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2014-2015 Trustees

Ginia Allison, Vice Chair

Andrew Bernard

Jennifer Brown

Rich Brown

Sarah Buckey

Nancy Carter

Ann Malenka

Jayne McLaughlin

Bill MlaÄ?ak, Secretary

Laura Rice

Martha Robb

Colleen Rozzi

Rick Sayles, Treasurer

Bill Thomas, Chair

Rebecca Winter

FORMER TRUSTEES OF THE HOWE LIBRARY CORPORATION Mary Allen Jan Assmus Frances Baschnagel Mark Beliveau Marilyn Black Tom Blinkhorn Cheryl Boghosian Marjorie Boley Ann Bradley Dale Bryant Kevin Carey Ann Cioffi Jacqueline Clement Kate Connolly

Thomas Corindia Marilyn Crichlow Ann Crow Linda Dacey William Dietrich Lawrence Draper Charlotte Faulkner Posey Fowler Phil Friedman Arthur Gardiner William Geraghty Bill Ghezzi David Goudy Bill Hamilton

Elaine Harp Alice Hayes Mary Ann Hayward Jay Heinrichs Edward Kerrigan Toni LaMonica Allegra Lubrano Steve Lubrano Mado Macdonald John Manchester Kathryn Manchester Ralph Manuel Stephen Marion Matt Marshall

Philip McCaull Jane Kitchel McLaughlin Jean Meck Peter Morrison Jack Nelson Sharon Nordgren Frederick Nothnagel Paul Olsen Jay Pierson Patricia Radway Athos Rassias John Schiffman Ron Sliwinski

Dev Sodhi Martha Solow Betsy Storrs Elizabeth Tobiasson Rebecca Torrey Chris Vermilya Brian Walsh Clyde Watson Priscilla Weismann Jean Whitall Annette Williams Leslie Williamson Richard Winters Ruth Young


The Howe Library Corporation: A long-standing partnership As a Board member I am sometimes asked, “What is The Howe Library Corporation?” The short answer is, we are a nonprofit that makes the Howe Library extraordinary. For the long answer, you’ll need some history… From its founding in 1899 until 1972, The Howe Library Corporation managed Howe Library and established its operating budget. In 1972, the Town took over the operating budget of the library and its management became a responsibility of the Town. Since that time, Howe has been funded from two sources: Town of Hanover tax revenues and The Howe Library Corporation, a 501(c)3 organization, which is supported by your donations to the annual fund, fundraising events, and investment income. The Town funds day-to-day operations which include salaries, utilities, routine building maintenance, and regular expansion of the collections. The Howe Library Corporation funds ALL adult and youth programs, additional collection enhancements, some technology upgrades, the Little Free Libraries, and other services beyond those funded by the Town. It is this special partnership that makes the library such a vibrant part of our community. The Corporation is proud to play a big part in helping the library and its staff make the Howe one of the best libraries in the country. We are especially thankful for your commitment of time, effort, and financial support. Sincerely,

Bill Thomas, Chair, The Howe Library Corporation


State of the Howe Nation FUNDING SOURCES Howe Library is funded from two sources: The Town of Hanover and The Howe Library Corporation. The year ending June 30, 2015 was another successful year for The Howe Library Corporation. Fundraising activities continue to be well received and loyal patrons have remembered The Corporation in their planned giving bequests and special annual donations. The investment portfolio had a modest increase and expenses were wellcontrolled and have been maintained within budget. The town appropriated $958,605 and The Corporation contributed $175,220 exclusive of depreciation on capital assets.

