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How can Meditation help Drug Addicts? Meditation is a tool that can be used to understand ones mind. People use meditation as tool to reduce mental conflicts. Addiction to drugs can be broken by meditation. There are many who do not think that meditation can help a drug addict, but then there are many who believe it and many who claim that it has set them free from drug addiction. Therefore meditation cannot be totally disapproved as a remedy for addicts. In most cases, the path to addiction begins with the mind. It begins with the subject getting really worried or reaching a situation where he or she is unable to find solution to a problem. At this point of time, the subject is willing to receive anything that can either solve the problem or help them forget the problem. Therefore instead of finding a real solution, a drug is used to forget the problem. Drugs give a high to the addict and takes them to a zone were they can no longer feel the real issues of life. Over a period of time, the addict completely loses interest in the normal world and will try to stay in the abnormal world as long as possible. This is the period where addicts will do everything in their power to get the required drug. According to Sunshine Summit Lodge, meditation is a technique that allows people to read their own mind. This allows them to recognize the insecurities and past moments in life that drove them towards their addiction. Under the effect of drugs, the mind loses control of the body, but during meditation the subject begins the process of helping the mind to regain control of the body. It is important to realize that when an individual gets addicted to drugs, the actions of that person are largely controlled by the cravings of the body. Drugs cause the mind to lose control of the body.

Sunshine Summit Lodge believes when the mind starts gaining the control back, the subject will start thinking in a rational way and will realize the damage that has happened. Meditation can be used along with psychotherapy and under medical guidance. Since meditation does not cost anything and can be done at any place and at anytime, it becomes a very handy tool. There are many books that have been written about meditation and information about it can be found online as well. The more you know about it, the more effectively it can be done.

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