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Heartburn is an unusual feeling towards a person that is usually unexplainable, the hot feeling in the middle of your chest mixed with sour and bitter taste within your tongue; of course not all people experience having heartburn, so it is understandable that they have the right to complain if they experience this kind of pain.

How Long Does Heartburn Last In order for you to determine on how long does heartburn last. First you need to determine the cause of the pain burning you entire abdomen, for example, heartburn usually take occur when improper function of the esophageal sphincter exists, then probably it would take you a while to heal the pain. Sometimes, the muscle may experience being irritated or inflamed, which is the main reason on preventing forming solid substance against the esophagus, when things like this happen, the acid from the stomach eventually climbs to the upper part of your body which is the esophagus and this is the main reason on why people are experiencing heartburn. If a person is experiencing this kind of heartburn problem then it would take a lot of time to heal their pain. People may heal the heartburn fast by eating mildly while drinking plenty of water; it would clean up the passage through the esophageal sphincter.

Symptoms Of Gerd Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease or simple called as GERD is also called as heart burn for short; this is usually felt by people who are eating excessively without having any rest. This pain is commonly mistaken by people for heart attack because both of them have similar symptoms and pains. But, it has more different scenario because heart attack is a worst case compared to a heart burn. The heartburn may treat by medicine, while a heart attack may result to one’s death.

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