REVENUES The Annual Fund was very successful, raising more than $160,000 against a goal of $100,000. The Howel Classic: A Mini-Golf Extravaganza, the primary fundraising event, grossed over $36,000 in fiscal 2015, an increase from the prior year. This event continues to be very popular for The Corporation and is fun for all. Gifts to the Endowment, including a bequest through Emily’s Legacy Society, totaled over $32,000. Restricted gifts from other sources added over $9,000 to help fund programs, specific collection additions, museum passes, 2015 HOWE LIBRARY CORPORATION ANNUAL REPORT | 3

and advertising. These gifts continue to be very important to library operations. INVESTMENTS Our investments are currently managed by Ledyard Financial Advisors. At the end of the 2015 fiscal year, this consolidated investment portfolio had a value of $3.2 million. The net gain for the fiscal year was about $32,000, being a net return of +1%. Our portfolio investments and allocation limits are governed by an Investment Policy Statement. The Corporation’s Finance Committee meets periodically with Ledyard Bank to review performance, review the terms of the investment policy, and develop strategies for the future. CURRENT OPERATING EXPENSES The Corporation makes a contribution to the library’s collections and to programs and services for adults, teens, and children. In fiscal 2015 the total for these purposes was $66,137 compared to $78,857 in the preceding year. This contribution pays for collection items not covered in the Town’s funding. As of June 2015 The Corporation paid the Town $23,500 towards the increased maintenance costs of the enlarged and renovated building according to an agreement between the Town and The Corporation.




$11,441 $8,055 $8,887

$66,137 Other Expenses



Collections & Programs

Furniture & Equipment

Technical Services

Maintenance Payment to Town



$13,650 $41,093

Howe Library undertook several new initiatives this year. The newly formed Literacy Committee introduced the “Courtesy Collection” which provides foreign language books to card holders and non-card holders alike at no charge. A new program series, Howe 2.0, was also introduced. Through this initiative, a different handson activity takes place in the library on the last Sunday of each month. Programs have included a Pysanky Eggmaking demonstration, cardmaking, upcycle gardening, bike repair, and juggling. (See the side bar on page 15 for more information.) Expenses related to these programs are included in the current operating expenses listed above. We look forward to seeing the non-financial dividends these programs will yield in years to come. The remaining expenses are in line with prior years and budget and are summarized in the attached pie chart. The staff does an excellent job budgeting for the year and keeping the actual expenses in line with the budget.

Youth Materials - Corporation Adult Materials - Corporation Youth Materials - Town Adult Materials - Town


In summary, The Howe Library Corporation has had another strong financial year.



Sincerely, Rick Sayles, Treasurer



INITIATIVE EXPENSES Always looking to live up to our tagline, “Expand Your World”,


To Endowment Howel Classic mini-golf event Unrestricted (Annual Fund)


Comings and Goings at Howe Library One of this year’s exciting new initiatives was a children’s book drive during February, coordinated by the Board’s Literacy Committee. More than 700 bright and enticing books were collected for three area nonprofits—WISE, The Upper Valley Haven, and West Central Behavioral Health. The generosity of our Upper Valley neighbors continuously amazes me and we thank you for making it possible. This drive was so successful that we will hold another one soon. I offer my deepest appreciation to our extraordinary board member, Ann Malenka, who has completed her two terms (six years) of service. Ann has contributed many hours attending board meetings and chairing our development efforts including the annual appeal and our annual fundraising event, The Howel Classic. We’ve come a long way since Ann first joined the board in 2009 and we could not have accomplished as much as we have without her steady leadership.

Ann Malenka

Jane Collins

Kathy Menard

Pat Cook

Jared Jenisch

Jeanette Fadul

Staffing changes include welcoming Jane Collins, Kathy Menard, and Pat Cook as Circulation Assistants and Jared Jenisch as a Reference Assistant. Jane, an Etna resident, is completing her Masters in Library Science (MLS) at Simmons College and worked in the Hanover High School Media Center from 2006-2012. Kathy has an MBA from Babson College (MA) and was a trustee of the Norwich (VT) Public Library. Pat recently retired as a school librarian in the Hartford (VT) School District and serves as a Justice of the Peace and on the Board of Civil Authority in Hartford. Jared obtained his MLS from Simmons in 2003 and worked as a reference librarian at the Brookline (MA) Public Library before moving to South Strafford, VT. We are extremely fortunate to have these four pros with us at the Howe. We also said our fond farewells to Jeanette Fadul who, after working at Howe for five years, is moving to Charleston, SC with her husband. We will miss her poise, cheerfulness, and kindness. Have you seen our two Howe Little Free Libraries outside Town Hall and Hopkins Center? Visitors are thrilled to see that we have joined this fun movement. Take a book, leave a book!

