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Scheduling An Amazing Party On A Yacht Charter Make your upcoming holiday or special event unique and memorable with a yacht charter. With an ever changing view of the water, wouldn't having the ability to celebrate while cruising in the ocean or river be far better than being in a sizable and stuffy conference room at a hotel or banquet hall. With a qualified yacht crew at your disposal, you will get all kinds of amenities that go well beyond the normal scope of party planning. Privacy and Intimacy On a chartered yacht cruise, no need to worry about party crashers as the boat sets sail at a stipulated point in time and does not return until the voyage has ended. Generally you can rent all of the boat and the guest list is up to you, so you don't need to worry about who could show up unannounced. The intimacy of a yacht is ideal for your visitors relaxing in amazing surroundings whether you are hosting a family party or an awards banquet for business. See the Sights To optimize the scenery, the yacht director will ask for your interest and suggest a magnificent course. Plan a sunset cruise to watch the sun drop into the bay behind the Golden Gate Bridge and the lights in the city sparkle like diamonds. Cruises for nature enthusiasts can plan stops along the way for hiking and biking paths among other opportunities that are accessible to you and your guests. New Beginnings Reward your favorite graduate for their years of perseverance with an unforgettable floating graduation party. A romantic private cruise is perfect for the love of your life to show them just how much you care or perhaps surprising your beloved with a cruise among friends and family to pop the big question. Have your wedding day on a gorgeous yacht, with reception fare served on the boat, or journey to a bayside eating venue for the nuptial feast. Memorable Milestones Is a spouse coming up on a significant birthday? Soften the blow of getting old with a surprise event on a yacht. Fun-filled activities can be planned onboard where the crew can cater to your needs such as providing music or perhaps a karaoke machine so everyone can sing and celebrate where they will not be disturbed. A yachting birthday celebration is also a relaxing way for both kids and adults to celebrate a child's birthday. Tailor a daytime cruise to locations where kids are sure to see lots of wildlife, like heron and other water birds, and plan time for an on-shore hike. Cruises are also available for end-of-life occasions where you can scatter your loved one's remains on the open water or set them afloat in a biodegradable container. Tis the Season The Spring and Autumn are popular times to schedule a yacht cruise to view the gorgeous flowers or the fall foliage. The wildlife that could be seen in the Spring may include seeing baby animals Bay View Charters

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Scheduling An Amazing Party On A Yacht Charter right alongside their mothers in their natural settings. In the summer months leave crowds behind and set off on the open water to view fireworks on July 4 from the intimate, uncrowded deck of the yacht. The cool sea breeze delivers a welcome relief on a scorching summer day as you sun yourself on the yacht's open deck. Christmas holiday events are popular where an elegant event can be planned for you and your guests to enjoy. Chartering a Yacht You can talk with a cruise director to find out information regarding different cruises and destinations should you have any special interests or would like to see something unique. The cruise director can help you find the appropriate size of the boat based on the number of guests you intend to invite, the activities you prefer to partake in and the price range you had in mind. Private yacht charters can provide an enjoyable and memorable experience that you'll want to repeat time and again. Make your upcoming holiday or special event unique and memorable with a yacht charter. With an ever changing view of th...

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Scheduling An Amazing Party On A Yacht Charter