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920-125 VoIP Succession BCM 3.0

Question: 1 A traveling BCM user utilizes the Hot Desking feature to allow their i2050 to emulate or look like thire i2004 set. What effect does this have for anyone who calls the 2004 set? A. The i2050 set will respond to calls mode to the i2004 set. B. The i2004 set will respond to calls mode to the i2050 set. C. The scenaric described in the question is an invalid mapping and is not supported. D. The i2050 set will respond to calls to the i2050 set since it is a software phone

Answer: A Question: 2 Which BCM 3.0 feature redirects the feature set and calls from one IP set another IP set when both sets are connected the same BCM switch? A. Call Park B. Hot Desking C. Call Fcrward D. Call Redirection

Answer: B Question: 3 Which protocol supports call establishment and messaging between devices when connecting a Meridian 1 ITG to a ECM 400 system? A. SIP B. UDP C. H.323 D. SMTP

Answer: C


Question: 4 Which two option describe valid methods by which the Hot Desking feature options may be accessed on supported IP telephones? (Choose two.) A. Feature *777from the IP Set B. Feature *999 from the IP Set C. Through the IP Set feature scrolling list of Feature *900 D. Through the IP Set feature scrolling list of Feature *800

Answer: B.C Question: 5 Assume a network consisting of a BCM 400 solution with a M1-ITG with the MODN protocol and both VOIP and PSTN trunks. Which function of the BCM of M1-ITG is needs to allow IP telephones to communicate with both digital and analog phones? A. The ATA-2 device B. The Gateway C. The BCM PEC D. The Gatekeeper system

Answer: C Question: 6 A designer wares to connect a BCM system through a Meridian 1 using the MODN protocol to take advantage of network call features. Which two connection methods can the designer choose to allow the networking A. IP B. BRI C. PRI D. TAPI

Answer: A.C


Question: 7 The QCP IP telephone supports which of the following BCM 3.0 features ? A. Support for line sharing B. Redial up the last five outgoing calls C. Receive pages from other zone members D. Support of up eight alternate language choices

Answer: A Question: 8 IPSec tunneling protocol on a BOM provides which three features? (Choose three.) A. Password storage on Contvity client B. IP address translations via encapsulation C. VIPN client support from a remote computer with Contivity VPN client installed D. Branch Office support that allows IPSec connection two private networks

Answer: B.C.D

Question: 9 A BCM system has numerous IP device that require frequent address ass assignments. IF an IP device (sets and/or PC) is moved and then reconnected to the network in a different location, how can the assignment of a new IP address be automated? A. download and execute the Desktop Assistant Pro client B. set up the BCM for IP Assignment Manager Wizard C. download and execute the Desktop Assistant Pro Admin Edition client D. set up the BCM for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Answer: D


Question: 10 A remote user has the ability to connect to an ISP and then into a specific route into a BCM that is configured for IPSec Remote User. The remote use can print locally even while connected remotely to the BCM. What is the functionality known as? A. dual routing B. dual tunneling C. split tunneling D. split routing

Answer: C


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Succession BCM 3.0  
Succession BCM 3.0  

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