The Buena Gente Social Club recently donated many exciting Spanish language books. We appreciate their thoughtful gifts. Our foreign language collection for adults will be launched this fall.

It’s a delight working with all of you as we continue our efforts to make our library the very best it can be. Thank you for your love of Howe and all libraries. Sincerely, Mary H. White, Director


Giving to Howe Library Giving to The Howe Library Corporation is your opportunity to pass on the legacy “to the remotest generation” – the expressed wish of Emily Howe upon dedicating the original library building in 1900. There are many ways that you can be part of the long tradition of philanthropic support for this invaluable community resource. Stock Gifts Stock Gifts are a wonderful and easy way to support Howe Library, and can provide a tax benefit to you if you make a gift of appreciated securities. Endowment Gifts Gifts to the endowment help to maintain the long-term financial stability of The Howe Library Corporation and ensure that we can continue to offer valuable and exciting programs and services well into the future. Invest in the library’s future with a gift to the endowment.

Bequests – Emily’s Legacy Society Bequests are the easiest and most frequent method of planned giving. Typically, a charitable bequest is a provision in the donor’s will that provides for the transfer of assets to the Corporation upon the donor’s death. Emily’s Legacy Society was formed in 1912 with a gift from Emily Howe. You can become a member of Emily’s Legacy Society by naming Howe Library in your will with a simple bequest or by naming Howe as a beneficiary on your life insurance, pension plan or IRA. Please remember Howe

the next time you update your will, and notify us when you do so that your name can be listed along with Emily’s. For questions about giving to Howe Library, please contact the Development Coordinator at 603-640-3260 or



n FY 2015, 105 volunteers donated more than 1,600 hours of service to the library. Howe volunteers do many invaluable jobs that help The Howe Library Corporation and Howe Library run smoothly. They serve on special committees, help at events, prepare mailings, and do essential tasks in the library. If you are interested in donating your time and expertise, please contact Peter Appleton ( Kaiya Adam Mary Allen Deb Ashton Jan Assmus Sharry Baker Mark Beliveau Lauri Berkenkamp Charlotte Bernini Klarey Black

Bob Boone Joanne Blais Ella Breed Sue Bridge Jean Brown Tom Butler Alan Callaway Barbara Callaway Cassandra Carroll


Molly Caterini David Clark Collin Costello Keri Craft Judy Csatari Beth Desimone David DiFrancesco Pam Doenges John Douglas

Molly Drummond Nancy Dumont Christine Eickelman Alicia Farrell Celeste Farrell Violetta Faulkner Macy Ferguson Edward Feustel Gloria Finkelstein Kathy Fox Susan Frankenstein Ellen Frye Mariruth Galbraith Bill Garfield Kathleen Geraghty Wayne Gerson Sarah Gilson

Emily’s Legacy Society Maurice Aldrich Agnes Bole Dorothy Gile Brackett Norma Fiske Joan P. Fowler Anne Slade Frey William and Justine B. Griffith Adelaide Hardy Meck-Hazlett John W. and Mary D. Hewitt Emily Howe Evelyn Hansen Hurd Grace Kingsland Sony Lipton Robert and Mado Macdonald Joseph L. McDonald Marlene F. McGonigle

Sam Glueck Barbara Haak Sydney Hammond Kelley Hersey Megan Holthoff Hattie Kahl Carol Keeffe Allison Keller Alexi Kim Hee-Eun Kim Erin Kirkpatrick James Kirkpatrick Toni Lamonica Patricia Lichvar Larry Litten Arlene Mahler Emma Malenka

