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920-321 nncss voip succession 1000/1000m rls.3.0 db administrator


Question: 1 with a Succession 1000M Rls.3.0 system wishes to measure the number of blocked incoming trunk calls that were programmed to accept a call back. Which TFN003 incoming trunk group measurement would measure this? A. the quantity of calls accepting RVQ or RVQCM B. the quantity of incoming calls offered RVQ or RVQM C. the call back attempts [with] no answer and cancellation D. the quantity of calls blocked in a call back

Answer: B Question: 2 with a Succession 1000M Rls.3.0 system wishes to collect data for evaluating both route list and Network Class of Service (NCOS) measurements. Which two overlay should the customer load to complete these administrative tasks? (choose two) A. LD86 B. LD87 C. LD90 D. LD80 E. LD92

Answer: A,B Question: 3 has a Succession 1000M Rls.3.0 switch equipped with the Network Traffic (NTRF) software package and wishes to collect network traffic measurements. The customer wishes to count in increments when the caller's Facility Restriction Level (FRL) is not sufficient to select any route choice. Which TFN001 route list measurement would measure this? A. Expensive route acceptances B. Off Hook Queuing (OHQ) calls C. Route list entry use D. Route list requests standard blocking


Answer: D Question: 4 with a Succession 1000M Rls.3.0 system wishes to count increments when a station at a node, main or conventional main disconnects during the Off Hook Queuing (OHQ) offer, or while waiting in the OHQ. Which TFN001 route statistic would measure this? A. OHQ calls B. Quantity of calls placed in OHQ C. Quantity of calls abandoned while in OHQ D. Average time in OHQ

Answer: C Question: 5 has installed a Succession 1000M Rls.3.0 system. Due to cost concerns, access to a particular route list entry between 5 pm and Midnight are to be turned off daily. The administrator has determined that this time span will be time span?? How would the actual time span be programmed? A. Program the ESN feature block (LD 86): TODS 7 17 00 23 59. B. Program the ESN feature block (LD 86): TODS 7 17 00 24 59. C. Program the specific entry in the RLI (LD 86): TODS 7 17 00 23 59. D. Program the time spans in LD 2: TODS 7 17 00 23 59.

Answer: A Question: 6 with a Succession 1000M Rls. 3.0 system wishes to collect Network Class of service (NCOS) measurements to identify the number of calls by NCOS groups that were offered Off Hook Queuing and accepted. Which TFN002 Network Class of service measurement would measure this?


A. OHQ calls B. The quantity of calls placed in OHQ C. The quantity of calls abandoned while in OHQ D. The average time in OHQ

Answer: B Question: 7 with a Succession 1000MRls. 3.0 system wants to collect data on calls that may be given an overflow tone, a recorded announcement or be routed to the attendant, Which TFN001 route list measurements should the customer collect? A. the route list requests served without delay B. the route list requests standard blocking C. the reuse count of on hold VNS trunks D. the route list requests served without delay

Answer: B Question: 8 wants the second choice on Route List Index 6 to delete the NPA on the route. The Administrator decides the error code a DMI table to perform this manipulation. What the administrator tries to program DMI 6 in LD 86 the error code SN34? Maximum number of digit manipulation tables out-of-range? Is returned. Which action should the administrator take? A. Use a lower number DMI (for example DMI 5) B. Raise the MXDMI in LD 17 configuration C. The maximum has been reached: upgrade the keycode. D. Raise the MXDM in LD 86 ESN.

Answer: D


Question: 9 has installed a Succession 1000Rls. 3.0 system. They want to run network traffic reports to measure incoming trunk groups to determine an indication of the incremental traffic that network queuing features impose on incoming trunk groups. Which report will show them the required information? A. TFN001 B. TFN101 C. TFN003 D. TFN002

Answer: C Question: 10 A Coordinated Dialing Plan (CDP) feature allows having several switches to coordinate the dialing plan among these locations. CDP software may be used in conjunction with NARS software or in a stand-alone CDP application. Which feature is supported in a stand-alone CDP application? A. Authorization Code Last B. Call Back Queuing C. Expensive Route Warning Tone D. Time-of-Day Schedules

Answer: D


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