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Thunder Lake Property Owners Newsletter Fall 2013 “Summer should get a speeding ticket.” – Unknown Thunder Lake Property Owners Association Meeting Our Fall Meeting will be held on Saturday, August 31st, at 10:00 a.m. We will meet in the Citizens Sportsmen Club, at the corner of Larson and Fountain Roads. The agenda for the meeting is as follows: - Call to Order o Poker Run - Opening Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance o Fall Cookout - Introductions - Old Business - Approval of Minutes o Report on Ramp Access - Treasurer’s Report - New Business - Committee Reports - Remarks from the Group o Fishing - Adjournment o Welcoming Be A Number Why are owners asked to put lot numbers on their watercraft? There are actually several reasons. The most obvious one is to help in the return of an escapee from your dock or lot thanks to high winds, loose knots, broken ropes, on inattentive children. Another reason is lake security. We are a private lake. We do not want non-owners launching boats that may have been in zebra mussel infested water in the last 30 days. If your boat, kayak, canoe, or water trampoline has a lot number on it, we have a good idea it belongs on our water. Lot numbers can also help create a better sense of neighborhood. Rather than identifying a person on the water as the guy who always wears a Bears cap, or has a black dog, we can identify them by lot number, and realize “gee they are only a few lots down from us.” Or next time you take a walk and see them you can compliment them on their nice boat, or hat. Membership lists will also help but a name to a number. Vinyl numbers for boats, canoes, and kayaks are available from Lou Goss. If yours have faded or fallen off, we have plenty. Flotation devices can be marked with indelible markers, where it doesn’t show. From the President Have you told your friends back home what a wonderful lake this is? I notice that there are several cottages for sale around our lake at this time. Prices appear to still be depressed from a few years ago. So for someone who is shopping for lake propety, there are probably good bargains available. Also, please note that the hearing regarding renewal of the Thunder Lake Improvement Board authorization was held Friday August 16. We are fortunate to have a pro-active board watching out for and ready to address the things that might diminish the quality of our lake. Our thanks to Wayne Fries, Howard Vaas, and Diane Schavillie, who serve without any compensation, along with our county drain commissioner, Dave Hasenbank, and the county commissioner, Janet Andersen. We can thank Dave Hasenbank who does a great deal of detail work as the secretary to the board, in addition to his regular duties. Due to some unusual personal circumstances, none of our representatives will be present for a Q&A session following our Fall Meeting. - Stan

Did You Know? The Mason County area was once called Not a pe ka gon. Which in the Ottawa Indian language meant “River with heads on sticks.” ………………….Oh. The Battle Won, the War Never Over It appears we won the latest battle with our unwanted visitor, Eurasian Milfoil. Boats could traverse the west end of the lake. Floaters could enjoy an afternoon float without using a machete. Fishermen could cast freely without snagging a 5 pound glob of vegetation. The battle was not cheap, and not always the best executed. But the results were satisfying. The war goes on, forever. Let’s enjoy the lull. Zebra mussels are lurking on the hull of your friend’s canoe.

Mark Your Calendar August 31 – Fall TLPOA Meeting and Lake Picnic September 2 – Labor Day May 24 – Spring TLPOA Meeting Ah, the Loosestrife Are in Bloom Noticed any pretty purple flowers along your shoreline? Does the stem seem squarish, the leaves opposite each other? Quick, spray the flower with soapy water, bag the blossom in a Wal-Mart bag, and dig it out. Odds are it is Purple Loosestrife. Yes it is pretty and yes it can take over a shoreline, a body of shallow water, and be a huge nuisance. Do not burn the plant as that will help spread the tiny seeds which are bountiful on the plant. Need help, call Lou Goss. To Burn or Not to Burn For those who are internet savvy go to If you don’t have internet access you can call 1-866-922-BURN. Smile A young guy walks into a bar for the first time and orders a drink. Some of the old timers are telling jokes. One of them says "Seventeen" and the other old timers all roar with laughter. A little later, another of them says "ThirtyTwo" and again, they all laugh and holler. Well, the new guy can't figure out what's going on, so he asks one of the locals next to him "What are these old-timers doing?" The local says "Well, they've been hanging around together so long they all know all the same jokes, so to save extra time they've given all the old jokes numbers." The new fellow says "That's mighty clever! I think I'll try that." So he stands up and says in a loud voice "Nineteen!" Silence; everybody just looks at him, but nobody laughs. Embarrassed, he sits down again, and asks the local fellow "What happened? Why didn't anyone laugh?" The local says "Well, son, ya just didn't tell it right..." Thunder Lake Property Owners Association Board Stan Hagemeyer (Lot 36 ) – President - 231- 613-2252 Bob Riemersma (Lot 5) – Treasurer - 231-462-9629 Larry Cutter (Lot 72) – Trustee – 231-233-5672 Doug Montey (Lot 14) – Trustee – 269-468-3067

