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Guide To PHI Week 4 Media Quiz Quizzes are undertaken to evaluate ones preparedness to the course so that they are well prepared for their final exam. PHI Week 4 Media Quiz is one such quiz where one has to score well in order to showcase their skills in the subject. But some of them are a bit confused over the pattern and type of questions that are generally asked in such quizzes. To help you out we provide you a brief of the question pattern that will definitely help you in the actual exam. Some of the most important questions that are asked in such exams and quizzes are:  What would be the most plausible message that Ground hog Day is communicating about the relation between ethical standards and individual happiness?  Of the following choices, which is the most reasonable estimate of the amount of days that Phil Connors (Bill Murray) was stuck in the loop?  What is Rita’s (Andie MacDowell) response to Phil’s (Bill Murray) selfindulgence in the café (eating a tableful of pastries, smoking etc)?  Which of the skills that Phil Connors (Bill Murray) learns in the course of his time in the Groundhog Day loop would be considered a “practice” according to Maclntyre’s account?  Which of the following would be an idea shared both by the teacher (Kevin Kline) from the clip of the Emperor’s Club, and by either Maclntyre or Aristotle (or both)?  In the emperor’s club, what best describes the teacher’s (Kevin Kline) response to his student’s (Emile Hirsch) admission of cheating?

 With such a comprehensive list of questions one can easily clear the PHI Week 4 Media Quiz and can score really well. Going through these questions can help a student to a great extent and one can really come up with flying colours.

Guide to phi week 4 media quiz  
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