Catherine Laycock McKennan John Meck Gertrude Rogers Moody Mildred Morse Frances McCann Murray Hazel S. Nelson Stuart W. Russell Tirzah J. Sweet Trust Gustavus and Kate Tuckerman Virginia L. Webb Rebecca G. Williams Jean M. Witherell John H. and Josephine V. Wolfenden Gertrude B. Wright

Jake Malenka Jennifer Manwell Jill Marquard Mason McNulty Kate Minshall Randy Mudge Deb Nelson Jonathan Nolen Alison North Robin Nuse Nancy Parker Patricia Parsons Bruce Posner Adrienne Peraza Terry Quattrone Kai Renshaw Nika Renshaw

Endowment Gifts Hattie Abbott Maurice Aldrich Dorothy Gile Brackett Michael K. Broehl Dagmar Clark Jacqueline Parker Clement Norma W. Fiske Dorothy Forster Joan P. Fowler Anne Slade Frey Adelaide Hardy Howe Corporation Town of Hanover Fund Evelyn Hansen Hurd Vaun Lawrence Jenkyn Grace Kingsland Jean G. Krueger

Edward Connery & Elizabeth French Lathem Elizabeth French Lathem Sony Lipton Joseph L. McDonald Catherine Laycock McKennan Meck-Hazlett Malcolm Mellor Elizabeth Skolfield Miller Gertrude Rogers Moody Mildred Morse Elden Murray Hazel S. Nelson Barbara Miller Piane

Quinn Renshaw Madison Reynolds Kathy Robey Rachel Roze Michele Sacerdote Sylvia Schlusselberg Bob Scobie Joanne Scobie Nancy Shirreffs Margaret Smith Cynthia Taylor Susan Thibault Elizabeth Tobiasson Erin Umphrey Natlie Urmson Tara Velozo Matt Walsh

Mabel Read Ruth S. Russell W.K. and Ethel Stewart John H. Strickler Gustavus and Kate Tuckerman James Wicker Charles E. Widmayer Rebecca G. Williams Jean M. Witherell John H. and Josephine V. Wolfenden Gertrude B. Wright

Rob Walsh Shannon Walsh Tracy Walsh Susan Weeks Leah Wheelan Genevieve Williamson Lois Winkler Mort Wise Norm Yanofsky Winnie Zappala


In this fast-paced world, isn’t life grand when you can slow down to just sit and read a book or newspaper? We recently captured some of these simple moments of reading pleasure at the Howe.

FAMILIES READ 1,000 BOOKS Each of these families finished reading 1,000 books this year! They reached this milestone by participating in the “Families Read 1,000 Books Program”. Over the course of 1-3 years each family checked out 100 book bags filled with 10 books each. The bags contain a variety of books encompassing genres such as science, folklore, culture, humor, and math. Check out this fabulous program (located in the corner of the Children’s area) the next time you and your family are in the library.

The Howe Library Corporation is extremely grateful for the financial support received from many individuals, local businesses, and foundations. For fiscal year 2015, contributions to our Annual Fund were more than $160,000. (We far surpassed our goal of $100,000, thanks to a significant sum given by a benevolent donor.) An additional $36,190 was raised through The Howel Classic. Donations to The Corporation fund 100% of our programming and a portion of library operations. We appreciate your support of this treasured community resource. RARE BOOKS Charlotte Bernini Philip Bernini Fredrika and William Clement John W. and Mary D. Hewitt Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Ives Marge and Ward Ives The Michael Scott McLaughlin Foundation Peter J. McLaughlin and Jane Kitchel McLaughlin Family Foundation Anne Wardwell FIRST EDITIONS Barrette Family Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation The Chaimberg Family Susan N. Cohen Amy, Patrick, and Rowan Dunfey Emily Landecker Foundation, Inc. The Fannie M. Lienhard Foundation Dr. Clifton and Michelle Farrell Steven and Allegra Lubrano Murray Family Trust The Robb Family Bob and Libby Stragnell Swogger Foundation Sheila H. Tanzer Coralea Wennberg Debra Williamson Susan K. Williamson

