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Bookstore Mission/ Vision: The Howard University Bookstore is dedicated to supporting the academic mission of Howard University by providing students, faculty and the University community with excellent service consisting of a wide range of textbooks, general books, supplies, apparel, gifts and other merchandise. In this continuing effort, the bookstore will serve as a public focal point, enhancing the image of the university by reflecting the University’s highest intellectual standard and commitment to learning. The HUB will be recognized as one of the top sources in the Washington Metropolitan area through its dynamic contributions to the discussion and celebration of the African American culture, experience, history, and especially, literature.

2225 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20059 Phone: 202.238.2640 Fax: 202.986.1981 Website:


Genevieve Nixon, Marketing Manager Phone: 202.238.2660 Email:


Howard University

Company Summary Howard University Bookstore (HUB) is a college bookstore that truly goes beyond the traditional college bookstore. The HUB was renovated and re-opened in September of 1999 with the intention to not only offer products and services, but to show case the best of Howard University. The bookstore is located at 2225 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC, on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Howard Center and occupies approximately 32, 000 sq. ft. with about 15, 000 sq. ft. functioning as retail space. The first floor houses the Apparel & Gifts, and General Book departments, as well as Customer Service, and a Starbucks Coffee cafe. Its second floor includes the Textbook, Health Sciences, Supplies & Electronics, and Computer departments, and the Administrative offices. Often referred to as “the HUB of the African American Cultural Experience”. The “HUB”, a moniker that speaks to its purpose, is located on the Howard University campus in Washington D.C. on the busy Georgia Avenue strip. Its core market consists of the academic community, which includes faculty, staff, students, and alumni. In the past three years the HUB has seen a great deal of success and has either met or surpassed its financial goals.

Projected Outcomes

In addition to specific financial objectives, the intention is to become the premier meeting point for both the D.C. metropolitan and academic community. The goal is to become a “HUB” in the truest sense of the word; a one-stop destination for book signing events, quality merchandise, and a host of enriching community activities. Another unique quality about the store is its ever-changing location. The past few years have bore witness to a growth in both commercial and residential real estate. As a result, the historically black residential Georgia Avenue is experiencing a change in its racial demographic, with more and more Caucasian buyers inhabiting an area that was once seen as under-developed and undesirable. During these early stages of gentrification, the HUB, which has catered to a historically black college within its predominately black surroundings, has been challenged to think outside of the box with regard to the bookstores past marketing and merchandising tactics. It has also challenged the HUB to explore the geo-demographical advantages of having a Starbucks café affiliated with the bookstore, an establishment whose romantic vision of coffee has created a cult following amongst all races. By building awareness, name, and equity, the Howard University Bookstore desires to become a “HUB” a commercially prosperous focal point that will be graced with a variety of customers with a common desire for great literature, a relaxing atmosphere, and quality merchandise.


In the realm of college bookstores the HUB is a cut above. What Howard University posses is a place that has become home to celebrities, best-selling authors, and the first college bookstore with a full service Starbucks Café. What the bookstore offers the Washington D.C. and Howard University community is invaluable. In the coming year, the bookstore intends to translate that sentiment into a thorough awareness campaign that will not only bring the community to the bookstore, but also bring the bookstore to the community. This comprehensive marketing plan, will assist in promoting not only the bookstore in increasing revenue, but will also aid in enhancing the best of Howard University.

Products and Services

The HUB is a full service bookstore that specifically services the needs of the Howard University as well as computers, electronics, school & office supplies, art supplies, medical & dental supplies, health & beauty ai film development, laundry cards, Bank of America ATM, and a Starbucks Coffee café. The Apparel & Gift d as the founding home to two African-American Greek organizations. The General Books section that has b Starbucks Coffee café has been a great source of consumer traffic since it’s opening in October 2002. Its s

Vending & Trademark Licensing

Also located at the HUB is the Office of Trademark Licensing & Vending. Howard’s Licensing and Trademar use of the university’s name and logos on high quality and tasteful merchandise. Howard University require approval before using any Howard Indicia. This includes all names or logos that are registered trademarks o implies an association with the university.

This formal licensing program is administered through the Office of Trademark Licensing & Vending and in p and marketing representative. Formed in 1981, CLC assists collegiate licensors in protecting and controllin 200 universities, bowl games, conferences, the NCAA and the Heisman Trophy. Based in Atlanta, CLC prov revenue potential through the power of consolidation.

