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ACC 423 FOR QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS For ACC 423 final exam, preparation for the final exam can be done by taking up many courses provided by different institutes and university for quantitative analysis for the degree of bachelor’s in business science. The course schedule may vary up to at least three weeks and in each week the course duration would be 15 hours. So the total adds to 45 hours of course duration for ACC 423 final exam. The course content consists of techniques for operation research and its applications in finance and accounting, elements in decision analysis, decision making, utility preference, decision trees and also operational research: stages, uses, origin and limitation. Inventory control techniques: EOQ applications and economic re-order. Linear programming, geographical solution, algebraic method, dual problems and its interpretations and transportation problems, least cost and different penalty methods, algorithm on stepping stone, tests for optimality, MODI method. The course also consists of assignment problem: formulation, characteristics and its solution.

The course is basically a combination of all the mathematical, logial and statistical approach in solving organization related problem in regards of providing solution for everyday puzzling and arduous challenges. It also involves formulation of organizational problems to different variables which can be solved mathematically, logically, statistically or also through recommending and modelling solutions through interpretation. By following this course, the complex situations that challenges the rule of thumb solution and difficult in solution by simple intuition or normal reasoning can be presented and targeted analytically for the course. As we all know finance and accounting is dynamic and also presents different scenarios with time with different complexities. For providing solutions to offer information to different users such as the shareholders, sectional head, auditors as well as government bodies require proper skill for quantitative analysis. This will help in quick decision and effective decision making by the information users. ACC 423 course is a mandatory course for the student who wants to pursue specialization in finance and accounting. The vast knowledge of mathematics, modelling and statistics is a must to undertake the course. Hence the students must update their skills for addition, matrices, subtraction, and calculus and also to prepare themselves for formulating simple models and also the word problems. This involves in representing the information as an interpretation and also on the graph for a much better understanding in order to specialize themselves in accounting and finance successfully.

Acc 423 for quantitative analysis