CLASSICS Mr. and Mrs. Brenton D. Anderson Andrew Bernard and Corinne Fortune Jennifer and Michael Casey Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, Inc. Barbara Doyle Patricia Wood Eckels Norma Jean Guthrie Thomas and Barbara Hall Carey Heckman International Women’s Club of the Upper Valley Ellen Ives and Colleen Johnson

Kevin and Punam Keller Kevin and Suzanne Schon Foundation Toni LaMonica and Larry Young George and Dominique Lightbody Dana and Anne Low Ann Marie and Dennis Lynch James and Ellen Lynch Ann and David Malenka Katie and John Manchester Nancy and Steve Marion Jayne McLaughlin Carolyn and Peter Mertz Sylvia and Harry Nelson



Marilyn Paganucci Anne Pattison Anne Pearson Laura Rice and Michael Wagner Linda and Rick Roesch Margaret Russell and Tom Morrissey Lynn and Gary Schwartz Anne Segal Bill and Jennifer Thomas Jim and Cindy Varnum Leslie and Doug Williamson Andrew and Rebecca Winter BEST SELLERS Mary Allen Ginia Allison Peter Hoyle Armstrong Jan and Gert Assmus Yolanda Baumgartner Arno Bellack Marilyn Blight Ruth and Dick Blodgett Ann Bressett Jean K. Broehl Jennifer and Roger Brown Robert Bruce and Kathryn Stearns Jocelyn Chertoff and Chris Brown Children’s Fund of the Upper Valley Marilyn Crichlow Judy and Tom Csatari The Cunningham Family Foundation Robert and Mary Donin Brian and Marianne Doyle Robert Fieldsteel Harold J. Frost David Gabor David and Cindy Glueck Barbara F. Hall Hanover Garden Club Jinny and Gregg Hartman Mary Ann Hayward Nicholas and Judith Jacobs John and Debra Jayne Glenn and Patricia Johnson Kathleen Jones and Donald Perovich Larry and Kay Litten Erzo Luttmer and Ellen Meara Robert and Mado Macdonald Linda MacKay Lu and Peter Martin

Dianne and Tom McFarland Marlene McGonigle Martha McLafferty Jean Meck William and Margaret Montgomery Winifred W. Morrissey Elizabeth and Jim Napier Tom and Lynne Naughton Nancy Parker Polly and Henry Parker Mr. and Mrs. Jay Pierson Marjorie Rose and Douglas Irwin Jay and Colleen Rozzi Fred and Joan Rueckert Rick and Jan Sayles James E. and Sonia Sheridan Madlyn R. Smith Kathy and Robert Snyder Carol and Harold Sox Lyn Swett Miller and Donald Miller Morton Wise BOOKWORMS Heywood and Bea Alexander Peter and Judy Anderson Patricia Appleton Carol Armstrong Duncan and Dorothy Aspinwall Ken Baker and Judith Reeve Sharry Baker Lisa Baldez and John Carey James Barrett James and Mary Barry Bill and Fran Baschnagel Richard and Amelia Baughman John and Virginia Bayliss Ronald Bean Martha and Jim Beattie Mark Beliveau Priscilla and Jack Benson Dr. and Mrs. Jim Bernat Carol and Danny Blanchflower Tom Blinkhorn and Betsy McGean Gunnar Blix and Michele VanderHeyden Barbara Blough Anne L. Boswell Richard S. Bower William and Susan Boyle Elizabeth Breunig Ann and Bill Brine


KEY TO GIVING LEVELS Thank you to all who donated to Howe Library during fiscal year 2014-2015. Many donations are not listed at the request of the donors. We apologize for any errors or omissions. Contact the library with corrections. This is a list of donations received by June 30, 2015. Donations received after June 30, 2015 are credited to fiscal year 2015—2016 and will be listed in next year’s report. Rare Books $2,500 + First Editions $1,000—$2,499 Classics $500—$999 Best Sellers $250— $499 Bookworms $100—$249 Community Bookshelf up to $99