The Office of Trademark Licensing & Vending is responsible for the logistics and oversight of vendors selling and external organizations with confirmed events at Howard University, that are planning vending activities permit.

the Washington D.C. community. The HUB sells a wide range of apparel gifts, Greek merchandise, ids, food, textbooks, and African American literature. The HUB also provides numbers services, such as department is expanding the Greek paraphernalia due to the historical connection to Howard University, become home for many best-selling authors during their publishing house sponsored book tours. services include a full service cafĂŠ and an array of Starbucks merchandise

rks Program works to promote, enhance and elevate the image of Howard University by authorizing the es that all individuals, organizations, departments and companies, both internal and external, obtain prior of the university, as well as any use of university color schemes in combination with facts or wording that

partnership with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC). CLC is the nation’s leading collegiate licensing ng the use of their logos through trademark licensing. The CLC Consortium consists of more than vides its member institutions the expertise, resources and experience necessary to maximize licensing

Howard University



g food and other merchandise on Howard’s campus. University departments, student organizations, must be approved by this office. All necessary requirements must be met in order to obtain a vending

Event Resume'

Book Signings The Howard University Bookstore has had the great privilege of hosting a large list of outstanding and notable authors and celebrities such as Omar Tyree, Quincy Jones, Terry McMillan, Magic Johnson, Michael Eric Dyson, E. Lynn Harris, Isaiah Washington and Tyrese Gibson. We have always referred to our 2225 Georgia Avenue location as: “the HUB of the African American cultural experience”. In keeping with our motto, it has been our lifelong mission to provide a space for African American authors and readers that not only welcomes but also reflects the African-American community. The HUB offers a spacious area on our 2nd floor. Our 2nd floor can accommodate approximately 50 sitting and 50 standing.

Previous Authors

Howard Howard University University


Monique Hill Harper Omarosa Manigault Susan Taylor Kimora Lee Simmons Victoria Rowell Sister Souljah Wanda Sykes Tavis Smiley August Wilson Zane Toure’ Cornell West Rev. Al Sharpton Vernon Jordan Russ Parr Demetria Lucas Fonzworth Bentley Prodigy of Mobb Deep


Marketing and Events Booking Inform Booking Procedures Authors: If your title is available through a national distributor, please submit a non-returnable reading copy and press-kit. We do schedule signings for self-published or print-on-demand titles, but there must be a minimum of 4 weeks to acquire your title. Due to the large number of author signings hosted we can not guarantee that every request will be accommodated. • A bookstore representative will be on hand to greet you upon your arrival. We invite you to arrive a halfhour earlier for a tour of the bookstore. • The Howard University Bookstore (HUB) will make arrangements to secure the books. • A bookstore representative will be available to assist throughout your autograph period as you sign purchased copies. • We will supply a desk, chair and appropriate writing utensils.

Donation Requests: The HUB only provides a limited number of donations to select organizations per year. Please submit donation requests on official letterhead six weeks in advance of date needed to the bookstore.

Location Shoots/Group Events: All location requests for book signings must be submitted 4 weeks in advance of date needed. Please submit a proposal with the dates, times, location, and equipment listed. We will contact you if the bookstore is able to accommodate your project.

To book your next author signing please contact: Adrianne Mickens, Marketing Specialist Phone: (202) 238.2523 Email: If you would like to sell your books at the HUB contact: Kirk Thomas, General Books Buyer Phone: (202) 238.2674 Email:

mation Advertisement & Marketing of Events Advertisement & Marketing of Events Upon notification of the event, the HUB utilizes several methods of advertisement, so as to inform both the academic and non-academic community of the events occurring at the bookstore. We also report to the Washington Post Sunday Source, the Howard University Hilltop, as well as the Washington DC City Paper event calendar.

We also post a bulletin on an internet based listing called Netread, which distributes book signing information to media sources all across the globe such as C-Span’s Book TV and the Washington Post’s Book World section. In some cases, we have been known to partner and receive coverage from local radio stations such as Howard University’s very own WHUR 96.3, located exactly 1 block away from the bookstore and home to the successful “Doug and Lorna Show”, and Radio One’s, WKYS 93.9 and Majic 102.3 for larger author signing events. Lastly, we have a listing that is specifically distributed to university’s faculty, staff, and student population. We also encourage you to notify appropriate audiences of your appearance at the “HUB”. Your publicist may wish to contact us for more information. All of this is to ensure the best event that the Howard University Bookstore can offer the author and the bookstores surrounding community.


Howard University




Peak Tour Times Howard University Convocation

Approx. Month - September This ceremony, which marks the beginning of a new academic year, has been host to a stellar list of notables to include the Reverend Jesse Jackson, the Honorable John Lewis, Bryant Gumbel, and the Reverend Vashti McKenzie. With well over a 500 students, faculty, staff, and members of the community in attendance for this prestigious speaking engagement, this is a key opportunity for high-profile authors to visit the campus. Selection of this speaker is made by the Office of the Secretary, but they accept bids from several departments within the University. If you are interested in having your author speak at this engagement, please contact our Marketing Department by the first week of June.

