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Instagram: Giving Wings to Small Businesses It’s becoming an increasing practice of using social media websites as means of promotional activities by small businesses. But slowly and steadily there has been a shift in this trend as promotional activities are moving from social websites to social media mobile apps. Most of this change has been bought by Instagram alone. Bought originally in the market in 2010 on IPhone store it was later made available both for camera enabled windows and android phones. Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps in use today. It is the fastest increasing social networking app in the world today. If have the talent of bringing the perfect angle to beautify any landscape and looking for your shot to fame than Instagram is the app for you. It is available freely and can be used on any of your camera enabled android, windows or IPhone set. Beyond sharing it’s a great app to further enhance your photographs through its wide range of awesome editing tools. You can also share videos of length not exceeding 15 seconds. Instagram provides the user with the option to instantly share his clicked and edited photographs on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Flickr and foursquare. Hence it’s a one stop destination to generating fame ion all major social websites. The best means to increase your chances of getting spotted on Instagram is to buy Instagram likes. from butterflycorp for fast delivery and instant response.

Instagram giving wings to small businesses  
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