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Howard Zelin - An Expert in Providing Solution for Challenging Commercial Real Estate

Howard Zelin – Offers innovative solutions for the growing market place •Howard focuses on offering solutions to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving commercial real estate marketplace. •He has developed and constructed various projects along the East coast. •Including multi-family projects in Brooklyn and the Bronx •Involved in Single-family construction in New York, Florida and Massachusetts.

Howard Zelin is responsible for – •Developing work plans •Managing authority’s construction staff responsible for overseeing •Performance of authority’s construction •Monitoring contractor’s work and ensures that project is commencing – On time Within budget Delivers great quality Done in accordance to safety •Reviewing contract documents •Assisting pre bid conferences, procurement, and evaluations

Howard Zelin - President of New Atlantic Capital Corp •Howard Zelin is also working as the president of the New Atlantic Capital Corp. and provides innovative capital solutions for a rapidly evolving commercial real estate market. •The New Atlantic Capital Corp. offers bridge financing for multifamily and commercial properties. •They provide first mortgage financing for properties located in strong markets with excellent sponsorship. •Multifamily properties will be underwritten to an agency take-out at maturity.

About Howard Zelin •Howard Zelin holds a Bachelor degree in Construction from the University of California. •He has 15 years of expertise in aerial structures and light rail systems. •Throughout his career, Howard has worked on projects of varied size and budget. •He has also successfully handled construction of public projects.

Howard Zelin  
Howard Zelin  

Howard zelin an expert in providing solution for challenging commercial real estate