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How to provide a fast and a permanent nail fungus cure Having an infection over the nails can be quite ugly and irritating and it is also known to spread fast. So, it is very important to get rid of this fungus as soon as possible. While there are various medications that can be used for the treatment of the same, there are also few methods which can be used for nail fungus cure as this help to prevent the reoccurrence of the infection again and again. Let us have a look at some of the tips which one can use to prevent the occurrence of the infection again. Cut your nails: The foot and the nail fungus can spread fast to the other toes if it is not treated properly. Hence to prevent the same, one needs to cut down the nail which is infected as low as possible. Though removing the nail or cutting it down will not cure it completely but it shall stop the spread of the same to the other nails.

Soak your toes in Vinegar: Vinegar has been known for the nail fungus cure from a number of years. This is used for the treatment of a number of infections. One can soak the feet in vinegar after the nails are cut short as it helps in reducing the fungus on the toe nails. The same can be applied if the fungus is present on the other nails as well. This acts as a natural cure in the cases when the infection is quite less. Mouth Wash: One might wonder if mouth wash can really act as a nail fungus cure. There are many people who have had good results while they soaked their feet in Listerine mouth wash. Anyone suffering from nail fungus can soak their feet in mouthwash for about 30 minutes for twice a day.

How to provide a fast and a permanent nail fungus cure