Howard University Homecoming

Approx. Month - October One Howard University’s most celebrated times of the year is their annual Homecoming Celebration. With student organized fashion shows, parties, and concerts featuring some of the music industries hottest recording artists, it is not hard to see why this event has yielded such a high attendance from alumni as well as students from neighboring colleges such as Hampton University, Maryland University, and UVA. This is an extremely lucrative time of the year for authors to tour at the Howard University Bookstore. We start planning for Homecoming as early as August, so please contact our Marketing Department with your inquiries.

Howard University Charter Day

Approx. Month - March Charter Day commemorates the signing of Howard University's congressional charter, which was enacted on March 2, 1867. This event is a key time for the University as it celebrates the accomplishments of its alumni. If you have an author that is Howard University alum and you are interested in this event, please contact our Marketing Department.

National Poetry Month

Month - April The bookstore participates in this annual month-long celebration of the spoken word with the help of well – renowned poets. With spoken word events, readings and lectures, April is a month of dynamic performances from some of our local poets as well.

Black History Month

Month – February This month long celebration of Black History is a time for the bookstore to celebrate not only the richness of the African – American culture, but also to recognize the powerful impact that African - Americans have min literature and continue to make today. This is an excellent time for events, reading, lecture series hosted by the bookstore. Previous authors to appear have been Dexter Scott King, Benilde Little, and Congresswoman Eleanor Norton Holmes.

Women’s History Month

Howard University



Month – March The bookstore always honors the literary industry’s most accomplished and promising female writers in a month long celebration with key book signings, readings, and lecture series. Some of these events not only feature the female writer, but also create a forum in which one can discuss women issues and how the literary community as a whole can make a difference. Previous authors have been Frankie Freeman Muse and Marita Golden.


Located at 2225 Georgia Ave. N.W., Washington, DC 20059, approximately less than 1 mile from the new Washington Convention Center, the Howard University Bookstore is considered the main campus store. It stocks textbooks, general books, reference materials, academic supplies, art, computer hardware, software, health science, apparel, and gifts. The store features a Starbucks CafĂŠ and a Bank of America ATM.

From Maryland - Traveling West

Take the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (I-295) to New York Avenue (R-50). Take New York Avenue to Florida Avenue and turn right. Take Florida Avenue to Georgia Avenue and turn right. Take Georgia Avenue to Howard Place (approximately four blocks) and turn right. You are now on the campus of Howard University.

From Maryland - Traveling South

Take I-95 to I-495 (Silver Spring). Take I-495 to Georgia Avenue (Silver Spring). Take Georgia Avenue to Howard Place (approximately seven miles). Turn left. You are now on the campus of Howard University.

From Maryland - Traveling North

Following I-295 North across the 11th Street Bridge. Go through tunnel (I-395 North) to the 3rd Street Tunnel. Take the 3rd Street Tunnel to Massachusetts Avenue exit. (You will actually be on New Jersey Avenue not Massachusetts Avenue.) Take New Jersey Avenue to Florida Avenue and turn left. Take Florida Avenue to Georgia Avenue (approximately three blocks) and turn right. Take Georgia Avenue to Howard Place (approximately four blocks) and turn right. You are now on the campus of Howard University.

From Virginia - Traveling East

Follow Shirley Highway (I-395) East through the 3rd Street Tunnel (I-395 North) to the Massachusetts Avenue exit. (You will actually be on New Jersey Avenue not Massachusetts Avenue.) Take New Jersey Avenue to Florida Avenue and turn left. Take Florida Avenue to Georgia Avenue (approximately three blocks) and turn right. Take Georgia Avenue to Howard Place (approximately four blocks) and turn right. You are now on the Campus of Howard University.

OR Take I-66 East across the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge to Constitution Avenue. Take Constitution Avenue (23rd Street is at the end of the bridge) to 7th Street and turn left. (At Florida Avenue, 7th Street becomes Georgia Avenue.). Take Georgia Avenue to Howard Place (approximately four blocks) and turn right. You are now on the campus of Howard University.

From Virginia - Traveling North


Howard University



Howard University


Take I-95 to I-395 to the 12th Street exit. Turn right onto Constitution Avenue. Follow Constitution Avenue to 7th Street and turn left. Follow 7th Street (at Florida Avenue, 7th street becomes Georgia Avenue) to Howard Place (approximately four blocks from Florida Avenue) and turn right. You are now on the campus of Howard University.

Howard University Bookstore Press Kit  

Marketing material to advertise book signings and events at the HU Bookstore.

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