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Howard Schwartz Investment Advisor


Who is your Chief Financial Strategist? As an investor, your greatest assets come from clarity and direction.

Howard encouraged me to articulate and then evaluate my goals. He asked all the right questions and worked with me to attach dollar figures to my goals, which made them real and achievable. He helps me feel knowledgeable and comfortable with the financial decisions I’m making.” – Ruth Gillespie

With more than 25 years of directing individuals and corporations on financial issues, my first priority is to clearly understand both your current financial situation and your intended financial destination. My value to you is not only my ability to work hand-in-hand with you to build that financial bridge between today and your future... it’s to create a wealth management strategy that allows you to feel good about your finances.

By creating plans around your cash sources and uses, I help you achieve greater flexibility and confidence to make your money available when you need it. While you may not understand all of the intricacies of investing, you do know what you need and want out of life. By acting as your financial strategist, I will add clarity to the complexities of navigating investment, taxation, estate planning and risk management. Helping you to get where you want to be.


Belief and Benefits

Each person’s financial situation is unique, yet everyone is vulnerable to the unpredictability of economic and life changes.

Howard takes the time to get to know you and to understand your financial position. More importantly, Howard and his team get to know you and your family and what’s most important to you about the wealth you’ve accummulated.

This vulnerability creates concerns that may complicate your wealth decisions.

Howard and his specialized team generate strategic financial and investment options that equip you to deal with uncertainties. With this, you can feel comfortable that you’re making the right financial decisions, for now and for your future.

When the elements of your financial story are disconnected, it’s difficult to find the path that leads to the achievement of your life goals.

Howard’s team takes the stress out of investing by offering you transparent wealth strategies. Having a clear understanding of your financial options reveals opportunities that may insulate you from financial uncertainties.

Building Trust

What Sets Us Apart Understanding that achieving your life goals is not just about the numbers. It’s also about the process of working with an advisor who sees you as a unique individual rather than just a source of income. While your relationship with an investment advisor may be about your money, managing your money and your financial security is about knowing how your money allows you to live your life. One of my priorities is to help you improve your finances.

Our Approach We start with you, your life goals, what money means to you, your legacy objectives and your charitable giving. Trusting us with this information allows us to understand your apprehensions and establish an investment plan that’s right for you.

Our Leadership Prior to returning to the investment industry, Howard worked as an entrepreneur and as a senior executive, focusing on increasing shareholder value. Howard’s industry experience includes roles as Chief Financial Officer, President and Chief Operating Officer and Chief Administrative Officer of companies in rapid growth or in need of restructuring. Howard has supported various pension fund investments, helping them improve their choice of investment managers and understand their investment portfolios.

Our Team Our diverse and specialized team provides valuable insights into your finances while creating appropriate investment options. We relate your investment plan back to your overall net worth and emphasize how your newly optimized cash management plan will help you achieve your goals.

Offering Custom Solutions for: Retirees & Pre-Retirees

Prime Planners

We work to make your future more certain by providing expert advice on your current financial status and on the options and opportunities available to optimize your cash management plan.

If you are in your prime earning years, you are also in your prime spending and planning years. We can help you manage your finances around all of the things in your busy life. We can work with you to identify ways to pay off your mortgage in a timely manner, move to a larger home or buy a vacation property. We can help you explore your options to finance higher education for your children and plan for unforeseen events. Whatever is on your horizon, we’ll provide the expert financial counsel to develop the right plan for you.

For Divorcees & Widow(er)s Dramatic life changes often leave you overwhelmed with financial decisions. We can help alleviate your stress. We’ll analyze settlements and develop a financial strategy to help ensure you have money to look after your present and future needs.

International Clients We can support clients with assets outside of Canada. Individuals who maintain residences and investments in Canada and elsewhere can manage their wealth in one integrated structure, for comprehensive investment management and wealth planning.

Business Owners & Professionals Your time and energy are invested into building and managing your practice, business or career. With our specialized knowledge we can provide advice that will enhance your personal and corporate wealth in a tax efficient manner, while optimizing your cash flow; increasing your overall net worth; and maintaining your lifestyle throughout your retirement.

I’ve dealt with a lot of people in this industry over the years. What strikes me about Howard is his distinctive client discovery process. Rather than follow a typical assessment model, Howard takes the time to ask important questions about my investments, lifestyle and life goals that no one else ever asked me. His approach shows the depth and seriousness he assigns to being my trusted financial advisor.” – Steve Falkner, CPA, CA

Net Growth through Comprehensive Wealth Management: It’s about trust, transparency and opportunities. “Creating and sustaining wealth is more than just chasing high returns; it’s about working with a team of specialists who will evaluate your finances and identify opportunities for growth.” Our Comprehensive Wealth Management service offering includes: Wealth solutions through cash-management optimization Risk-controlled, goal-oriented investment portfolio design Wealth optimization processes for business owners and professionals Income replacement and Estate Planning Life, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance Insured Retirement Strategies and Life Annuities Group health and dental plans

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Our Approach


The foundation of a successful working relationship is built on trust. Our trust building process involves collaboration and sharing knowledge. Our transparency involves simplifying the complex issues and procedures to reveal the opportunities that lead to achieving your financial and life goals.

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Our initial meeting focuses on you, understanding your needs and how you would like your wealth to enrich your life. We align ourselves vi with your ewto best values, concerns and individual qualities understand the degree of risk appropriate for you.

Step 3: PRESENTATION & IMPLEMENTATION We present a plan tailored to your situation. While your plan can involve an intricate system of investment iscsolutions, we simplify your wealth D management decisions.

Step 2: DESIGN

Step 4: REVIEW

Howard works with his team to develop a tailored wealth management plan for you. The tasks within this stage vary greatly from one person to another, but we typically perform analyses of all of your assets, liabilities, and cash flow to develop strategies for efficiency, risk management, and capital growth.

We conduct quarterly reviews to update you on your progress, provide a comprehensive report and ensure that you always have a clear picture of your position on the road to achieving your life goals.

Building trust one client relationship at a time. In your search for the right financial advisor, experience, credentials and access to investment experts are all important. But, the most important quality your advisor should have is the willingness to earn your trust. Some of that trust comes from personal chemistry... the ability to communicate clearly and candidly. Some of it may come from references from other clients. And much of it comes from sharing values about investing and about life.

Howard Schwartz Senior Investment Advisor Private Client Group 141 Adelaide St. W., Suite 1800 Toronto, ON M5H 3L5 t. 416-862-8708 1-877-225-0229 f. 416-862-8700

Who is your Chief Financial Strategist?  

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