INSPIRED ARTS AND CRAFTS AT THE LIBRARY. Brook Hollow Association of Homeowners Gary Brooks and Barbara Duncan Scott and Mary Brown Tom and Ellen Brydges Sarah and Jay Buckey Kenneth and Marion Burchard Joan R. Burchenal Spencer Burdge Dawn and Bryan Burns Barbara and Alan Callaway Bill and Nancy Carter Molly and Neil Castaldo Ed Chamberlain Jan and Rob Chapman Steve Chapman and Cathy Shubkin Ing-Haw Cheng and Courtney Stoddard Peter and Kathy Christie Mary Churchill Richard and Ellen Clattenburg William and Elizabeth Clendenning Jeffrey Cohen and Renee Vebell Margaret Colton Kate Connolly Russell and Marjorie Cook Sylvia Cook

Keri W. and Kinson Craft Susan and Jonathan Crane Gertrude Daley Denise Dame Jane Darrach Marilyn and Bryant Denk Joseph and Elizabeth DeSimone Jim and Joan Doig Karyl and Brian Drew Margaret Drinker Woody and Emily Eckels Dale and Christine Eickelman Heidi and Cameron Eldred Camilo and Jeanette Fadul Charles and Charlotte Faulkner Robert Field Five-Colleges Book Sale Norm Fridlund Hal and Fran Friedman Elsa Garmire and Bob Russell Bill and Kathy Geraghty William and Ridie Ghezzi Roger Gilmore Paul W. Glover, Jr. Pat Glowa and Donald Kollisch


Peter and Melanie Golder Sean and Alison Gorman Thomas and Margaret Greene Barbara and Vail Haak Susan Hanifin and Kevin Cotter Harlow/Margotta Family Mike and Andrea Harris Alice and John Harrison Nick and Connie Harvey Kathy and Jeff Hastings William and Jill Hatch Elaine Hawthorne Ed and Carrie Hayman James and Nancy Heffernan Walter and Frances Herbert Betty Heston Grace Hill Sandra Hoeh Romer and Deming Holleran Irene Hollister The Hoopes-Scheidt Family Jeffrey Horrell and Rodney Rose Alan and Joan Horton Veronica Ingham and Rafael La Porta Susan and Mark Israel Pat Jackson Lynn and Robert Johnston Richard Joseph and Maggie Kundtz Dorothy Judd J. R. and Carolyn Judson Mary Hart Keeley Ron and Carol Keenhold Thomas and Lia Kehler Pattrawadi and Francis Kennedy Bruce and Mary King Judy and Gene Kohn Peter and Diana Krass Tom and Aggie Kurtz David and Nancy Lagomarsino Fred and Ruth Lappin William Laycock III and Kathy Zug

Mr. and Mrs. David Lent Frank and Drewry Logan Joanna M. Long Bruce and Martha Lorden Don Magill Josette and Raymond Malley Sally and Ralph Manuel Matthew and Elizabeth Marshall James and Marjorie Matthews Barbara and Douglas McIlroy Leo McKenna Sarah Miles and Kevin McCurdy Marie Miller Jeff Milroy Nancy H. Mitchell June Morgan Mary Mudge Albert and Margaret Mulley Joyce and Walter Noll Richard and Sharon Nordgren Brenda and Jerry Nunnally Mary Ann and Gerald O’Connor Janice and Joe O’Donnell Carol Olwert Angela Orlando and Edward Beliveau Jose and Marcia Peraza Dick and Melanie Podolec Francie Prosser-Riessen and Bob Riessen Sukie Punjasthitkul Scott and Alison Purvis Eileen Rawnsley James and Heidi Reynolds Cynthia and Jerome Richey Jennifer Rickards and Jona Roberts Les and Diane Riman Mary Lougee Ripley Daniel and Ellen Rockmore Herb and Lois Roland Marilyn Roos Schertzer Family Bruce and Michele Sacerdote Sandra and Erland Schulson Susan and Stephen Shadford Sierra Club Upper Valley Group Woody and Debbie Simonds Margaret W. Smith Roger Soderberg Edward Sonk Bengt and Ulla Sonnerup

