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Groundbreaking How-To Programming

“Straight To The Source”

Three young adults who love to learn, traveling the country seeking out the most fun, exciting and crazy tasks and the right people in the best places to show them how to do them.

Episode 1: Learning about the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, we travel to Seablue restaurant in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand to learn how to make their signature Paella. Episode 2: The gang visits a New Orleans fisherman to learn how to catch a catfish by hand. Episode 3: A trip to the UFC title match in Oregon gives us a chance to learn from the experts how to break a neck-lock. Episode 4: In the wake of the wildfires, we visit LA to learn how to help a community in the wake of a natural disaster. Episode 5: The group is taught basket weaving at Longaberger Basket Company’s home office Episode 6: We learn how to build a laser from the scientists at UC Berkley, home of the world’s smallest semiconductor laser!

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“Worst Case” Scenario

Experts coach ordinary human begins against everyday worst case scenarios.

Episode 1: You’re late to a meeting and you are in stand still traffic with no sign of it letting up. Episode 2: You and your spouse are set for a romantic weekend for the two of you when your parents show up as a surprise. Episode 3: You enter an elevator and half way through your trip to the 20th floor there is a blackout. Episode 4: You're on a blind date, and suddenly last night's burrito heads urgently south. Episode 5: Forgetting everything you learned in grade school, you've licked a metal surface in winter and now you're stuck to it Episode 6: Due to a technical data error, your bank's computer shows you as deceased.

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“Celebrity How-to Challenge”

Two celebrities, each an expert in very different areas, hang out, trade secrets and teach each other (and the audience) their skill.

Episode 1: Jackie Chan/Paris Hilton - he teaches her kung-fu, she takes him shopping. Episode 2: Chris Rock/Martha Stewart - he coaches her on doing standup, she oversees him baking or decorating. Episode 3: Deter Jeter/Rudy Guiliani – Rudy advises Jeter on giving a press conference, Jeter teaches Rudy to hit. Episode 4: Robert Pattinson/Phil Helmuth – Phil teaches Robert to bluff, Robert teaches Phil to deal with paparazzi. Episode 5: Dr. Phil/Diablo Cody – he teaches her how to talk to her relatives, she teaches him how to quip.

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“Start Me Up”

Answering the question “where do I begin,” this show takes an area of life that can be daunting and intimidating and breaks it down, gets the viewer started and makes the goal attainable.

Episode 1: I just got a job in another state, I have to move, so I have to sell my house quickly but I have no idea how to go about it. Episode 2: I am an adult, I never graduated from high school, I want to go back and get my diploma but I don’t know where to start. Episode 3: As I get older, I’m starting to make a little more money, I know I should be investing it, but I don’t know the first thing about the stock market. Episode 4: I want to go wireless, set up a home office, and upgrade my media options…but all the technology is really confusing. Episode 5: I want to propose to my girlfriend, but I don’t know anything about engagement rings, weddings, marriage implications, etc.

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“How Do YOU How To”

A personal and intimate approach to how-to with some of the most exciting, innovative and trend-setting personalities and brands in new media.

Episode 1: Wine Library TV’s Gary Vaynerchuk teaches how to magically open a bottle of wine and the ins and outs of proper spitting. Episode 2: Ford Model Delphine Dijon reveals the secret to doing the “sexy” look in a photo shoot. Episode 3: The cast of Stomp offer tricks for keeping a beat that even the most rhythmically challenged can follow. Episode 4: Jack Dorsey of Twitter talks about how to start a business – and how to get a taxi during rush hour. Episode 5: Miley Cyrus demonstrates how to do a quick costume change. Episode 6: Joss Whedon gives us his personal secret recipe for Firefly chili and talks about the six sacred rules of sci-fi.

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Gary Vaynerchuk – NY Times

Why The Partnership Will Succeed YouTube and Howcast have a proven track record of a successful partnership. Utilizing each party’s strengths will take that success to a new level.

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The YouTube and Google sales teams are industry leaders in establishing brand relationships for online media and online content. Howcast has become the preferred partner for creative how-to content for top brands and agencies.

YouTube has one of the most engaged online video audiences and Howcast has the most creative production team in the how-to vertical. Pairing these two complimentary characteristics is a match made for success.

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