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Question: 1 Which chipset does an HP Compaq dx7500 Business Desktop PC feature? A. AMD 785G B. Intel G41 Express C. Intel G45S Express D. NVIDIA MCP78OV

Answer: C Question: 2 What is the correct mix of powered USB ports available on an HP rp5700 Business PC with a powered USB PCI card? A. one 24V port and three 12V ports B. one 24V port and four 12V ports C. two 24V ports and two 12V ports D. three 24V ports and one 12V port

Answer: C Question: 3 Which RAID levels are supported on an HP Compaq dc5850 Business Desktop PC? A. 0 and 1 B. 5 and 10 C. 0, 1, and 5 D. 1, 5, and 10

Answer: C Question: 4


Which hardware part is classified as a field replaceable unit (FRU)? A. optical drive B. heat sink C. front I/O assembly D. power supply

Answer: B Question: 5 How many SATA connectors are available on an HP Compaq dx7400 Business Desktop PC? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4

Answer: B Question: 6 Where should you install an internal ReadyBoost module on an HP Compaq dx7400 Microtower PC? A. on the rear panel next to the existing USB ports B. in the drive cage above the primary hard drive C. on the chassis pan in front of the main power and SATA connectors D. directly on the system board next to the processor socket

Answer: C Question: 7 While servicing an HP rp5700 Business PC, you receive a nonsystem disk/NTLDR missing message. What are two possible causes? (Select two.) A. The hard drive boot is disabled in HP Setup. B. The hard drive SATA controller is disabled in HP Setup. C. The hard drive SCSI controller is disabled in HP Setup. D. The cable from the hard drive to the power supply is loose. E. System files are missing or not properly installed.


Answer: B, E Question: 8 Which part requires the least technical ability to replace on an HP Compaq dx7500 Business Desktop PC? A. power supply B. memory C. second serial port D. fan duct

Answer: B Question: 9 What is a typical use of the HP Insight Diagnostics utility? A. recognize new memory B. determine hardware failures C. format new hard drives D. find free space on a hard drive

Answer: D Question: 10 Which parts are considered to be customer replaceable units (CRUs) on an HP Compaq dx7500 Business Desktop PC? (Select three.) A. optical drive B. hood sensor C. heat sink D. processor E. system board F. 1394 media reader

Answer: A, C, D


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Servicing HP Advanced Desktop Products  
Servicing HP Advanced Desktop Products  

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