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AMGMT 303 WEEK 4 MIDTERM EXAM The main topics which are covered in the MGMT 303 WEEK 4 MIDTERM EXAM of the MGMT 303 week 4 are “job specialisation” and “resistance to change. Questions related to these two topics are only asked in the midterm exam. Job specialization which is also known as division of labour or work specialisation is nothing but the process in which all the necessary activities which are important for the organisation or the business are separated into individual tasks. In this process the management which works with the human resource department assigns each of the available tasks to a specific position or person according to the skills and requirements. It is of great importance in large companies as it is seen that it is more beneficial particularly for manufacturing, as it helps in dividing the job with different aspects to different persons according to their skills. It is true that a person can do a work in which he or she is more skilled with high efficiency and with proper job specialisation production can be increased. All this has worked so far because by following job specialisation a worker is only required to concentrate on the specific job assigned to him which results in the decrease of the quality control cost. All the above factors are important and are responsible for higher revenue as well as higher profit potential.

The biggest issue in all this is “resistance to change” and before proceeding foreword it is important to discuss what is resistance to change and their effects. Resistance is struggling or opposing the transformations or modifications which lead to change in the status quo in the work place. Controlling and managing resistance to change is in itself challenging. Resistance to change can be of two types covert or overt i.e. organized or can be individual. Employees resist the change which they do not like both publically as well as verbally. Resistance to change not only not only give bad influence to others but it also threatens the chances of success of the venture. Resistance to change affects the opinions and feelings of the different stages of the adaption process. It not only affects the productivity but also have affects the relationship and the quality of the production. In organisations where there is culture of trust, positive interpersonal relationship. MGMT 303 WEEK 4 MIDTERM EXAM covers the above two topics and related question for clearing the concept of these topics.

Amgmt 303 week 4 midterm exam