a scooter. It comes with ergonomic adjustments to support people with heights ranging from four feet ten inches to those measuring over 6 feet. It comes with a well cushioned knee pad to comfortably support your knee and becomes better as you go higher in the range. As per your budget you can choose between a steerable and non-steerable Knee walker. For those who find the Knee walker costly option over crutches can always hire one on rent that will save their money and also keep them away from the pain of using a crutch. It is very safe to walk around as it comes with the option of brakes both front and back and with rubber tires that provide a better grip on the surface you are walking on.

Knee walkers aiding the injured  
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