Barbara Spaid Lynne and John Stahler John P. Stearns Bruce and Betsy Stefany Jane and Joe Stevens Phillip and Mary Beth Stocken Edith and William Summers Barbara and Malcolm Swenson Betsy Sylvester Andrea Tarnowski Gail and Alva Taylor Kathryn Taylor and Weyman Lundquist Buddy and Kirsten Teevens Samuel Tefft Carolyn C. Tenney Vijay Thadani and Onita Connington Ann and Dennis Thron Brian and Sarah Tomlin Phyllis Tremaine Trumbull-Nelson Construction Co., Inc. Arifa Toor and John Trummel Stanley and Lee Udy Charles and Natalie Urmson Timothy and Susan Wagg Margery S. Walker Jean and Douglas Watson Sharon and John Weaver M. Jane Welsh Charlie and Leah Wheelan Huntley and Lynne Whitacre Susie Whitcomb Mary H. White Mr. Stephan Wiet and Mrs. Stuart Wiet Jennifer and Stan Williams Sybil Williamson Tom and Joan Wilson Womens Network of the Upper Valley Stephen and Suzie Woods James and Susan Wright Dr. and Mrs. William Young COMMUNITY BOOKSHELF Carol Abbey and Thomas Urgo Bradford Agry Patty Armstrong and Fred Perkins Perry and Jeanne Ball Ingrid Barrett MK Beach and Terry Osborne Jim and Jean Behnke



Helen Bircher Dale Peters Bryant Helena Burdge Jacqueline Parker Clement Alice Osswalt Reed

GIFTS TO THE ENDOWMENT Fredrika and William Clement

EMILY’S LEGACY SOCIETY - 2015 John W. and Mary D. Hewitt bequest fulfilled

To learn more about the Emily’s Legacy Society, contact the Development Office at: (603) 640-3260


John and Jessica Bell Bernard Benn and Vivian Kogan Hank and Sophie Bernstein Chrysanthi Bien Helen H. Bircher Willy Black Marilyn Blodgett Marjorie Boley Ann C. Bracken Elizabeth and David Bracken Sargent Bradlee Ann and David Bradley Margaret Bragg Carolyn and Yorke Brown Jean and William Brown Virginia Cadbury Mary Ann and Len Cadwallader Elizabeth Cascio and Ethan Lewis Nita and Mike Choukas Dave and Ann Cioffi

Cary and Tina Clark Monte and Pat Clinton Barbara Cole Bornholdt - Collins Family Laura E. Conkey Leslie and John Connolly Christopher Connor Joe and Carolyn Cravero Debby and Larry Cromwell Mimi Curphey Davison Block and Annex LLC Helen and Gus DeMaggio Bill Dietrich David Dostal Anne Downey and Glenn King Katie Eaton Susan and Brian Edwards Linda and Rick Ely Felixa and Clifford Eskey Katharine Fisher



Joanne Foulk and Denis Kelemen Posey Fowler Peter and Marcia Frederick Sharon Fromm Arthur Z. Gardiner Jr. and Robin Nuse Charles and Joan Garipay Wayne Gersen and Gail Kuhl Leah G. Goat Caroline and Richard Godfrey Katy Goldschmidt Dennis and Laura-Beth Goodman Bill and Cristina Hammond Patricia and David Harrison John Hatheway Peter Haubrich Pete Henderson Kelley Hersey and Fred Faudie Margaret Johnson Theo Joseph Kazal Family Tom Kearney and Rebecca Pschirrer Sarah-Jane and Philip Kerr Suzanne Laaspere Mary R. Lincoln Boris Makarov and Olga Vandycheva Tim Matson Margot McCaffrey John and Nina McCall Audrey T. McCollum Martha McDaniel and Stephen Plume Kathryn McLaughlin The McNulty Family Gail and Mark McPeek Roger and Linda McWilliams Finetta Veronica Mellish Ellen and Anthony Merlis Donald Mesec and Rebecca Rice Bill and Bray Mitchell Shirley and David Montgomery Joann and Zygmon Onacki Penny Paquette