Diane Schavillie (Lot 18) – Vice President - 231-462-3309 Lou Goss (Lots 69, 70) – Secretary/Editor 765-729-2541 Dave Warner (Lot 23) - Trustee – 231-462-3032

Your comments and questions are always welcome -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2013 Thunder Lake Property Owners Association Dues Annual Membership dues are $25.00 per owner. Your financial support helps keep Thunder Lake the place we love. Make checks payable to Thunder Lake Property Owners Association. Thank you! Name(s)_______________________________________________________________

Lot #_______________

Mailing Address_______________________________________ City________________ State______________ ZIP ____________ Phone (Area Code) ____________________ Email_________________________________ Send to: Bob Riemersma, 5819 N. Benson Road, Fountain, MI 49410

Thunder Lake Property Owners Meeting Spring 2013 Minutes May 25, 2013 Citizens Sportsmen Club Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 10:02 a.m. by President Stan Hagemeyer. Stan gave the Opening Prayer and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. He also gave a brief explanation of the meeting mechanics for the several new members. Introductions - Self introductions were made by the group. Special Guests – Stan introduced Jerry Chancellor and Brandon Quinn from the Fountain Area Volunteer Fire Department. They reviewed the past year’s activity of the department for the group which included 167 calls. They are forming a Rapid Intervention Team to better serve our community. Stan Hagemeyer presented the group with a check representing our thanks and support of their efforts. Stan also highlighted Jerry’s long term service with the organization which has spanned 50 years. Jerry also described local Chamber of Commerce efforts to construct a heritage trail park in Fountain recognizing the area’s history. Approval of Minutes The minutes of the Fall 2012 meeting were approved on a motion by Russ Crider, seconded by Edna Mitchell. Treasurer’s Report Bob presented the Treasurer’s Report and the list of paid members for 2012t. Motion to approve by Dick Brammer, seconded by Wally Marks. Committee Reports Fishing - Wayne Fries recommended planting more Walleyes. After discussion a motion was made by Wayne to stock 200 Walleyes in the Fall at a cost of approximately $500. Seconded by Howard Voss and passed by the group. th Summer Picnic/Poker Run – The annual event will be held on July 6 . Registration will be from 10:00 a.m. to noon at Barb and Gary Gerran’s (Lot 52). A carry-in cookout will follow at Gary and Sue Vredeveld’s (Lot 12). st Fall Cookout – This year’s event will be on Saturday, August 31 , hosted once again by Bob and Judi Riemersma. Old Business - None New Business Election of Trustee – Stan thanked Herb Huch for his service the past three years as a trustee. He then opened the floor for nominations. Doug Montey was nominated by Anne Goss, seconded by Russ Crider. There being no other nominations, Doug Montey was elected to a three year term by acclamation. Heritage Trail – On a motion by Diane Schavillie, seconded by Bruce Ricco, a motion was passed to support the local memorial with a donation of $200. The motion passed. Wheelchair Access – A discussion was held concerning the accessibility of the Citizens Sportsmen Club by our members requiring wheelchairs. Larry Cook stated he would research the requirements. The motion to construct a ramp by Lou Goss, seconded by Jack Dugan was tabled. Remarks from the Group Barb Fries reminded the group of the Neighborhood Watch meetings the third Thursday of the month at the township hall. Bruce Ricco asked what could be done to assure the water flow from Blue Lake and the outflow to Ford Lake could be reviewed. Stan stated that the Lake Improvement Board could look into the matter. Lou Goss announced he had plenty of boat numbers. The meeting was adjourned at 11:02 on a motion by Mary Ann Hagemeyer, seconded by Hilda Montey. Members of the Lake Improvement Board were present to answer questions about the condition of the lake. Respectfully Submitted,

Lou Goss, Secretary

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