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Critical thinking- to make standard decision without any issues If persons want to take wise critical thinking decisions, they should have the knowledge about the critical thinking. One has to realise that critical thinking is a process of analysing the real factors to give best judgements. Self-determination, self-examination and selfdiscipline are the important factors need in the critical thinking. Critical thinking can get considered a skill to answer the question with confidence and achieve the objectives in an easy manner. Lack of critical thinking is the reason behind the problems in the workplace and personal lives. Perfection in the life can get achieved when people follow the guidelines related to critical thinking. Individuals should understand that critical thinking ability located outside the brain of the skin called cortex. The people have full freedom to think about different things in a possible manner with the help of critical thinking. Critical thinking allows the human to understand the problems, gain knowledge and provide a solution to the problems. Critical thinker is a person who gains information of different factors and finds the best solution to the issues. To get the standard conclusion for a problem or matter, they should think in a critical way by analysing good and bad. If persons want to activate the critical thinking activity in their brain, they have to observe and evaluate the things. Hurried decisions can get avoided absolutely when they try use the critical thinking capability. Critical thinkers are the persons who identify the fact and opinion available in a matter or problem. Person’s critical skills should be enhancing from the childhood to arrive the right solution without any tensions. Critical thinkers will never forget about any matter by developing their critical skill using observation and evaluation. If the Child's critical thinking skills are motivated or encouraged in the right time, they can gain success in a simple way. Decisions of normal thinking will be imprecise, unclear and biased and they cannot reach the standard and effective conclusion. To improve or enhance the quality and value of thinking, they should stop the limiting thinking skills in their brain. Universal standard of critical thinking assess the following factors and they are precision, clear decision, relevance, depth, breadth, accuracy, clarity, logic and significance. Complexion in the personal life and organization can get solved effectively when a person has critical thinking capabilities. Different views about the matter only will differentiate the critical thinker from an ordinary thinker. Reasoning skills of the individuals can get enhanced with the help of critical thinking.

Critical thinking to make standard decision without any issues