Barbara and Henry Payson Alyssa and Michael Pearl Vincent and Joan Piccolo Louise Pietsch Mary Piper Cornelia and Matthew Purcell Mrs. Terry Quattrone Martina A. Quellmann John and Jennifer Randolph Peter Rankin Cary Reich Shirley H. Robinson Nancy Sachetti Cathleen Scanlan The Schembri Family Molly P. Scheu Jill and John Schiffman Bruce Scott Ken and Liese Shewmaker Kay and Peter Shumway Iain and Caroline Sim Mrs. Barbara Smith Martia Smith and Jennifer Bixby Steven and Maura Smith John and Mary Snell Doug and Beth Staiger Eleanor Stephenson Vicki Sterquell and Jake Steen Marjorie Storrs Ruth Sylvester Louise Nunan Taylor Thomas and Pamelia Tisza Linda Titus Anne Tullar The Madonia Family Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Velez Karen and Don Watson Robert Weatherill Priscilla Williams Genevieve Williamson Martin and Yolanda Witschi Ms. Joan Wolter Jane Womack Kristin and Stewart Wood Marjorie and Jimmy Wu Arthur and Jeanne Young

Howe 2.0 Get Hands-on at the Howe

Howe 2.0. is a new maker-space type program that started this spring. The last Sunday of each month a different hands-on activity takes place in the South Reading Room of the library. Programs so far have included a Pysanky Egg-making demonstration, card-making, gardening, bike repair, circus arts, preserving vegetables, and technology. To finish the year we’ll have events related to Halloween makeup, (with Northern Stage), duct tape art, and testing out your holiday gift. This a great opportunity for patrons to try something new and unexpected in the library. Just look for our Howe 2.0 posters and logo (see below) to find out what exciting events are coming up next.


The Howel Classic 2015


any thanks go to the individuals, families, and businesses of the Upper Valley who came together to support the 2015 Howel Classic Mini-Golf Extravaganza. The weekend was quite a success, with more than 500 people attending and the library raising over $36,000. One attendee relayed, “My children were here all day Sunday, and my husband and I came Saturday night with our friends. It was a fantastic weekend for the whole family!”

Join us March 19-20, 2016 for the 6th Annual Howel Classic mini-golf weekend.

A special thank you to our generous corporate sponsors RARE BOOKS The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation Mascoma Savings Bank FIRST EDITIONS JMH Wealth Management Lake Sunapee Bank Merrill Lynch White Mountains Capital, Inc. BEST SELLERS Baker Orthodontics Bayson Hanover Properties, LLC Bella Clothing & Shoes Charter Trust Company Chase Brook Software, LLC Chippers Coldwell Banker Redpath & Co. Computac Estes & Gallup Gallagher, Flynn & Company, LLP Granite Value Capital, LLC Housing Solutions Real Estate, LLC Hypertherm, Inc. Ledyard National Bank Northeast Credit Union Norton Asset Management RiverRun Medical Offices Roger Clarkson Realtors Steerforth Press Von Bargen’s Jewelry Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Wheelock Terrace

13 South Street Hanover, NH 03755 603-640-3260 Pictures courtesy of John Douglas with Flying Squirrel Photography, Rachel Roze, and © 2015 Joanne Sergeant.

The Howe Library Corporation Annual Report 2015  

This publication contains reports from the Treasurer and Director, a list of past donors, and a spread containing photos of Howe patrons enj...

The Howe Library Corporation Annual Report 2015  

This publication contains reports from the Treasurer and Director, a list of past donors, and a spread containing photos of Howe patrons enj...