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Commercial Real Estate Attorney Tampa Real Estate Lawyers: at the Galewski Law Group we provide complete coverage of all of your real estate needs. On the Corporate side we have worked with full and part-time real estate investors, developers and contractors to assure that our clients have confidence in their business dealings. We have helped solve problems and moved to advance development with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and with neighborhood enhancement programs. We have helped motivate otherwise neglectful and non-responsive contractors and we have helped contractors to defend their work and get the money due them. Commercial real estate attorney also represent individuals and families to bring peace of mind into what may be their most prized investment -- their homes. We understand the problems and worries in purchasing and selling a home or investment property. Our goal is to make your home buying experience a pleasure. We work closely with the Galewski Title Company to make certain that your closing day is a moment of pride. Our Real Estate practice is divided into a transaction side that works on short sales, modifications,, and traditional real estate transactions and Litigation where we fight foreclosure, save homes in bankruptcy, or engage in traditional real estate litigation over contracts gone bad, failure to disclose problems in real estate purchases, and other land disputes such as quiet title actions, eminent domain, boundary disputes, water and easement rights Home Owners Association Problems, Property liability and Defense and nuisances.

Commercial real estate attorney