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As per research smoking can cause nearly 10 kinds of cancers, and all of which are life-threatening. This proves the extent of damage smoking can cause. Along with cancers, there are a many birth defects that can be caused by smoking. Some of these birth defects can be fixed sometimes, while at other times, these defects can become life threatening for the new born baby.

Usually, in these cases babies are born prematurely, which leads to another set of birth defects all together. As per Sunshine Summit Lodge, understanding the harmful effects of smoking can help smoking addicts to get rid of their habit. Following are some of the birth defects that could be caused due to smoking while pregnant:

Cleft Lip and Palate  An opening or a gap is known as a cleft. Cleft lip which

was known as harelip earlier is a condition where there is a small opening generally in the centre of the lips due to the face being incompletely developed at birth.  Cleft palate is a condition where the skull plates have not joined completely, due to which the soft palate will split to create an opening. Cleft lip or cleft palate can appear together or separately. The main reason for both of these conditions is the incomplete development of the foetus during gestation.

Cleft Lip and Palate  Mothers addicted to smoking should seek for help from

rehabilitation centres like Sunshine Summit Lodge to get rid of their addiction. Sometimes even though individuals understand the negative effects of smoking and want to get rid of their habit, they lack the will power to do so. In such cases receiving help externally will surely help and should not be considered as a sign of weakness.

Clubfoot  Club foot is another type of birth defect that is

caused due to smoking. Under this condition, the baby is born with the affected feet rotated towards the inside. The rotation happens at the ankles of the baby, and could affect both the feet. In some cases, surgery can be used to correct this deformity; however it is not a possibility for every case. The chances of successful surgery are high if it’s undertaken right after birth.

Defective Limbs  Many babies are born with defective limbs due to

the effects of smoking. One such defect is called polydactyly, under which the baby is born with additional finger or toe. Adactyly is another similar defect which causes the baby to be born with a missing finger or a toe.  Smoking during pregnancy should be avoided and even otherwise smoking kills, so try to get rid of your addiction at the earliest.

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Sunshine Summit Lodge - Birth defects due to Smoking  

Sunshine Summit Lodge, understanding the harmful effects of smoking can help smoking addicts to get rid of their habit.

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